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  1. Hi MD enthusiasts, I am in search of the original remotes RM-D19M or RM-D17M. If you have one or know of anyone who has an extra of any these MD remote controls sitting around, please let me know. Thanks, fellas!
  2. I have 2 units of Sony MZ-NH600D model. I am trying to troubleshoot the one that arrived in the mail today. Below are screenshots of SonicStage of two different units but utilizing the same MD media. - The 1st picture is from the working unit which shows that I can pick Net MD and Hi-MD from the list. - The 2nd picture is from the "defective" unit which shows that there are no other options except Net MD and I cannot click on the list. Any ideas what is up with this unit that arrived just today (2nd photo)? Thank you in advance for any help or information you could provide me with.
  3. bluecrab, I would like to try Buyee but since you mentioned that the additional fees are really high, I am having second thoughts now. Could please you give me an example of how much the fees would be if I buy an item worth $100 so I can get an idea if it's really worth it? Or just stick to eBay? Thank you!
  4. Happy to help! If you use an FM transmitter, the signal is going to be like an FM transmission so you are not going to get the same quality as when you are listening directly to an MD player. You need to make a physical connection to your car's existing sound system and your MD unit to hear quality sound thru an Audio IN or Optical IN. Otherwise, cannot expect much when it comes to the quality of the sound.
  5. That's a ripoff!! Buy this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transmitter-Adapter-Hands-free-Wireless-Compatible-Black/dp/B0196B0YAO/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523590327&sr=1-10&keywords=fm+transmitter
  6. You can add this accessory as well for your MD use in your car. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Genuine-Sony-RM-MC25C-Remote-Control/292293029406?epid=1308016704&hash=item440e05ae1e:g:rrkAAOSw~hBZ4aBe:sc:USPSFirstClass!66223!US!-1 RM-MC25C -- The MC25C is a non-LCD rotary car remote commander with basic playback functions; should be compatible with all known MD units. Keep us posted.
  7. I agree with trott3r. BTW, congrats on your new toy. I would love to have one of that units myself.
  8. Arr-Nine-Hundred, You can try this product: https://www.amazon.com/Doosl-Universal-Wireless-Transmitter-Adapter/product-reviews/B018QN4INM/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_hist_5?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=five_star&reviewerType=all_reviews#reviews-filter-bar Great reviews too!
  9. Hi Philippe! I got the unit yesterday. It did play back a pre-recorded disc. But it cannot read/play any of my own discs with recorded tracks using SP (recording via optical connection). Plus, there are other issues - I had to press lightly on the cover for it to be able to play back a pre-recorded disc and the remote that came with has the metal part of the headset plug stuck so I cannot insert my own headset.
  10. Thanks, Philippe. I will try that when the unit arrives here.
  11. Hi again! I just purchased this MZ-R2 unit off eBay and still waiting for it to be delivered later this week. Before it gets here I thought about doing some advanced research about it. Per seller, it displays the error message (see photo) when an MD is inserted. I think the seller is most likely just a reseller, who buys stuff from garage or estate sales, thrift stores, etc. an then resells them on eBay, Craigslist, etc., so they do not have a deeper knowledge about the unit. I have read something that this model would read factory recorded artists minidiscs smoothly but it has issues playing or even loading any personal type recorded minidiscs. Is it just a file format issue being an older model of player/recorder? Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thank you.
  12. I would love to read that review about MZ-N505. Yes, N505 is the cheapest among the bunch. Sound-wise, I am loving it so far!
  13. Yes. I always record to MDs using an optical cable from the source. Hence, I do not notice any difference in the sound quality. When I get a chance, I still have yet to try recording/writing into MD via SonicStage software so wish me luck. LOL Thanks again, guys!
  14. Thanks guys! I have always loved MDs but I am just a newbie when it comes to the MD's technical stuff. Hope to learn more... So bluecrab, should I use my MZ-N10 (I think it is type S) to record then?
  15. Hi sfbp, Have you used these websites before to purchase? Based in the US, just wondering if it is possible to buy from any of these two websites. Thanks!
  16. I am getting the same error 707r. What step(s) did you do to be able to install NETMD760.inf? Thanks!
  17. You can buy a non-working/untested MD player from eBay. That's what I would do.
  18. Hello, MD fanatics! This is my first post! I bought my MZ-N10 back when it just came out - can't even remember how much I paid for it. Does anyone know what was the retail price of it back then? Also, just realized that the USB that came with it was not in the package (I just read here that people steal them) as I have never used it to record - just used it to play recorded music. I still have the original box but I did not find the USB cable. I cannot find the same USB cable online - the one I saw was sold for $40 off eBay 2 years ago which I think is a little much for just a cable. LOL So I just purchased MZ-N505 complete with accessories (no box). My question is: Is there any difference with the quality of the recordings between these 3 models of Sony MD recorders? I love MDs - I have had about 5 MD players/recorders since they came out. I was literally jumping with joy when they first came out as I love compiling songs in a tape. Thanks! PS: I am not sure if this is where this topic should be posted. This is the most appropriate based on the choices that are available.
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