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Found 5 results

  1. I just recently got a MZ-N505 second hand. And when I put a disc in it reads it, then starts playing, it even has the bar up top showing the levels. BUT there is no sound coming from the player. I know that the disc's are good because I have a MZ-NE410 and the discs play just fine on those. I dont have the remote for the MZ-N505 but I did try another remote I had. Does anyone have a clue as to what the issue might be that I can not get sound out of this player? I have also tried other headphones for the player as well.
  2. Hello, MD fanatics! This is my first post! I bought my MZ-N10 back when it just came out - can't even remember how much I paid for it. Does anyone know what was the retail price of it back then? Also, just realized that the USB that came with it was not in the package (I just read here that people steal them) as I have never used it to record - just used it to play recorded music. I still have the original box but I did not find the USB cable. I cannot find the same USB cable online - the one I saw was sold for $40 off eBay 2 years ago which I think is a little much for just a cable. LOL So I just purchased MZ-N505 complete with accessories (no box). My question is: Is there any difference with the quality of the recordings between these 3 models of Sony MD recorders? I love MDs - I have had about 5 MD players/recorders since they came out. I was literally jumping with joy when they first came out as I love compiling songs in a tape. Thanks! PS: I am not sure if this is where this topic should be posted. This is the most appropriate based on the choices that are available.
  3. I have a Sony MZ-N505 MiniDisc player, with a Mini-USB connection port on the side, and my computer simply will not see it, as in it simply doesn't show up on the system. I have SonicStage installed, I have the drivers ready to go, but I can't for the life of me get my computer even recognize that I've connected it to the USB port. For reference, I'm using a Dell laptop with 8 gigs of RAM, an AMD A6 chip, and integrated graphics. I've tried to connect to all three USB ports, included the USB 3.0 port, but I've had no luck. Any suggestions?
  4. It's been a long time since I was here last, but incredibly I remembered my login name and pswd We collected six MD players several years ago, transferred a lot of stuff from cassette to MD, played them a while - on vacations, in the car, at home, etc - then just stopped playing them and put them in a box. I'm keeping one player and a few absolutely favorite discs for myself, but the other five players and discs should be getting use if at all possible by folks who know how to use them without consulting the instruction manual. ;} Looking back at my prior posts, the Hi-MD NH-600 is the world version, not the NH-600D, I can't remember what it was I wanted it specifically for but there you go. The remote I've bundled with the N707 may go with the NH-600; I can't tell and I have yet to find a second remote but if I do will update. Some accessories can be mix and match (obviously not the N707 charging dock and wall charger, sorry; those have to stay with the N707). I am very willing to negotiate price (did not list individual player prices, but I will part out); however, I do know how to look up completed eBay auctions for general reference so, y'know, "$40 for everything" probably won't get far (my most recent offer). http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/4301186225.html
  5. Hi! I've recently bought 2 minidiscs to record rehersals with my band and one of them broke down after just a few test recordings with my computer. I have no idea why but when I try to record something using the Net MD feature or with the line in after I turn off the power the MD says "BLANK" and the recording disappears. Another issue with both my MDs is that when I try to upload a longer audio track (e. g. a song by Dream Theater, which is about 8 mins long) the MD just shuts down and it won't record anything longer than say.. 5 mins. This is the case with both my net MDs. Could you please help me? I really like this equipment and wouldn't want to sell it for peanuts on ebay. cheers from Poland Vlad
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