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  1. I have recorded bands in loud settings (punk music, indoors) with my NH700 without a battery module; surprisingly no distortion or brick wall effects. Just set the mic sensitivity to low and see how it works for you. I would still recommend a good battery box with bass rolloff for such situations, but even without it a decent recording can be had. All I used was an NH700, a pair of cardioid mics and my 40elk remote for monitoring/adjusting levels in the dark. If I forget the remote I have used my cell phone light to initially set the levels and check periodically. Also, uploading the recordings and converting to WAV is fairly simple and straight forward, it has been since the modern versions of SonicStage. I don't see this as an issue at all.
  2. Abusers! I feel like creating a non-profit MD rescue to protect the innocent victims. My drunk grandpa once dropped my RH10, but I managed to catch it before it hit the ground.
  3. If you want to stick with HiMD, then I would suggest a less expensive model like an NH600(D) for exercising and stuff. For the everyday use, keep the MD in your pocket and use a remote.
  4. I think he means that the RH1 may be the last major investment as far as design and engineering improvements. If new flagship recorders were to be made, they would most likely be based on the RH1 with little change other than cosmetic. Correct me if I'm wrong. Still, as he said he cannot confirm it.
  5. My red R900 is still my favorite portable MD recorder. The thing is just so well built, feels solid with it's all metal construction. Even opening and closing the clam shell feels superior to my other units. The eject button itself feels strong and solid; the only weakness of the machine being the flimsy battery door. Though, the R900 isn't the only Sony portable with this flaw. Still, I guess it's not that bad since the battery door on my R900 hasn't suffered any problems.
  6. Wait, you're saying it was the same hackers as before? Are you guys sure about that? Are they specifically targeting minidisc.org or just general power board forums?
  7. You mean, Sony actually has plans to market the minidisc? Any kind of marketing at all would be a plus.
  8. Only the second generation HiMD units are unable to record in true SP. SonicStage uses the "fake" SP for compatibility, but the first generation HiMD units and the RH1 are capable of recording in legacy formats. Legacy meaning SP, MDLP and mono.
  9. I went to Walmart today and bought a couple packs of the new Sony Color Collection MD's. Apparently Walmart has lowered the price on the 5-pack to just $5. Pretty good deal, so I just wanted you guys to know. I also posted this at the T-board, so if you wanted to read the original thread it is located here.
  10. I was always under the impression that "DISK" implies being for computers where "DISC" referrs to being for audio. A floppy disk was developed for computers, the Compact Disc originated for audio. Anyway, I saw a Sony catalog on-line where they spelled it "minidisk" so it's not as big a mistake on her part.
  11. Not that good of a deal considering the NH700 bundle is only $150
  12. An in-dash HiMD would be just the same as a regular MDLP in-dash in the sense that no matter what recorder you own you can still play your discs in the car. If the MDX-F5800 did well, then surely there is enough demand for a HiMD compatible car receiver.
  13. I have been waiting (and still waiting) for a HiMD car unit. I want to be able to listen to music and my recordings inside my car without the use of fm transmitters, cables and adapters. I am not a kid anymore, I don't ride in the back seat of my parents car and I don't rely on public transportation. In those situations portables make sense, but I just want to grab a disc, stick it in my in-dash head unit, and listen to my stuff. I had to buy a used MDLP unit (MDX-CA680x) on ebay because I got sick of waiting. Come on Sony, take more of my money. Please! A home deck would be nice, but I probably wouldn't buy one if it was much more than $300. At this moment, it's not as much of a priority to me as a in-dash player.
  14. Has anyone sent off their RH10 yet? If so, has anyone gotten theirs back already? Since it says to not send any accessories with the unit, does that mean that we should remove the battery before shipping?
  15. Kurisu knows how to get things done. I think I'll also wait and see what happens with the people who get the repair; I'm interested to know how long it takes to get fixed and returned.
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