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  1. prankz

    is fm in nwza 829

    Sony at the moment does not include FM radio on their players. Bizarre I know.
  2. prankz

    NW-A806 Syncing

    No it wont compress to ATRAC. It will stay as MP3.
  3. prankz

    NW-A806 Syncing

    Ma bad. But in order to play MP3s you still need to transfer via SonicStage? Which Tooth doesnt want...
  4. Have enabled 'Clear Stereo' on your player? Its in the settings....
  5. prankz

    NW-A806 Syncing

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate, but SonicStage is the only way to sync music to the player. It can only play ATRAC not MP3s. If you really dont want SonicStage then I suggest selling the A806 and get yourself the A816 or A818.
  6. Damn! You got mugged? What happend, if you dont mind me asking? And so sorry that it happend. Just goes to show you really need to be aware of your surroundings wherever you go. As for the player, I think thats it. I dont have a HD5 so cant confirm but someone here will...
  7. Dont know why you lot are not impressed with the latest Walkman series. So far I'm loving my A818. Sony is doing a great job turning round its Walkman brand. Anyway, on to album art, havent you lot figured out yet how to update tag data using WMP?
  8. I've got a 'new' Walkman (A818) and I find it brilliant. I wouldnt say WMP is trash, it works when you know how. I havent had any problems so far. If you want to rip your music at high quality, then I suggest third-party software, either Easy CD-DA Extractor or dBpoweramp Music Converter.
  9. You can understand why Sony did this though. The majority hated SonicStage & ATRAC so Sony dumped it. For Sony to support ATRAC in their players, they would have to support SonicStage. But since the majority wont use it, its waste of money for Sony.
  10. What do you mean by 'slow flash memory'? I havent noticed anything slow about my 818....
  11. 1. WMP is easy if you know how. You just need to get use to it. 2. If you still dont like WMP, then try MediaMonkey.
  12. prankz

    Sony NWZ & Xbox 360

    Ok, a gamer over at the official Xbox forums had a interesting question...how does he connect his Sony NWZ player to the 360? I also tried it myself, the 360 just wont recognise the player. Gone through official support, turns out the 360 supports MTP. So why wont the NWZ connect?
  13. Let see, I currently have: All The Right Reasons - Nickelback As I Am - Alicia Keys Dreaming Out Loud - One Republic Exclusive - Chris Brown Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna Greatest Ever Eighties - Various Artists Now Thats What I Call Music! 69 - Various Artists Now Thats What I Call Music! 61 - Various Artists Shine - Estelle Spirit - Leona Lewis Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition - Micheal Jackson
  14. Jim, can you describe to me how you transfer music to your player?
  15. Got all sorts of albums on mine.
  16. Search is your friend mate
  17. Rob, are you in the US?
  18. Why not go for the NWZ-A808? Its the last 8GB flash-based Walkman thats supports ATRAC.
  19. I'm not sure on this. But I think the sound quality from the NW-E series should be great. After all we are talking about Sony here. They have the reputation of delivering brilliant sound quality.
  20. Juli, look in the 'Privacy' tab under 'Options' in WMP11. Uncheck the first two boxes under 'Enhanced Playback and Device Experience'. Also under 'Library' tab, uncheck everything. This should stop WMP11 connecting to the Net.
  21. juli - I have used SonicStage. I used to own a Sony NetMD few years back. Obviously back then no one liked SonicStage and they still dont, but to be honest I never had a problem with SonicStage. Anyways onto WMP11. Yes there are some settings to be checked. But this comes naturally to me. I check all the settings of all the programs that I have. Its a habit when you work in IT So how do you use WMP11? Well its simple when you know how. First off settings. Load WMP11 then go to 'Options'. In 'Options' and under the 'Library' tab, uncheck all the boxes. You dont want WMP11 doing things on its own. This will give you manual control of your music. Also click on the 'Monitor Folders' button. A window will pop-up. In here you can tell WMP11 what music folders to monitor. Once you are done with the settings, go to the library. Here are all the music which WMP11 can see. Now in order to pull down all the correct music info and album art, we need to connect to Microsoft servers. Select a album, then right click. Select 'Find Album Info'. A window will pop-up, which connects to a server somewhere. Now here is where a little patience is required. If the ID3 info in the mp3 files are correct, then WMP11 finds album art in one go. Then its case of clicking 'Finish' and you are done. If not, we move on to the next stage. Sometimes you will find that the ID3 info isnt correct, and WMP11 will ask you check it. Then its a case of matching the songs you have with the info WMP11 has pulled from the server. After that click 'Finish'. If WMP11 can find the album info, you can search for it. Just make sure you have the correct album name. Tip: Use Amazon to verify WMP11 is doing everything correctly. Now this all may sound long-winded, but trust me when you do it, its very quick. For syncing to the A818, just connect it. WMP11 will pick it up. And thats all folks!
  22. Hmmm strange. Dont know why you lot are having problems with the A818 & WMP11. Unpacking from the box was easy enough, didnt have to tear the box. Album art is working fine for me. Videos are working fine too. WMP11 & A818 sync beautiful together. And I find WMP11 easy to use too.
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