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  1. shaft69

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    Yeah well sony fully supports atrac in Japan but now the reason they give up atrac is Sonicstage and in US & Europe Minidisc wasn't successfull especially because it was really expensive... anyway I got a question why 3rd party doesn't support atrac with DAPs?
  2. maybe if you change the extension it will work... I am still with atrac which is smaller than aac :-p
  3. Sony has not release the NWZ-S618 in France so...
  4. Sony will release this model in the USA in April like the A820 series that's a good idea but I want a japanese walkman which has still atrac and they can only display japanese :-(
  5. shaft69

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    Everywhere but Japan doesn't want atrac and sonicstage anymore that's all. In Japan Minidisc was successfull so they adopted atrac & sonicstage but in Europe and in North America everybody wants drag and drop and they don't care about atrac :-(
  6. shaft69

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    Sony shouldn't give up atrac they should do like for the psp system MP3 drag & drop + SS / Atrac (Atrac Drag & drop is impossible due to Sony SRM)
  7. use the Atrac Advanced Lossless
  8. SonicStage was going better and better. It was (for me it is) a good software
  9. I wish a return of ATRAC & SonicStage and that they keep MP3 drag & drop like they do with PSP System but it won't happen :-(
  10. you say that because yours is sets on [sPSET : OFF] trust me the volume limit need to be unlocked for french model.
  11. Dammit I want to buy one too and that's the thing that make me hesitate I'm French too I need to be sure there is no limit or else I'll import one from Japan
  12. shaft69

    I Deleted MyTopic.

    I wanna test it but there is one number missing :-o
  13. and maybe they are focused on the playstation brand .. lol no it's not that because sony's brands are separated they really want to defeat ipod but they don't really know how but don't worry sony is preparing something it's sure but we don't know when they will release the next walkman...
  14. yeah I'd like to see a walkman with higher capacity too but unfortunately it's only for japan (with the A919) I think that SONY will not release a 16GB Walkman before 2009 :-(
  15. shaft69

    Sony NW-S718F HELP

    No I just get an e-mail from SONY and it says that atrac and "drag& drop" are not compatible because of SONY DRM which don't work without sonicstage so you have to choose between atrac + Sonicstage + Gapless (with atrac) and Drag & drop without atrac, sonicstage etc... Me I prefer atrac :-)
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