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  1. Wow stunning to say the least ,that's a work of art ,Brian
  2. Hi Qualia a big hello from me ,like your photos ,good to hear from around the world that Mini Disc lives on my friend ,very best wishes to you ,Brian,
  3. Hi thanks for your reply I think I will try a cloth pouch because my bag looks like some thing more suited to taking to my work place ,best wishes Brian
  4. Hi was wondering what folk use to carry there minidisc player/etc in, here's a few pics of my humble kit.
  5. Hi have to go for my beautiful sounding MZ-R50 brilliant bass and crystal clear mid notes ,a complete joy to listen too
  6. Hi just bought a SONY MDS-JE520 MINI DISC PLAYER/RECORDER (remote and manual it has a good read up ,I was wondering if any one has ever used this model and did it give good results .
  7. Wonderful tribute to a true star of the music industry .
  8. Hi may I say a huge thank you for this wonderful post ,I have to keep going over it in case I missed some thing , I too own the MZ-R-50 I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and it oozed charm and wonderful to the touch and I could not help thinking ,would I be lucky enough to have bought one that may work, i only had one mini disc which was my Beatles Hard days Night and a friend had done me that years ago when I had dabbled a little with MD so I quickly inserted the disc and my really really best Sony headphones and the beauty burst in to life with the full impact of the greatest band that ever graced us with there presence ,clear as a bell and a joy to listen too after listening to the appalling sound of my new Samsung galaxy 4 smartphone ,oh if Sony had only built a phone in to the MD, I need to stop the ramble now and go enjoy my pride and joy as it will surely take centre stage over my over priced s4 ,again a big thank you my friend and best wishes to all the MD users Brian.
  9. Hi i took a sony cd radio player out of my camper which was nearly new and fitted a sony mdx-ca680x player which had radio and mdlp, it was the best thing i ever did it sounds awesome , and i cant imagine how good it would sound with better speakers ,give me minidisc any day Brian
  10. Hi i have heard that they are not bad ,but they might be a copy ,i know the one i bought said made in japan,but there again that means nothing
  11. Hi fredyjollo thanks for the reply, i think you could be right ,i have just had a long session at recording with this microphone,and it does what it should do very well ,im still not sure if this one is a fake , i bought it for
  12. Hi just a few pics of my ECM-DS70P MICROPHONE , it is described as a High quality direct connection stereo microphone with plug in power no battery required sensitividy 38dvb+3.5 db and noise level 34db spl and uni directional lol i am going to try it out latter to see how well it works and also check to see if it is a fake one ,as there are a few about best wishes Brian
  13. Hi i just bought the i-station7 docking bay which i am really pleased with it runs off mains adapter or 4 aa batterys ,and the batterys last a long time ,i use the rechargable batterys , the sound is very good with two small speakers at the front and a sub woofer at the back which you can see in the pics, it also allows you to use the 3d processor to give an amazing surround sound effect,the remote is brilliant even more so if you use a ipod,with a lot more to offer ,as i have connected the minidisc player to the i-station7 using the line in cable, and having used a ipod and my minidisc MZ10 i would say the minidisc player has by far the best sound with plenty of bass coming from the sub woofer and a warm sound, any ways heres a few pics, best wishes Brian
  14. My collection of minidisc players is growing lol so i did another video ,i will have to stop doing videos before i bore everyone to death ,but some of the folk i bought them off may want to have a look ,best wishes Brian youtube is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_8GRHqi18E
  15. Hi i know this has nothing to do with minidisc,but i thought because we on here like odd things i,think you may like to see some of my old musical stuff, the items were discovered in a friends attic and date back to the 50s and 60s he kindly gave them to me and i managed to get them to work, i thought you might like to take a look and see if you know what they are , best wishes Brian and some not so old the sony nw-ms11
  16. Hi i have just bought a sony fm-am mz-g750 off ebay and that cost £23,and a mz-r50 which is brilliant for £30 and my last one was the sony mz-n10 for £50 i am not sure if tou think this is dear ,but i am delighted with them , best bargain i have ever had ,best wishes Brian oops nearly forgot last but not least the cracking little sharp md-mt80 which for £12.50 was going for a song lol
  17. Hi,how sad this is that such a wonderful musical maker never really got going ,i am pleased you like it ,and hope many more can discover the magic of this box of tricks ,best wishes Brian
  18. Hi that sounds a very good buy,i hope you have loads of enjoyment out of it ,best wishes Brian
  19. Hi thanks Bob and very best wishes to you Brian
  20. Hi,why do folk think minidisc is dead,there seems a lot of people using some thing that is dead ,how come ? sorry about adding another of my videos, but i want folk to realise its still out there well and kicking, heres the youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APt-mRVS4IE very best wishes Brian
  21. Thought i would have a little bit of fun with my friend at work who keeps putting minidisc players down , he might just believe theres a minidisc revival ,lol heres the you youtube link best wishes Brian http://www.youtube.c...h?v=UWb-vAM0iwA hope you like my little video, and i hope some one writes some thing about minidisc players on my youtube video only i dont know enough about them to write any thing constructive ,i just love the amazing sound they have best wishes Brian scarrabri
  22. Hi and thanks for all the replys the md holder is a mobile phone holder but is brilliant for holding the minidisc i bought it off ebay for a few pounds,and the Romahome lol is like a tardis, with shower,cooker, tv, sleeps three sink,running water gas fire ,fridge ,and is my pride and joy ,it has a 6600 cc engine and theres only four or five in the uk ,and runs like a dream ,love it to bits lol nothing to do with dj lol ,and thats a small recording studio you can see in the other pic,best wishes Brian
  23. Hi sfbp lol thats wonderful news,i just have this gut feeling that this is the one they made on a beautiful day ,as a gift for there mother, who had already bought one lol ,i kid you not lol very best wishes Brian
  24. Hi Virtuoso thank you for your input,and you could be right,it is some thing that is missing, that sony sound forge is adding ,but there again sound forge is doing all the work in converting the mp3 file which still makes me think the mz -n505 is not always working right, and after loading the same set of songs in to my MDS-SD1 SONY DECK and getting excellent results with no drop outs or missed bits ,i am quite sure there is a fault with the mz-n505, i have bought a n707 off ebay which will be here in a few days so i will try that and see what happens, thanks again very best wishes Brian
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