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  1. @Admin/Kurisu: Thanks for renaming it.
  2. It doesn't, according to the ECat-Page: Translated
  3. Top left here. Looks like, it doesn't like Opera 8.5.1. And Firefox Ok. in IE6. But noone, who is right in his head would use that. Right?
  4. Speaking of April Fools, the iPodders future is worse: The iZilla! Atleast, it plays your old vinyls too...
  5. Well, looks like, that the Flash-Rom inside the RH10 wasn't big enough to accommodate MP3-playback AND Standard-MD-Recording. With the RH1 Standard-MD-Recording is back.
  6. This is the one I'm using: A BENQ DW800A. No problems, no coasters and it even handles my old CD-RW discs, that are unusable in normal CD-writers.
  7. Retail or OEM doesn't matter qualitywise. However, warranty might be shorter on OEM-Drives and some manufacturers might send you back to the dealer instead of doing a direct replacement or answering questions, so check for that before buying.
  8. Well Volta, home decks and a car units had been in demand since HiMD had been introduced in 2004. Atleast, the way the RH1 is designed, it is currently the best alternative to a real deck. (Display on the front, Disc coming out to the front, relatively big buttons) However, there is only one way to keep HiMD alive: Buying it.
  9. It was an economical decision. Macs have a marketshare around 2 to 3 percent, while MS-Windows holds more than 90% of all desktops. It would even make more sense to do a Linux-Version, since Linux holds a bigger marketshare on the desktops than Apple. Btw, the marketshare numbers for Linux are inherently false(way too low), as only monetary sales are counted, but many people download it or copy it from others or a single copy is used on many machines.
  10. @angrierpenguin: All HiMD-recorders can be used on a Mac as external USB-Data-Drive, from MacOS 9 or later. Upload of Recordings is possible from the MZ-M100/M10/RH1 with a specialized software, that is included. Download of music onto MD so that it is playable is not possible on the Mac, however, running the included MS-Windows-software (SonicStage) in VMWare or a similar MS-Windows-emulator might be possible.
  11. Thanks MDFreak for the info. I do had hoped for 352k as a SuperSP and LP2 in Hi-MD-mode for FM-Radio-recordings. Good to know, that regular MD-Recording is back.
  12. That looks very good. I do have quite an amount of MP3-Stuff to play... Another question: Which standalone recording modes are offered by the RH1? Only Hi-SP/Hi-LP/PCM or other bitrates as well?
  13. Yes. Your MZ-N510 is still unable to upload SP/MDLP recordings. NetMD-Recorders don't have the necessary hardware to do the upload. An open source project trying to persuade NetMD-recorders to upload ran into a wall at that point. To upload SP/MDLP, you have to buy the new RH1. Or go the old route through Line-In.
  14. If you want to, you can get the RM-MC40ELK for this one. Sets you back only 8400 Yen. ------------------------------------------------ This Thread is really active: 287 Readers while I'm writing this. And to Sony: Very well done. I'll get one.
  15. Could it be, that this one suffers from the 'Louder is better'-Syndrome? Rip Rowan: Over the Limit
  16. This problem had been reported before. Check, if the internal Battery has bulged out. Take out the battery and try again without battery, the recorder is powered through the USB-Port. Swollen or dented batteries should be replaced. If that isn't the case, then the the recorder might need service.
  17. Something else is notable: It looks like, the connectors go all out on the backside. So, no more fighting with the cables coming out on the side, instead it looks neat at home too. And the big release button is a nice touch too. Very well done, I say.
  18. The old version will be deinstalled, the library will be converted after the install of the new version. Despite the fact, that I never had any data loss during upgrade, I strongly recommend to backup your library, using the SonicStage backup tool before doing the upgrade. Remember, keeping your backup current is highly recommended anyway.
  19. Carlie, do yourself a favor: Backup your data, reformat your Harddisk and do a fresh Windows-Install.
  20. You have set Nero to DAO (DiscAtOnce)-Mode? @Dex: Thanks for testing. Since I don't use MP3, the behaviour on MP3-import is not an issue for me. Oh, and SonicStages MP3-Encoder still sucks like a black hole. Use LAME instead.
  21. Well, the reason for not having a Mac-Edition is a technical one. First, Apple marketshare is in the single digit percentage range, second, porting SonicStage onto the Mac-Platform would require a major rewrite of the whole thing, not very economical. The library uses the Microsoft desktop database engine and a host of other MS-Windows only features. And because of that, don't expect a Mac-SonicStage in the near future.
  22. If you have Winamp 5.12 or earlier installed, update to Version 5.13 immediately. Download Two different types of Spyware try to install through specially prepared webpages: The first: A CoolWebSearch(again! ) - Variant, named "Looking for Home.Search: Report at Sunbelt The second one is a fake Spyware-Detector, called SpySheriff: Report at Sunbelt
  23. In case of exporting back to a wave-file, then the tags are stripped off. .oma-files are a different thing.
  24. Usually, the first few Albums, everything looks fine - from the outside. But serious artists keep on evolving, trying new things, changing their style, etc. That's the point, when the contract becomes a liability for the artist, when the managers start pushing the artist around, out of fear, the next album could be a flop. And remember the fight George Michael had with Sony Music. Managers telling good old George, how to make music. No wonder, he wanted out of that contract.
  25. The problem with WMA-Lossless and WMA in general, it is a proprietary format, controlled by a convicted predatory monopolist. For that reason, WMA is completely unusable for long term archiving. We all know, what chaos Microsoft produced in their Office-formats. The same thing could happen here as well, that the old files end up unplayable after a Mediaplayer update. Plus, WMA is MS-Windows only, when moving to a better platform, you have a problem. FLAC is open and available on a multitude of platforms, so moving away from MS-Windows is so much easier.
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