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  1. When I try to fix it in Service Mode, don't I need the tech gears suggested by service manual?
  2. I recently got 2nd hand Black MZ-RH1 (North America market model) and found its EL display too dark to read. I have Silver MZ-RH1 (Japanese domestic model), it doesn't have any brightness problem. The ex-owner said it was too dim when he bought. Is there a way to control the brightness of EL display? Or I have to stop by SONY service to replace the EL unit? From the picture, top one is Black MZ-RH1 (USA model) and the bottom is Silver MZ-RH1 (Japanese model).
  3. I own a Silver RH1. Hopefully I want to buy Black RH1 soon.
  4. Thank you marcnet. What a great job you did!! Korean and Japanese characters are shown OK under HIMDRenderer. I attached the screen shots: Korean, Japanese, and list file. If you want to update HIMDRenderer later, I hope I can save track lists as an Excel file.
  5. Sorry, marcnet. I cound't find your email address. I write here and attach a zip file that includes all the files you asked. HiMDRenderer_01.jpg, HiMDRenderer_02.jpg: HiMDRenderer listing All Japanese and Korean characters are displayed as unreadable code. SonicStage_screenshot_01.jpg, SonicStage_screenshot_02.jpg: SonicStage 4.3 Asia Version (Korean) Every character looks ok, but Kanji (Japanese simplified Chinese characters) displays as ?. This is normal since my system works on Korean Windows XP SP2. Kanji is a little bit different from simplified Chinese. In Korea, traditional Chinese characters are used, mainly Korean used though. ***.HMA: from HMDHIFI folder except one big chunk, ****.ATDATA. screen_shots.zip
  6. Thank you marcnet. I tested HiMDRenderer 0.54. It doesn't support Korean track information.
  7. I tested HiMD Lister 0.0.4 and HiMD idx on my Windows XP system with MZ-RH1. - Windows XP SP2 Korean - Sony MZ-RH1 - HiMD media: There are 106 tracks, first 8 tracks in the first group, next 14 tracks in the 2nd group, the rest tracks in the ROOT. - SonicStage 4.3 Asian version: I used SS 4.3 Asian version to transfer the songs. [RESULTS] 1. HiMD Lister 0.0.4 It catches all groups and tracks, but it shows only English texts. It doesn't support Korean language, then all Korean letters are replaced by ? or garbage. One interesting thing is HiMD Lister can access the all data of the HiMD media; it lists all tracks including the erased ones. I erased 2 tracks on the disc and HiMD Lister lists 108 tracks while SonicStage displays 106 tracks. 2. HiMD IDX It has simple gui, and it supports .rtf and .cvs formats, HiMD Lister does only .txt. I had an error message while running it. There are recorded data on the Hi-MD, some errors will be occur! [Abort] [ignore] I pressed Ignore several times until the window was closed. Finally HiMD IDX stoped. Run button changed to Halt and time progrssing bar displayed pass#3. The list file only has English named tracks.
  8. I bought silver one (Japanese dometic). It sounds great. I wanted to buy a black, but it was limited edition in Japan; it sould be pre-ordered with higher price. I also have NH1 Silver. Both are nice players, NH1 has better body though.
  9. Temporarily I moved out of the United States, then I can't redeem connect.com coupon code-even I can't access to Connect.com. Here's the code and how to use: Coupon Code: OVOA1XQ2ZKD86
  10. The part # of the USB cable for MZ-NH1 is 1-828-071-11. You should call SONY DAPC 1-800-488-7669 to order it. Or go to AudioCubes.com http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Accesso..._USB_Cable.html
  11. Check the newest online price with several price search engine like http://www.pricegrabber.com http://www.shopping.com/ The price of MZ-NH600 is less than $100 now. W/ shipping is just little over $100. $67 is much cheaper though. BestBuy and other local stores still sell it as $199.99.
  12. Is there any magic combo for MZ-NH1? I tried the combo on my NH1, I couldn't get into the service mode-only HOLD sign blinking.
  13. Have you tried Open-MG patch from Microsoft? http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=887811
  14. http://www.wagarassoc.com/MDStorage.htm What about these?
  15. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=887811 See the link. You may solve the problem. The patch worked for me.
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