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    NW A808

    Hi, There are many alternatives to image converter. I use XviD4PSP to convert various formats for the A808. http://www.winnydows.com/ Just remember to drag and drop the converted videos into the Video folder of the A808. Hope it helps.
  2. The installation CD that came with my A808 contains multiple region SonicStage 4.3 CP. If you choose to install Asia as the region then you won't get Connect store .
  3. If the files aren't in the recycle bin then you will have to resort to third party software. Try RecoverMyFiles (http://www.recovermyfiles.com/) I used it before and it manage salvage some photos that I deleted accidentally in the recycle bin.
  4. Have you tried opening your MP3 in Mp3tag v2.39 and see if the year shows up under the YEAR field. http://www.mp3tag.de/en/
  5. If you've purchased a A80x recently in Europe and register your serial no. on Sony site you should get this voucher for 10 free connect downloads as I've did.
  6. It's unfortunate Kansai that you encountered language display problems with your ex A808, but I can honestly tell you that my A808 can display Japanese and Chinese text together without problems. I have Japanese and Chinese playlist too as shown in the attached images. However as other people have mentioned here the newer A818 doesn't have bookmarks that you can create on-the-fly, but I'm sure it will display other languages just fine.
  7. Since the firmware is the same for all countries you can download it here too. Instructions in English. http://www.sony-asia.com/support/download/...site=hp_en_AP_i
  8. Just updated my A808 to the latest firmware 1.03 and was hoping for the album change to work beside from the mentioned resolved symptoms of fw 1.03 "The playback occasionally breaks for a moment at five or six seconds after the start of the playback." Results: NOPE DOESN'T WORK.
  9. I don't think you have to convert your music to Atrac in order to use the player intelligent function because my A808 contains MP3 only. However your MP3's or Atrac files must have some sort of metatag with year released dates, Genre, etc., for the intelligent feature to work. Follow the attached screen shot to enable Advance Mode in Library.
  10. That's very typical of a Sony staff product knowledge but I look forward to their findings. I still personally think a minor firmware update to the current 1.02 will fixed this.
  11. Another way that's if you don't convert to Atrac is to embed the cover art in the MP3 meta tag. I use 200x200 pixels image for covert art and use Mp3tag to embed them, works all the time for me. Oh and one more thing do small transfers and not larger batch transfer in SonicStage.
  12. Indeed Advance Mode has to be enabled first before any transfer is made. The A808 will kind of reset its internal setting to Advanced Library mode. Transfer Mode Setting > Advanced button
  13. tonyjaa


    The screen size is 2.4" inch and has the same 320x240 resolution. I'm sure you can import this model and use SS 4.3CP minus the TV won't work. Does anyone knows if mobile digital TV in Japan is free to air or subscription based?
  14. According to the sonystyle.co.uk the pink and white A818's are shipping and the black A818 are being re-stocked. https://shop.sonystyle-europe.com/SonyStyle...002BC29B85)/.do
  15. If you can flip albums on your 706 but not on the A808. Just hope the next firmware update can correct this on the A808 and just this! Because I still love the ATRAC codec and the on-the-fly bookmarking, which the later series doesn't have. dutchtrance Offers expires on 30th Sept 07 and is subjected to availability. So if you're instrested in getting an A80x you better call around UK Sony Centre's for stocks.
  16. Whiles browsing around the Sonystyle.co.uk website I notice that the prices of 8GB A818 has been reduced to £129.00 and the 4GB priced at £99.01. Pretty competitive pricing by Sony? Also notice that A806 with ATRAC support is still available for £125. https://www.sonystyle.co.uk/SonyStyle/b2c/d...002BC29B85)/.do
  17. I normally embed the Cover Art in the actual MP3 metatags.
  18. Sony A800 series do have continuous playback function under the movie settings. So if you have more than one movie clip it will play them all seamlessly without having to to go back into the thumbnail menu to play the next. Of course Apple can always add this functionality to their iPods via firmware update.
  19. When Apple released their new iPod nano with video they boast quite a bit about the 2-inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display with blue-white LED backlight 320-by-240-pixel resolution at 204 pixels per inch. Does anybody here knows the PPI specification of the Sony A80x screens? I did a comparsion with my A808 at an Apple store and personally I think the pixels per inch on the Sony and Apple are the same. The only differences I found is the backlight is more brighter on the nano and has more precise light levels at your disposal.
  20. Great the the solution worked for you. I don't use Auto transfer either as I normally select which album to transfer on my A808. You can check the Library mode by going to Setting > Common Settings > Unit Information. Scroll to the bottom and you should see Library: Advance Mode.. like what I see on mine. Maybe you're using two different NW's maybe the mode SS transfer in turn off Advance Mode.
  21. Check your unit if the library is in Advance Mode or Simple mode? I remembered sometime ago I changed some setting in Transfer Mode settings in SS and my A808 ended up without features like Rating and Recent Transfers disappeared from the A808 UI. I only have a few albums on my player and the top still shows A-G, H-N, O-U etc...
  22. I purchased a A808 in Hong Kong and most electrical shop do give these plastic screen protector free. I presume you have already stuck the protective sheet on your 818. Most of my gadgets use the same type of screen protector which are stuck to the screen via static charged (PSP, SonyEricsson phone and of course my A808). These static protector are removable and doesn't leave any marks if you ever decide to remove it. However once removed you'll find it normally be contaminated with external dust because of the static charged. (unless you work in a clean room ) Here's there instructions. 1) Clean the sceen so that there isn't any dust or finger prints. 2) Peel the first protective layer first (the one to be stuck to the screen) Align and stick it to the screen from top to bottom to avoid get air bubbles. (Tool tip: Use hard flat card to press agaist the protector whiles laying down the protector) I'm not too sure about the offical Sony ones but it may have a third plastic sheet protecting the protector itself. Hint: Try and work in a non-dusty environment.
  23. It's great to hear that a "Compatabiltiy Update" is coming. This should give us the option to upgrade or not, just hope the firmware will give us both the options to use drag n' drop (WMP) and SS with ATRAC too!
  24. tonyjaa

    NW-A808 Cover Art

    If your importing MP3's with embedded cover art it should apear in the A808. I normally use Mp3tag (http://www.mp3tag.de/en/) to manually add cover art into the mp3 itself. Some users have reported that certain mp3 doesn't show the album art even though its definately embedded. I tested verious image size and jpg compression and have landed on this settings. Now cover art always appear without and hiccups. Best setting for MP3 cover art. 200px x 200px and file size no larger than 20KB
  25. It would be nice to post it on YouTube Besides I pressed and clicked all the buttons on the remote many, many times but still without success. Strange you can power up the A808 throught the +/- button so your right one way that the player response to this button. Anyway I'm not really too fussed about album switching just find it strange that you can enable this function.
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