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  1. Sony's reason was that they were making a loss so they were forced to increase the price.
  2. Sorry guys, there was a small mix up on the site. We sold the last of the "cheap" blanks last week, we have officially raised the price to $11.95 per blank
  3. Dont believe a word the JB staff are telling you. The Hi-MD blanks are plentiful at the moment, in the last year and a bit they were hard to get in retail because a particular store was buying them all out *hint, hint* Now since Sony Au has raised the price to $11.95 per blank from $4.95 the sales have gone down therefore plenty of stock. BTW, this particular store still has these blanks for $4.95 but will be raising the price to the new price in a few weeks once the stock is sold.
  4. Unfortunately it seems official, from 2 weeks onwards the new RRP will be $11.95AUD per blank. We have purchased most of the existing stock to try to maintain the lower price for a little while longer.
  5. No Probs It looks like we may have stable stock from next week, that is if Sony dont do a back flip on us
  6. It looks like we receive some stock at the end of the week. Robo11 and R.porter, you guys have been allocated stock from this load. Sony has been doing a lot of number and date shuffling, its a bit of a pain but not much I can do
  7. We are expecting some stock next week which will hopefully get rid of most of our back orders. All new orders from yesturday onwards will be allocated for our August Stock.
  8. Sorry for the guys that missed out. What had happen was that Sony changed the dates and availability on us. We were meant to receive a whole lot more last week and be able to fulfil most of the back orders, but because Sony only supplied us with a very small amount we couldnt get most of our orders out The next shipment is due in around 2 weeks, this should contain most of the units of our July order with Sony but then again, Sony could change the dates again. Fingers cross they dont. robo11. Sony will have more units available for around a year, the only thing is that there are very little numbers coming in so they may be hard to get your hands on. Right now I doubt you will see these in many stores at least for a few months.
  9. No prob guys Update: Looks like we may have our first shipment as early as late next week!!! The 2nd shipment is around 2 weeks after that but only a small number will be in that shipment. The 1st shipment is just about sold out, so if you are on the fence act now! p.s We havent updated the dates on our website just in case Sony does a back flip on us
  10. We ordered these in as soon as Sony had them listed in the ordering system in early June, we were basically snipering them Even the Sony Style website says stock it is due to ship to its customers on the 18th of July. So im not too sure whats going on here
  11. This is the biggest mystery at this stage. Our intial spec sheet from Sony said "Remote" without any detail of it being a LCD remote or a crappy remote, now their website says 3 line remote. When we get the stock I will confirm it for you guys, unless someone beats me to it of course Ozpeter, Send me a pm with your order number
  12. Just to clarify. These units are not grey imports They all come with Sony Australia warranty.
  13. Great news! Black is the now official release colour in Australia, silver will not be available here in Australia. I'm not sure why I was told silver earlier, oh well!!
  14. Just to confirm with what has already been said is that the RH1 will be available early July. Silver is the only available colour and the RRP is $599. We will offer pre-orders soon and we will be offering a very attractive price
  15. Not too sure at this stage, it really all depends with Sony Australia. From my impression the MD format is gone in Australia and Sony hasnt done enough to get their MP3 players out there so to me the Sony portable range is in shambles here in Oz; The NWA3000 is currently out of stock and could be discontinued here in Oz when it was only released a few months ago. But weirder things have happened, and it would be a real shame if they decide not to bring this unit into the Australian market. If Sony only knew how many disappointed Mac users are out there and the huge gap they are leaving behind when or if they do not continue with the MD market
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