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  1. I didn't see a sub category for this but just checking to see if anyone in here is into collecting Laserdiscs and machines? I myself have a MDP-455
  2. My biggest problem was getting the driver's to work correctly. With my XP computer, no issues. I won't let it see the internet unless it is a total emergency. No problem on putting my two cents (pence? for you?) A lot of the threads on here are dated but there are still some very helpful people lurking about.
  3. As far as getting sonic stage to work again it is possible. Many people have gotten it to work on Windows 7 and 10 (not me, ha!) But I had success reviving my abilities to transfer music by using an older XP laptop...
  4. The PC was just a HP laptop I got off of Ebay for $50. I have all the Playstations 1, 2, 3 and 4
  5. It came with SP3 on it already, messed with it all this weekend, highly recommended for those with other older bits that want to work with them again.
  6. But it doesn't say SONY on it! got one on Friday, came in original unopened box from 2004
  7. The Sony driver worked! I should have looked on there first. I have the Open MG disk with it too and was thinking the driver would be on there. (different program I know) I just saved it to an USB stick and transferred it to the XP computer, I don't dare connect it the internet unless it is an emergency. Finally getting my old forgotten tech working again!
  8. The drivers seem to be there and working fine for MD. I even got my Phatnoise DMS working again I do need to find the driver for my Walkman NW-E2.
  9. I found a work around for me at least....Using sonic stage ultimate and I bought a older laptop with Window XP still on it....works like a charm
  10. Those cases look like they would work for my needs. I did find and bought these portable player holders though....
  11. Is there any source for just hard cases for single discs?
  12. wow! and I thought I had a machine collection problem
  13. Just curious what you guys have seen for disc storage options that are out there. I just have some case logic binders and the standard flip box.
  14. Those look really good....awesome job, tell us more
  15. Get a MDS JE510 ! Just kidding.....don't do it!!!
  16. I tried this with the same outcome. My computer shows the MD, says the driver is good with no compaints, just not an option in SS (which I also reinstalled)....oh well
  17. Has anyone ever had this issue: I have SS 4.3 and have the driver's for my MD installed, running Windows 7. I was able to get everything going, working, MD found and was able to transfer songs and make discs....all good. Now I tried to use it again and everything is found by the computer, drivers still there but there is no MD option in the transfer tab, I could only make CDRs. I even tried other MD units I have and no difference. any advice??
  18. Got the MXD-D3 today and it works great, 4x copying is a wonderful thing. I haven't cracked open the JE 510s yet....got distracted, but now at least I have a few things to check out
  19. I figure it can't hurt to mess with them, they are already broken. Picking up a mxd-d3 so we will see how that goes.
  20. Good thing I have 2 JE510s then... I was just curious if there was an adjustment or simple fix. This one wont read and the other unit wont eject, hoping to have one working unit. I guess I will still use my JE330 for now.
  21. I also have a MDS je510 with pick up issues. With the top off I can watch it spin up the disc a few times and then give up and eject. Any recommendations?
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