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  1. 7 hours ago, BearBoy said:

    Seems like we had a weird blip yesterday.

    Anyone else still having issues today? Seems a bit hit and miss whether I get into the site or diverted to some weird "sponsor" page. Have tried clearing cache etc but it's still intermittently happening (this is across multiple devices and browsers).


    I haven't noticed anything from my side. I generally check the forum once a day or so for the last week. I'm using Chrome on my laptop

  2. Axia MD | Natural Sound MD-PS


    Released on March 21st 2000, this beautiful series from Axia came in just 3 colours - Green, White and Blue. However, each of the 3 colours has three possible unique designs on the index cards making for a total of 9 variations. The discs were sold individually, in packs of 3, and 5 in 80 minutes only. Like many Axia discs, I really love the attention to detail on these and the high quality materials used throughout. 


    Green Single Disc


    DSC01218a.JPG DSC01219a.JPG


    DSC01220a.JPG DSC01224.JPG




    Blue Single Discs


    DSC02530a.JPG DSC02531a.JPG





    Blue Single Disc - Retail Hanger Version


    DSC01604a.JPG DSC01606a.JPG


    White Single Discs


    DSC02781a.JPG DSC02783a.JPG





    5 Pack Mix


    DSC01570a.JPG DSC01571a.JPG





  3. Sun Japan MD | Pure Sound Collection


    These discs are probably from around 2000. I know very little about which retail outlets they were sold in, but Sun Japan was founded in 1990 and specialised in the production of paper and other associated stationary products. 


    The discs are made by Ritek of Taiwan and only appear to have come in these 10 packs which are essentially two 5 disc slim case packs bundled together. The discs are virtually identical to the SunnyTechs (also made by Ritek) from the same period (and also available in these 10 pack bundles). 


    DSC02899a.JPG DSC02901a.JPG




    DSC01347.JPG DSC01348.JPG


    DSC01349.JPG DSC01350.JPG


    DSC01351.JPG DSC01352.JPG


    DSC01353.JPG DSC01354.JPG

  4. 13 hours ago, BearBoy said:

    Saw a link to this website on the r/minidisc Reddit this morning: https://md543.jimdofree.com/


    It's in Chinese (according to Google translate*) but there are some great photos and (Japanese) catalogue scans.


    The timeline seems to stop in 2004, so it doesn't have the very last generation of devices, but it's still an interesting place to while away some time 🙂



    * Although it translated the caption for 2003 as "Nourishing Goose" so I'm not sure how accurate it is... 🤣


    I think I have seen that site before as well - you're right there are some great photos on there and some interesting catalogue downloads

  5. 12 hours ago, BearBoy said:

    Another interesting curio, @Richard. Where do you find all these sets?


    I like the burgundy colour. Nicer than a lot of the brighter reds most of my coloured MDs came in.


    Is there any music on the MD or cassette? Just noticed the tracklisting on the cassette inlay (seem to be pastiches of Beatles songs?).


    Yes, well spotted! "All you need is HAM", "Let it Beer"... some bizarre titles on there 😅 Not sure what the Maxell marketing department had been smoking.. Actually there is no music on the MD - I did check. Those inlay cards that come with the cassette appear to be some custom designs, with some transparent sheets that go over the top that you can write the track titles on. I think the tracks they provided are just examples of how to use the titling sheet.. Very odd though!


    The MD inlay card / stickers are just from a regular 3rd series Twinkle


    This set was in an auction on Yahoo Japan.

  6. Maxell Japan | Kyoto Factory "Share The Wonder" media set

    I'm not 100% sure of the origins of this set, if it was a giveaway to employees, part of the factory tour or something else. However, I was lucky enough to recently acquire this set. There is a second MD only set of 5 discs, but this one features mixed media (MD, Cassette and VHS) all in a beautiful deep Bordeaux red - a unique color, never used in any of the Maxell production series of discs. 


    DSC02903a.JPG DSC02904a.JPG


    DSC02905a.JPG DSC02906a.JPG


    DSC02907a.JPG DSC02911a.JPG

  7. 9 hours ago, BearBoy said:

    Here's a quick snap of my new MZ-E720:




    Richard's photo posts have inspired me to take some better pictures of my portables so I'll try to get some nicer photos together.


    Size wise, it's smaller than my MZ-E520 and MZ-E620 but a fraction larger than an MZ-E909.


    That looks great! I've not seen an E720 in the flesh, but with most Sony units I have, I am / was always surprised at how small they actually are in real life - the pictures for some reason always make me think they are bigger than they actually are. 

  8. 22 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

    The flashing lights sound like quite a cool feature. Don't suppose they do much for the battery life though 🤔. My new MZ-E720 only has a single light but you can disable this to prolong the battery life.


    When a disc is playing regularly, the red light just blinks in a constant, steady flash. I don't think they have a huge impact on battery life - there is a battery save feature, but in my experience most of these Victor player only units have crazy long battery life anyway. Much longer than any of my Sony's. It usually takes me a good few weeks before I need to charge a battery on these. Admittedly I don't listen to them every day... 

  9. 6 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

    Other than those business dictaphone machines, I don't think I've ever seen a MiniDisc portable with a built in speaker. What's the sound quality like?


    It's pretty feeble 😅, but I guess it's ok if you had it on your dressing table playing whilst you were getting ready to go out or something or like a radio on the bedside table

  10. Victor MD | Fruity Colors


    The Victor Fruity Colors series was the last series of discs put out by Victor in 2006 together with the Clear series of discs. Only available in packs of 5, they are now rather rare. They are also unique in that they are the only set of discs to contain both red and pink in the same set. 


    DSC02304a.JPG DSC02305a.JPG


    DSC02306a.JPG DSC02307a.JPG

  11. AXIA MD | MD-CS Series


    This series is believed to date from around 1998 or 1999 and came in 5 colours. Notably it is one of the few series of discs to contain a brown variation (the others being the TDK Fine "Cafe" disc and the Daiso Circle). 


    It was sold in 74 minutes variants, as single discs and in a variety of packs. 




    DSC02122a.JPG DSC02123a.JPG


    DSC02342a.JPG DSC02343a.JPG






  12. Victor MD | Victor XM-ZX3-P (Pink)


    This Victor portable from November 2002 was available in Blue, Orange and Pink. The lights on the front illuminate to display the charging status in phases, and also indicate if the unit is playing in group mode. They also spin around and light up when the unit is paused or when it is switched on. 






    DSC02840a.JPG DSC02841a.JPG


    DSC02850a.JPG DSC02859a.JPG




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