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  1. OK, I got it working on Windows 10 after a bit of fluffing around. Changed the NETMD driver over to the WinUSB version with the Zadig app, installed Python 2.7 and made sure it was set in the Windows PATH environment. Still didn't work as it didn't know which Python version to use. After soem googling I found out that if you have both Python 3 and 2.7 installed on Windows, you can choose which one to run by using "py -2 filename.py" for Python 2 and "py -3 filename.py" for Python 3. Good to know. I obviously had an issue with my Linux setup and HiMD previously when I tested this device.
  2. Hi d-9, It was not a not a blank disc. I used the same disc that I used in the MZ - N707. I'll try a different disc and on a Windows laptop later today to see if I get the same result.
  3. Thanks for this d-9. Great debugging work! Cheers, blixabloxa (Enzo) Here are the results for the Sony MZ-N707. Found NetMD: Bus 007 Device 003: ID 054c:0086 Sony Net MD Walkman Found 1 netmd_devs Acquire Device ....OK Get Status ....OK Get Disc Flags ....OK Get Disc Title ....OK Bob Dylan / Gram Parsons Get Disc Capacity ....OK Time used: 02:26:39+030 (99.02%) Get Track Count ....OK 34 tracks Get Length track 2 ....OK Get Encoding Track 2 ....OK Get Flags Track 2 ....OK Move Track 1 to Track 2 ....OK Play ....OK Skip forward ....OK Pause ....OK Play ....OK Get position ....
  4. I have Gracenote with Simple Burner working in a 32 bit Windows XP virtual machine. Not sure about W7 and W10.
  5. Simple Burner works for me, whereas Sonic Stage doesn’t.
  6. tascam_md-801r_md-801p_mkii_mk2_sm.pdf Here is the service manual. Cheers, Enzo
  7. Hi All, I just played around a bit with some UBS sniffer software with my JE780 and Sonicstage, and the results are attached. Not sure if this will help, but you never know. Hopefully someone can understand it. I am assuming the USB construct will be the same or very similar to the JB980, as the devices are very similar. The steps I took were: connect the deck with a USB cable, start the capture program (usblyzer), press the NetMD button on the deck, open Sonicstage, choose NetMD menu option, play a song, skip through a few songs via Sonicstage, stop the playback, quit Sonicstage, an
  8. Hi All, Thanks Stefano for this great web application. I got it working on Windows and Ubuntu without issues. I just got an MDS JE780, and was hoping this would work with it - but no luck so far. I am hoping Fabrickator and others can work it out. I did get NEtMD connectivity working with Sonic Stage on Windows XP in a virtual machine - after a few problems with drivers, but fixed with information from an old post by sfbp - Thanks! Could the use of USB sniffers be useful in seeing what is happening between the minidisc deck and Sonic Stage (samples linked below after quick
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