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  1. Nice! wish I could find same remote. Congrats bro.
  2. That would be great with flac playback in its classic look casing and replaceable battery.
  3. Good thing I have it before it become a history! A sonic difference is present, the Hornet improves the frequency response and decay using the line out but for headphone out, only the increased in SPL was improved.
  4. Front: Back: Top: Bottom: Sides: Isoview: Portarig:
  5. Quaddy sold his HD5 and what was left is the Black HD5, I'm fortunate to have his limited edition HD5.
  6. The HD5 is courtesy of Quaddy, really enjoy the lineout of HD5. Thanks Markey!
  7. I hope it has spdif line out and memory stick slot.
  8. JNCA

    I Deleted MyTopic.

    The best EQ is 0-0-0-0-0 = FLAT!
  9. JNCA

    European volume limit

    Dont worry you have the option to get a portable headphone amp.
  10. The A808 is more musical to my ears compared to A706 coz I own both. Yes I'm phil. nice chatting with you here. I really enjoy A808 hooked to my RSA Headamp and driving my UE TF10pro IEM's with pailics plugs...very musical. Regards, Jon http://pinoydvd.com/board/index.php?topic=69544.0
  11. Hi Bob, Why not get the A800 series instead? Regards, Jon (Alabang)
  12. Sony NW-A808 > Ibasso CB01 Interconnects > Ibasso P2 Headamp > UE TripleFi 10 Pro
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