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  1. It should be identical, however a bit-for-bit comparison for ATRAC-files may fail. Reason: Tags. If the Track is reimported, the import date/time is different. Genre is missing after reimport as well. Generally, an update is recommended, as the library system has been significantly optimized. First, SonicStage 3.4 starts about three times faster that 3.3, switching between views is much faster as well. (Library size here: 7250 Tracks, Size about 73 GBytes; AthlonXP2000+/512MB) Soundwise, a quick comparison revealed no audible differences, so I guess, the codec is the same as in SS3.3.
  2. Great News. And the reupload adds a second backup defense line against MS-Windows and it's antique installers.
  3. Sunncomm an outfit, specifically designed to defraud investors of their hard earned money? Stumbled over this article on p2pnet.net. It lists the shady history of Sunncomm in detail, showing the tell tale signs of a complicated pump and dump scheme.
  4. The incompetency of Sony BMG is reaching previously unfathomable heights: MediaMax Bug Found; Patch Issued; Patch Suffers from Same Bug And the advertising Grafittis could mean legal problems as well, as spraying walls is a violation of many city ordinances - even if the property owner has been payed for this vandalism.
  5. jadeclaw

    "wife Swap" UK

    That's why I stopped watching commercial tv completely. Good movie? First I check, which channel is it on. If it's public tv, I watch it or atleast program the vcr to tape it. Almost all public channels have no ads at all and the two big ones have them only between 5 and 8 pm. If it's on a commercial channel, I simply forget about it. The commercials every 20 minutes makes it unbearable to watch.
  6. Aside from the fact, that it hangs halfway through, the quality is typical for MPEG4/AAC-capable digicams. The difference to other cameras of this quality is the telephone. However, similar priced DV-camcorders deliver a far better quality, so this is nothing to write home about.
  7. Mine is in German. Extras --> Optionen... --> under Allgemein, there is a Checkbox called Animation aktivieren. Translated it should be similar to : Tools --> Options... --> General --> Activate Animations.
  8. Possibly not. Radio-remotes need extra supply contacts on the plug, plus the use of radio-remotes must be supported on the unit itself, that is only true for the NHF800.
  9. I have successfully used ext3 ( a Linux journalling filesystem ) on HiMD. Worked without a problem for data storage via USB. However, standalone playback is of course not possible with that and the recorder keeps complaining about the disc format. I guess, Sony chose the FAT filesystem, because of the simple structure of it. I have seen implementations of the FAT filesystem requiring less than 10kBytes code on an AVR microcontroller. A read-only version occupied less than 3kBytes. And that already included the drivers for CF/MMC/SD-Cards. We shouldn't forget: Program space is at a premium on a portable unit.
  10. Yes it is there under the Options dialogue.
  11. After searching around, there are three different versions of this tinyhttp. First, it is a very small webserver, working perfectly in a few MB of RAM. This one is quite old. Second, it points to a short url sevice: TinyHttp The third one is the Connect-Player. And that seems to run the GUI of the software. But tiny it isn't. Looks like they tried to built a webbrowser for the connect store and instead of using a well proven engine like Mozillas Gecko, they made one themselves and out came a monster.
  12. It was option 2. The AnyDVD description is quite clear about this. @hobgoblin: That is true, especially the US, where corruption is running rampant and is legal, if you call it campaign contribution.
  13. A happy Thanksgiving from cold germany too. And keep up the good work.
  14. BlueRay will push up the cost - For Sony. Not the end-user. Game-consoles are sold at a loss with the hope, that the gain is made on selling development licenses and distribution licence fees. And the end-user price of the PS3 depends only on the loss, that Microsoft is willing to accept per box sold and vice versa. You know, how it works with inkjet printers - Sell the printer cheap, then fleece the user with the cartridges. @rirsa: I'm wondering myself a bit, but CastleCops isn't as known as Sysinternals and the magnitude of the problem isn't really coming out as visible as Marks analysis shows. @rei-gouki: DRM on CDs is only for dimmest bulbs among computer users. But a new thought came up on me, while floating around in the bathtub, as I start wondering, who is the victim here. I'm under the impression, that SonyBMG and other record labels are being fleeced by Sunncomm and the likes, while at the same time the managements of the labels in their piracy paranoia are unable to see the fraud being pulled off on them. As long as a CD is designed to be playable on all CD-players, any form of copyprotection doesn't work. Any DRM-maker claiming something different, is effectively lying to their customers. And lying to customers is fraud, right?
  15. Yes. Ok, seriously. It is possible, that you have damaged your ears at work. Have you worked in noisy environments without proper ear protection, e.g. military service, aircraft maintenance or construction work? I suggest, that you have checked your ears by a doctor. The difference between 48k Atrac and PCM is close to the difference between AM and FM-Stereo, so normally it is obvious, which one is playing.
  16. Things are getting ugly for Sony-BMG: First, the EFF has filed a class action lawsuit regarding XCP AND Sunncomm MediaMax, second, the state of Texas has filed a lawsuit too, alleging the violation of state anti-spyware laws. Despite Sony's claims of calling back the CDs, state officials were able to buy them as late as sunday evening. The Attorney General asks the court for US$100 000 per violation. I think, we can safely guess, the legal costs alone for Sony will be magnitudes higher than any loss in sales this DRM-system has ever prevented.
  17. As far as I know, Atrac3-tracks were included with the rootkit. However, if you're not bright enough to disable Autorun, it is possible to defeat the copyprotection: Gaffer tape defeats Sony DRM rootkit Hmm, a felt tip pen should do the job too? Note: When using tape, put a similar sized piece of tape on the opposite side of the disc to keep the weight balanced. This trick could also work on other protected CDs. When using a pen, use one, that can be removed with rubbing alcohol.
  18. Time for a quick update: Sony insider: DRM is discredited at Sony It looks like, the heat is growing at Sony HQ. @PCManiac: BlueRay will stay in the PS3. The fact, that moviestudios start supporting BlueRay has a reason: The PS3. The studios know, that the console is used as a DVD-player as well. It was the case with the xbox and the PS2. Removing BlueRay from the PS3 will kill the format on end-user level. And I'm not sure, if the disc-lock-feature will ever be used. The simple fact, that a used game cannot be sold, will push off too many customers. Speaking of push off, Canadian record shops start complaining about copyprotected CDs. Copyprotection starts hurting the business: Copy-protected CDs turning music fans off record buying: retailers say The RIAA-President needed to vent about the affair as well, Groklaw Editor Pamela Jones has some nice words about that: RIAA President on Sony's Rootkit: So What? Everybody Protects CDs And finally some choice words from Brian Proffitt, Managing Editor of LinuxToday about the involvement of antivirus vendors with F4I: Editor's Note: Putting Away the Welcome Mat
  19. That the point of ignorance of the copyall-bit. Digital-recordings are always marked as copyrighted and therefor your first generation is in reality your second. But that points to my thought about improper handling of the bits. So, instead of storing the SCMS-bit, it stores the input type. Btw, Muzzy has a nice commentary about thew issue: Muzzy's rant and whine about Sony's XCP DRM system
  20. Hmm, that brings me to the thought, that HiMD is unable to deal correctly with the SCMS-bits. Or Onkyo simply uses the same digital section for the Bookshelfs as well as the standalone decks. Since those don't have SP/DIF-Out, the bookshelfs suffer from the same deficiency.
  21. However, when you take the HiMD-recorder and SonicStage as a single unit, then you see, that it behaves like the Homerecording act wanted it to behave. 1) Analog recording can be exported to Wave after upload. That is your second digital generation allowed. 2) Digital recording cannot be exported. As that is your second digital generation. 3) Upload to a different machine of a downloaded track is not allowed. The downloaded track is your second generation. Now replace the two PCs with two standalone MD-Decks, e.g. two MDS-JE500, and play this through again. The only difference is the ignorance of the copyall-bit.
  22. There is a DRM-management in SonicStage, but that simply works with file encryption and a MS-Access-database. With Access2000 or later or the database tools included in Visual Studio 2003, you can read that database. That DRM is necessary to prevent digital copying according to the Homerecording act. Yes, the one that brought SCMS to digital recorders in general. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Two new F4I license infringements found Yes, First4Internet used the AAC-codecs from Audiocoding too. That adds another LGPL-violation. Plus mpg123 code as well. ( FAAC is under the LGPL, mpg123 is GPL. )
  23. Someone here on the Forum ran the rootkit revealer on his machine and it found nothing, despite having SonicStage installed. However, I have some time on the weekend and I will try it out on my machine. One thing, we shouldn't forget: All Sony departments share some space on the financial report and there is a CEO on top of that, but aside from that, the departments are quite independent. Too bad, that the electronics division has to bear the fallout produced by the music division's stupidity. And that stupidity has taken on proportions, that I'm inclined to speak of an act of malice.
  24. SS3.3 recognizes all devices known to previous versions, including the HD5. Upload of analogue recordings is now unlimited (since 3.2). However, recordings uploaded with previous ( <3.2 ) version cannot be uploaded again.
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