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  1. I only record in PCM or HI-SP with my RH1. I strictly use it as a recorder and nothing else...so I should be good to go. So any version of Windows 7 should work just fine for me.
  2. I know this is old but I'd like to know if Win7 64bit edition will will allow for uploads of both PCM and HI-SP recordings via Sonic Stage. My poor computer is on its last leg and will be looking for a new one soon.
  3. I taped a few shows at the Pearl in Las Vegas a few years ago. I'll have to check and see if I still have them. If I do I'll send them to you so you can add them to your archive. Glad someone started a Tool archive. Got a link to that? I wonder if the Tool show from Ozzfest in Orlando was ever recorded.
  4. just downloaded and installed the himd renderer program and it outputs the same 44byte file that SS does
  5. Well when its uploaded to SS and I try to play the uploaded file (not the one on the disc) it plays the last file that I uploaded which was a set from the bonnaroo webcast. When trying to convert it SS gets to 1% and then quits. When I go to the file that i creates its only 44bytes. I have not tried Marcs program, I didnt think of that. I'll give that a shot when I get home. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. So I taped a show last night using my RH1 in HISP mode. Everything was great when I started and stopped recording. When I go to play the show back on the unit it plays like its in fast forward...so the time clock goes by at about 10x fast as it should and I get no sound. I thought my FF button was stuck but i put in a different disc and it plays just fine. Ive uploaded the file and it uploads fine but when I go and play the uploaded file it doesnt play. it shows the correct time of 113 min and that it was recorded in HISP. Im thinking that the system file wasnt properly written. Maybe I bumped the recorder while it was writing it. Ive recorded another 15 seconds of nothing just to update the system file and even split the original file into 2 tracks to hopefully get it to play properly...so far nothing has worked any suggestions? id be happy to mail someone my disc for testing and possible recovery.
  7. Ive got a new opteron mobo sitting here waiting for the ram to be delivered and then Ill have my new box up and running w/ 10 USB 2.0 ports which is enough to go around! So i guess RTFM would apply in this case.
  8. I originally had it plugged into the PC when I got it but my 2 front USB ports went out on my mobo so I had to go to the hub. I guess the ipod will have to find a new home to plug into.
  9. Ya I have the wall charger but its nice just charging it from the computer. I had it plugged into a USB hub and last night i pluged it straight into the computer and it looks like it is now fully charged. I guess the usb hub doesnt give it enough juice to charge. Thanks for the reply.
  10. When I plug in the RH1 to my computer the walkman logo appears and checks the disc and goes to standby mode. the battery indicator comes up for a second and shows that its filling up but goes away and i dont know if the batty continues to charge or not. the last 2 shows i went to i had only half battery life....any suggestions?
  11. rh1 is faster and uploads legacy mds to the pc. also has a line out and remembers the recording setting even if turned off.
  12. Why would they when they could just sell you a new unit??
  13. Well I uploaded about 10 legacy discs last night and its completely random where it starts over at. One disc got all the way up to 60% before restarting. Very odd...but it works like a champ!
  14. When I upload a show recorded on either my RH10 or RH1 that was recorded in HIMD format the progress meter does not go from 0% - 100%. It starts at 30% and ends at 80%. It fully transfers the recording and everything is A-OK its just a little weird. Today I uploaded my first legacy MD with my RH1 and the meter started at 0% then got up to 35% then restarted at 0% went back up to 35% where it started back at 0% for the 3rd time and once it got up to 30% it finished (35% + 35% + 30% = 100%) and converted the file to wav like there was no problem. Anyone else encounter this? Im using SS 4.0 but i seem to remember it doing it on previous versions as well.
  15. The twinkle ones are pretty cool. too bad best buy or circuit city wont carry them.
  16. I doubt that it could because that info is included with the meta data in the mp3. -Greg
  17. So if I read this right I can record a show with my RH1 in any setting a choose and upload it to a mac for editing and burning? If I did then I might need to pick up a mac mini.
  18. I was over at tape warehouse today and they had 60 instock which is good since they seem to be keeping more then the 10-15 they were stocking a few months ago. I picked up 30 day for just under $150.00 out the door. tapewarehouse still seems to be the best place anywhere to get discs. -Greg
  19. Are we talking silver as in chrome or more of a brushed aluminum?
  20. Having something like that would be pretty nice. I belive Japan uses 110V like we do in the states.
  21. It doesnt come with a wall charger since its charged via USB.
  22. I've got an ipod and use it way more then my MD...but then again I only record concerts with my MD as its too slow for transfering music to. Did Chris say when it was going to be out? I dont care what color it comes in as long as it works as well as my RH10. If you import it from Japan it should have all engligh menus and it might even have the user manual written in english.
  23. Tunster you're dreaming if you think MP3 will be overtaken by AAC or any other format. As antiquated as the MP3 codec is it's here to stay.
  24. I must have 100 of those empty cases. I throw them away every now and then but Ill dig them up this weekend and ship them to you on monday. If you wanted to send me a few bux via paypal for shipping that would be cool. PM me with your addy.
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