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  1. Hi, I have installed SonicStage 4.3 long time ago at a particular PC, but haven't used the program for quite a while Recently, I tried to reinstall SS4.3. I read the SS FAQ which gives instruction to uninstall all OpenMG software. I have uninstalled SS4.3 but cannot uninstall other OpenMG components such as OpenMG Secure Module and OpenMG Limited Patch. [The PC hangs and I just have to interrupt it.] I tried to proceed to install SS4.3 anyway but the process hangs when installing OpenMG Secure Module stage. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here??
  2. You can transfer videos onto A90x by drag and drop. No need the image converter which I never used it anyway.
  3. I think it can do LPCM files
  4. At least Sony should retain the multi-language support to their ATRAC Japanese models.
  5. yes, it seems Sony has decided not to differentiat the naming of ATRAC3 and ATRAC3 plus within Sonicstage
  6. metal

    DVD Video onto A80x

    Thanks for the tips, just convert and import some videos onto my A808. I agree, SIMPLE and FAST.
  7. I think this will generally be true, except Japan -- ATRAC, Japanese menu, ....
  8. According to Bic camera (a large Japanese chain store and online store), these are generally the street date and price.
  9. You don't believe it?? But Sony IS doing it now for the NW-A910, NW-S710 series. Japanese menu, asia-pacific SS, Japanese version of Windows..... If Sony continue this trend, then of course, NW-A82x will be of no difference. So, make sure you are prepared to deal with all that before you got one.
  10. lol, I'd never use the word 'logic' to describe Sony - 'ridiculous' and 'stupid' are much more suitable for them.
  11. metal

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    The problem is S70x requires SS to make AAC gapless and Sony also drops SS. But unfortunately looks like the majority hate SS and the majority don't care gapless. So, the minority like me who cares gapless always suffer. I agree sooner or later I will have to move on...
  12. yep nothing new. But perhaps the mod would like to change the thread title of the sticky thread of this topic to 1.03 then it may be more clear to members
  13. Thanks, not quite sure how the last part of not effecting iTunes work as I cannot find the setting that seems to do the job, but anyway it doesn't bother me as I unlikely will use this function
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