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  1. If you look through the equipment browser, models that have been out for like a year give prices in yen or they say "open." While prices are by no means static, would it be possible to update prices so that, for example, the MZ-N1's price in the equipment browser isn't "open?"
  2. Mystyler, you have to pause recording to mess with the mic levelson Sonys? Ummmm...that's not the case with the sonys I have...however, i would agree with you that sharps are possibly the best live recording MD units, although that once again depends on how you like your player laid out. i don't like having a million buttons, so I prefer sony stuff. O, I'd recommend looking through the equipment browser at Sharps and Sonys and seeing what you think fits your needs best.
  3. 1. yes, you can record with a mono mic 2. you can record for 80 minutes at full quality, 160 minutes at high quality, or 320 minutes at questionable quality. (Full quality=sounds like a cd high quality=sounds like 320 kbps mp3) 3. Yes, you can adjust the input level 4. Well, it depends. If all you want to do is record your band, you could basically buy any recorder that has a mic in jack. however, if you actually plan on using the recorder as a player as well, you're gonna want to get something that is NetMD compatible. Post a few more things that you'd like the player to do and I'm sure people will get back to you. Mystyler will likely post the best non-Sony things for you, while I'll take care of the Sony recommendations. By the way, if you do record your band, feel free to hook me up with a few of the recordings!
  4. Bazirker


    Yo Phil...why do you want to do all that stuff, so you can use the optical output on your DVD player to get a digital SP recording? Dude, that is what we call "overkill." Why do you have to burn a cd-r and then burn that onto cd-rw? it's waaaaaaay more trouble than it's worth. If you really want that, it'd be a lot easier to... 1.download the audible.com files onto your computer with the cd burner and work from there 2.if that computer doesn't have the internet connection, then either switch the two computers so the one with the cd burner does have an internet connection, or put the cd burner in the computer with the connection. 3. use some method of file transportation (such as a sony memorystick or one of those USB file transfer thingies) and move the files from pc to pc. 4. buy a XITEL MDPORT D-G2 and just do optical recordings off the original computer 5. Buy a time machine, go back in time, buy a slave, come back to the present time, and force him to do the recordings for you. Although this method isn't very PC...
  5. "new ATRAC R version??? did u mean ATRAC Type S??? " Yes, he does mean the new ATRAC Type R version...sorta. ATRAC Type-S is nothing more than ATRAC Type-R with an improved ATRAC3 DSP.
  6. MOV1, the people who broke their MD units with this trick didn't break MZ-Rxxx units, or at least that what it seems to me. The people who messed up their units are like me and got frisky with an MZ-Nxxx recorder. (Yes, somewhat stupid, I know. Something went weird with mine when I tried to reset the values; I got in service mode, and suddenly all the buttons on the unit stopped working WHILE I was in service mode. Dammit.) I hope Eric gets you that recorder hook up soon, NetMD has made me lazy and I'm out of practice recording things in realtime. Anything I can do to help you out? If you want, I might be able to hook you up with a (dead) MZ-N707 that is (theoretically) fixable if reset...
  7. yeeeeeeeeah that problem has nothing to do with ATRAC3 compatibility or whatever. Once the song is in a wav file, it doesn't matter where it came from. if you try again and it still sounds like crap, it's likely your computer's fault. If it's worth the trouble and you have a cd burner, burn the wav files onto a cd and then try using another computer to encode the files. If that doesn't work, then I suggest calling the magical fairies to come bless your computer by doing a spirit dance.
  8. MD is probably the greatest live recording format ever created in the history of ALL MANKIND!!!! heh heh Mystyler, iPod does indeed rock, I would have to go with you on that one. Have you seen the new Odyssey (or whatever it's called)? It's like an iPod but I think it also has a built in mic and stuff. If I wasn't into MD's (cause they're just so much more fun for me) than I'd be saving up for an Odyssey or an iPod.
  9. If it was me, I'd wait until the 3 months are almost over, and if the N10 isn't out yet then get an N1 (or suck it up and buy an international model.) I'd rather have an N10 with a lot of japanese stuff than an N1, the N10 just has sooooo much more. It'd probably be worth the wait (or dealing with the funky japanese text.)
  10. I had this problem too. Give me your e-mail and I'll send you a teenie-tiny mp3 file that is about 3.5 seconds of silence.
  11. Hmmmmmm...in several forums, people have been bitching about different quality issues (i.e. the "they don't make em like they used to" thread and other such things) and I too was wondering if the Z10 is quality. OK, so it has a million and one swanky functions, but can you drop the thing off your couch without the screws falling out? Rumors seem to be flying about the decaying quality of sony portables, and I'd rather not pay roughly $400 for a fancy piece of trash. Any ideas?
  12. Bazirker

    Newbie Question

    Maybe you can get Matt Conners (see above) to sell you his. Either that, or get on a site like Minidisco.com and buy one there. Personally, I'd recommend using a normal analog mini stereo cable...
  13. Bazirker

    Newbie Question

    Your MZ-R900 came with a USB cable? What for? It doesn't have NetMD capabilities... Another way to get the audio off your minidisc player and onto your comp is if you have a stereo cd burner unit. I have a cd burner that is part of my stereo, not my computer. Whenever I want to get a track off my md player and onto my computer, I just record them on a cd-rw and let my computer rip them off of that. I find that easier than just using my computer because my soundcard sucks and I sometimes lose a lot of audio quality. But then again, I also have a stereo cd burner.
  14. As far as current recorders go, just about any NetMD portable isn't that bad. If you ever want to record using a microphone, you'd want to steer clear of the Sony MZ-N505 and MZ-S1 because to my knowledge, they dont' have mic inputs. Personally I prefer sony stuff, so I don't know much about other brands. I have an MZ-N707 and it worked really well until my friend screwed up its programming...but that's not a normal thing. If you want cheap and durable and don't care about things like remotes or mic recording, then I imagine the MZ-S1 is probably your best bet. If size matters to you, ya might wanna forget about the "cheap" part of your preferences...most smaller recorders cost a lot more.
  15. Hey MoV1, how did you reset your recorder? I've been playing around with the service mode on my MZ-N707 and fixing large errors is getting to be a pain. How can you reset the whole system, using an NV Reset? i thought that only did power stuff...
  16. WORTH THE EFFORT? Are you kidding? It is sooooo much easier to push a few buttons on an MZ-R700 than to spend all the extra money to buy an MZ-R900. If you have enough money to easily drop the extra bucks for an R900, then could you do me a favor and buy me an MZ-N10? Hey, Christmas is coming... By the way, don't try this trick on an MZ-N707. It works, but it makes the buttons go screwy. You get in extra trouble with an MZ-N707 due to the keypad layout. When the buttons change, the stop button becomes the volume down button but the pause remains the same. That creates a problem because the stop and pause buttons are on opposite sides of the little button rocker thingie. I had to take my recorder apart, find the right spot to solder to enter service mode (somewhat of a challange with a service manual...speaking of which, anyone have a service manual for a MZ-N707?), and use the remote to navigate the system to change the vaules back (mine were A0 and 50.) Unless you'd like to change your control layout on your recorder in exchange for adding a few features, don't bother trying this trick out.
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