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  1. Thanks for your helpful reply. I generally try to read up stuff first before asking. I thought the RH1 could transfer everything you recorded using a mic, with SonicStage 4.3, regardless of format. I have a lot of LP2 and some LP4 recordings. Given what you have said Bout crashing, I think I will need to invest in a new laptop but only for HiMD recordings and not legacy ones as I can write protect those.
  2. I've not this has been asked countless times before but on reading different previous posts I'm getting confused. If I have some NetMD LP2 and LP4 recordings, what is the best settings to use when transferring them from my RH1 to and laptop? What about SP recordings? I'm sure I read that true SP cannot be transferred due to licencing issues. Once I have them on my laptop, what is the best way to archive them without DRM, without any further loss of quality? I'm sure someone suggest OMA files but do they have DRM? or can the FLC software remove the DRM? If my laptop crashed whilst doing the transfer, would it cause issues at all with the minidisc that's being transferred? Finally I've read people have had issues with bits of previous tracks appearing at the start of next ones. Am I likely to encounter this when transfering live recordings. Should I simply remove all my track marks to resolve this? If I remove track marks, is it fairly stable or could I encounter corruption? It's a long time since I last did any HiMD transfers. Some of the recordings I'm doing are mic live recordings. Others will be via digital out of a radio. If there is a guide anyway, please could someone share it. Many thanks
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