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  1. I think the main page looks fugly with all those ghey-ash number on the right side, it just looks better with old default.
  2. Haha, my phone says "Bananaphone" everytime I turn it on It's also the worst phone on earth...
  3. Optimus, and my NX10 in the background
  4. lol, the new name is funny...bananaphone-esque I like it, it makes me laugh
  5. Expensive, other than that they'll sound fine although wired ones can sound better, a lot better. What exactly are you going to be using these headphones for?
  6. Haha, that's pretty funny... anyway, thanks guys... yeah I got an E35 and HX70...which is BY FAR my lightest MD unit EVER, lol.
  7. I like the 10 and 910 equally, ...I'd probably end up getting both actually, the 710 doesn't fit me though. What I want to know is whether MP3 support is only on Hi-MD formatted discs, or if you can put them on standard formatting MDs...I don't think that'll be answered for a while though Also, I want sony to implement Hi-MD to MD formatting (so you can still use your hi-md formatted discs...)...
  8. And you tell people off for less blatant offenses? ha Anyway, my best impulse buy was my MZ-S1, best MD unit ever
  9. Imagine the capacity if they used the disc holography with Supreme-Portable-MD units?
  10. The Q55s sound like streetstyles (okay...if EQed correctly), but they really hurt my ears, your results may differ, but after about 40-50 minutes I couldn't wear them anymore.
  11. Actually, recording on an MD unit is a lot easier, you just hook it up and go into record mode...wow, with mp3 players you have to rip the songs, and then convert them... so MD's more plug-n-play than mp3 players. The question I tell people to ask themselves is: do you use your computer to store all of your music in the MP3 format? If so, buy an MP3 player. If not, MD is a good choice since it sounds great, is small, and has awesome battery life, not to mention is a heck of a lot cheaper to replace. I myself only use NetMD for titling purposes (in which case it's really useful), but if I want some songs I'll burn a CD since I use my D-EJ2000 in the car, and I just record it to my MD unit and use them for portable use. I don't know where I'm getting at...anyway, have fun!
  12. I am welcoming my MZ-R910 T-Board and will be welcoming a MZ-E35 and AM-HX70 on the 25th.
  13. I used the Maxell MD-CL Dry-Type Lens cleaner twice, then at the recommendation of many users, I wiped the lens off with a cotton swab. I'm going to take it to a sony center eventually (when I get around to it, probably less than a month) since there's nothing I can do about it. Note that the player was "dead" since the end of December. Just in case you thought tony was correct... In a way, he is correct, you should never touch the lens with anything besides a cotton-swab (and you should let the unit dry afterwards) because ... just because... but the cotton swab won't hurt it.
  14. The JBL E30 bookshelfs are really good (I use them), and they're usually found for $150. I'd suggest picking them up, they have a good bass output in their own right and sound great with my 10" sealed sub.
  15. Do you want it to be 1 system, or a combination of parts?
  16. I posted it over at the t-board, but I figured some of you guys don't go there, so I'll post up the link here. http://minidisct.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26822
  17. NetMD uses LP2 and LP4, your pioneer system cannot read those files...it should display "LP:" in front of the track names (LP units remove that). In order for them to play in it, you'll have to use the "fake SP" method, it's in the options somewhere, but it says "stereo recording" or something like that.
  18. English = native German = IV
  19. (copied from the t-board) Hey guys, I've tried cleaning the lens twice, and just popped it open and wiped the lens off...and to no avail, my MZ-E700 doesn't play discs anymore. Have any suggestions? I'm thinking of taking it to a repair center, although that'd cost a fortune (although it's the same as the E900)... I really do love my E700, it just started acting sporatic in december (while in germany) and then quit on me while I was still over there. It started by just not reading my fuji discs, and still reading my sony and axia ones....then just the axia ones, then none at all. If it means anything I've tried it with the AA attachment and the internal battery and it's the same both times. It won't help...but here's a pic of the inside:
  20. 2-or-more year old Nokia 3390 or whatever, it's a brick phone. It came in this horrendous gold colour and I painted it black...now it's this cool crackle finish, but there's too much gold at the top so I'm going to repaint it soon. Anyway, I'm using t-mobile and their service is good although if there's not coverage in a certain area...there is no coverage, they don't have roaming I don't think, so you're out
  21. Moltar reminded me about this forum, and so I came here... I guess I can visit here regularly now, until I forget about it again, lol forgot about sgheadphones too...at least I posted there, lol
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