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  1. Yeah, and sincew we do travel for quoite a bit, it might get lost! I always have it plugged into my USB cable just in case it gets missing...
  2. I'm actually facing the same problem. I've done all the steps provided and I did manage to play mp3s from my HD3 on my laptop. However, when I play back ATRAC files in my HD3 (not via GYM), it says can't play track! Could this be because I didn't select enough number of songs during the Wizard process, hence losing the tracks ? Yikes! I have most of my collection on ATRAC!
  3. Hi there, I just tried this brilliant piece of software. I'm on a NW-HD3, SonicStage 2.3 and everything works brilliantly! I haven't crashed and now I can save all those Mp3s that i've transfered into my NW-HD3 and deleted from my PC! Donations coming up! Cheers! Kit
  4. Kit

    iPod Nano

    When I first saw it, I was amazed at the size of it. I totally loved it and then after a while I hated it. Purely because it wasn't a Sony. I really love to hate it but at the end, I just can't because it's truly beautiful, simple clean looks. And the color screen. Wow. Again, like other Sony fans, when is our Sony gonna provide something similiar, if NOT BETTER. What about you? What were ur first impressions??
  5. Sony has announced a very nice mouse for PC that is more than just a mouse because it's also... a phone to be used with Skype for example... excellent idea! LOL that's cute
  6. Dead bug inside ur ear! Yikes! HJahaha...luckily it was munching your ear drums away...
  7. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the Walkman phones, but if it really sells and bring back the walkman brand, I'd say, BRING IT ON!!!
  8. Well that's the truth! LOL
  9. Hmmm I've never really. Do you really listen to music with the volume loud for a long period of time. I listen to my walkman everyday, but usually I try to take a break after 30 minutes of listen.
  10. It's been out in Malaysia for ages this beanie thingie!
  11. I don't think there will be any problems with such climate, I come from Malaysia and I've used my HD3 during jogs in the evenings and I haven't experienced any problem with my machine. I do however had problems with my MDR-EX71s once when one of the earbuds stop functioning. I reckon it was my sweat that got into the earbuds.
  12. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo DS even though I so really wanted to get PSP when I decided to buy a handheld game device. But growing up playing Super Nintendo Famicom, I've grown fond of their games. Even though PSP looks billions times better, but I bought Nintendo DS for its game. I can be hooked on Mario Kart DS for HOURS!
  13. Kit

    Rip Off on EBAY!

    YUeah, it's damn ridiculous. If only people were wise enough to google the information before actually buying such thing.
  14. Kit

    Are you a SONY fan

    I thought the technology behind the reader was fantastic, but I didn't think the design was that brilliant. And the logo of it was a bit of a letdown
  15. Kit

    Are you a SONY fan

    I believe ATRAC is like a dying format for the consumers, even though I still rip my CD albums into ATRAC formats which I prefer. I guess it's better to be forward thinking in that sense, so we should open up a bit. Perhaps, we should combine efforts and make this a Sony products oriented, but like mercury mentioned, NOT all the products! I personally own MZ-N1 which I bought almost 4 years ago. It was the first netMD that actually lets you transfer files from your PC to ur MD - it was like BRILLIANT back then hehe...I've been using that for a good period of 4 years before it started to die on me. Sent it back for 3 times and replaced the recording part for 2 times. Decided to get a new mp3 player when it finally died again early March. So now I have this BRILLIANT NW-HD3. No complains whatsoever. It's really eally sexy player A few weeks back, my dad wanted to get a new TV, and he suggested AQUAS. I was furious, and ensured that he got the BRAVIA TV, and finally, he really did get it! hehe...
  16. Thanks for the review. Ur MD unit looks HOT!
  17. Sorry Stuge, I was refering to the screen. I don't really fancy a "fat"-screen to view videos...
  18. I seriously think I have a problem. I am a huge Sony fan, not just for Walkman, but every single product they put out. I think I'm obsessed. That's the word. I would spend hours looking browsing at Sony Centres, or checking out the web for the latest gadgets. I wish there was a Sony community website ! Are there other Sony freaks or I'm just the only one? ?
  19. I dunno, it's rather odd shape. I just can't see it, I mean it's not flat and it's all fat. I want a new one! Preferably in the lines of the Vaio Pocket
  20. It looks brilliant, but could be better (in terms of design - Sony always win in this dept), but the feautres, wow...I need to check it out and feel it for myself. Might wanna get this.
  21. Kit

    MDR-EX71 Ear buds

    Okay, am not too sure if this is the correct place. See, I lost that rubbery part of my in-ears. I was taking it out from my pocket somehow it was forced out of it's place and fell onto the ground - it was dark so I couldn't find it!! I was just wondering, if anyone could spare me 1 (I know we have backups, but I left mine in Malaysia!) - I'll pay a fee and the postage (via paypal), if you are in the UK. I tried looking for one in ebay, but they don't have it shipping from the UK. Please help! Music doesn't sound good without it...
  22. Is he the CEO of the whole of Sony of North America only? I'm hoping that he breathes fresh air into Sony, and start focusing on greater things. I'm actually glad Sony is losing market, that would be a wake up call for them to create greater things
  23. The A-series doesn't seem to be designed for video though, I'm refering to it's casing design. It just doesn't seem to make any sense...
  24. Kit

    Should I get the Vaio Pocket?

    Yeah, the home jukebox idea sounds brilliant. But i'm not willing to spend more than £100 on it. Kinda looking at ebay now.
  25. Kit

    60GB in HD5

    What is the cost of purchasing one 60gig HDD? Anyone replaced NW-HD3 ones? SOunds like fun! h ehe...
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