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  1. Sure, I can ship to Australia. If you want delivery in 4-10 days it will be $20 shipping instead of $5.
  2. All sold, thanks! Netted $320 total, not too bad.
  3. I'm right at the other end, I bought the e4 from Shure and didn't really think it was worth it. It sounded very much like my Sennheiser HD280 Pros (though they are a closed can and not really suitable for portability). IMHO the white ones look pretty dorky, so I'd go for the black models. The models with "c" (at Shure) or the 6i from Ety are all white models. I suggest headphone.com if you can't try them out, because you have 30 days no questions asked to return them. D.
  4. These are songs downloaded from Connect. It is not critical - there are probably only 20 songs on there that I really want to keep, and if I'm springing for a new device I can certainly spend the extra $20 to redownload them from some other source. Thanks, all. I read the Hi-MD Renderer post but it didn't appear this would work, since these are on my PC in "plain" .omg format and not on a Hi-MD. D.
  5. The ol' NZ707 is on its last legs, and I think I'm going to switch to a different format. I'm just not optimistic about the future of non-Sony MDs, and I've had it with Sony products lately. I'll keep the old MDs for car use, since I just went through all that nonsense to get an indash MD player last fall. So...I've already written to Creative and Toshiba re their MP3 players, and I've peeked in Sonic Stage, but does anyone know whether it's possible to convert my downloaded ATRAC songs into MP3 or wma format? SS only seems to allow conversions to ATRAC and not the other way. ? Thanks, D.
  6. Anybody come up with a good reason/fix for this? It's started happening on my 707. I know the recording/disk is good because last week it was fine; this week it keeps skipping over big sections of songs or jumping to the next song. This particularly worries me since I have TWO 707s and I hope it's not a sign of planned obsolescence. Ah well, might be time for Hi-MD! Thanks for any assistance; will try blowing clean before my next listen, but would like to hear any feedback that might help. Donna
  7. Thanks. Couldn't find any reference to them at head-fi but the reviews you directed me to were fine. An added bonus for me is that I can cash in Amex membership points and get them free :-) We'll see. D.
  8. Hi all, Many years ago (possibly 20) I tested a pair of B&O cans at their store in Virginia. At the time these were the most awesome sounding headphones I'd ever heard, but financially these multi-hundred-dollar things were out of my very limited budget. Wondering if anybody has more recent experience with B&O, either the earbuds or the full-on headphones. The budget's a little more stretchy these days :-) Thanks, D.
  9. dvallere


    Everything was fine for about a week of uploading music and listening. Then the other day I plugged it in to do more uploads. Sonic Stage automatically launched, as usual, and it didn't see the unit (usually it's in the Transfer list). Then SS shut down unexpectedly and Windows gave me an unspecified error and told me to contact Sony. We didn't see the unit in the drives list, either; after that point, it would pop up in My Computer for a few seconds, then vanish, then reappear, then vanish, and so on. After a long time of disconnecting, rebooting, reconnecting, browsing Sony help, contacting Sony customer service, etc. etc. etc., we finally gave up. It worked fine on my husband's PC, with his cable and Sonic Stage, but on mine it just didn't work. (SS did see my MD unit which is still connected to the PC, though.) In the end I decided it was more worth it to save the $ and keep on usin' MD. Luckily we were not yet 30 days from my purchase date! Sony's customer service was no help at all, as usual. They kept telling me to read the knowledge base, which of course had nothing in it about this problem.
  10. dvallere


    Leon, I just had to laugh at this excellent example of a very long Americanized sentence. Good one! I have returned my Network Walkman to Circuit City because of SonicStage difficulties (strangely, these difficulties don't appear with my MD units), so I have no more reason to sign up/visit the ATRAC forums. It's a sensible idea, though. I'll still be poking around here periodically. Got to decide whether it's worth buying Hi-MD now that I don't have a flash player... D.
  11. Last night, Wedding Crashers. Pretty funny, good no-brain summer flick.
  12. Hi all, These wonderful little clip-on style earphones (headphones? what do you call them when they are not earbuds and not true headphones?) cost me $46.95 including shipping from Audiocubes a few weeks ago. I purchased them for my Sony flash player but I'm returning that unit and sticking with the faithful minidiscs. The sound is pretty average for this type of earphone, but I haven't had them long enough to burn in at all. I'll sell these for $40 including shipping in the lower 48. The Audiocubes URL is http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Earphon..._Headphone.html and if you click the picture to enlarge you'll see the light blue ones I ordered. They have the original packaging and instructions. I don't need the neck strap capability anymore since my MD player can't use it. Email me at donna@us-picks.com if you're interested. Thanks, D.
  13. I did eventually get around it. If I burn the .wma to a CD then I can import it into Sonic Stage and then transfer to the device. Guess I'll keep it.
  14. Total turnaround here. Connect didn't have a couple of songs I wanted, so I downloaded from MSN Music (my first time using it). They were .wma format, which the E507 literature says it will convert to ATRAC to put on the unit. I kept getting errors about "unable to convert copyright-protected content." Finally I went to the literature for the E507 and in tiny print it says "will convert unsecured .wma files to ATRAC." Unsecured? What's that, stolen? What good does this do me if I can't copy legitimately-purchased music? I have written Sony an extremely nasty nastygram and we are going to return these things to Circuit City unless they can resolve it somehow - either a) provide a patch, which is unlikely, or give us whopping loads of credits to the Connect store. Either way I'm pretty irritated.
  15. "Howl's Moving Castle." Beautiful, breathtaking! Had to go back and reread the book. Lots of people (on Amazon and such) complained that it was too unlike the book, but I didn't see that much difference between them. This was the first movie by Miyazaki I'd seen, and now I'm putting the Miyazaki 6-Pack of DVDs on my Amazon wish list!
  16. Plain vanilla 5th-gen Murkin here...born near Philly, transplanted to Seattle after 40 years.
  17. My Casio (G-Shock) atomic, solar-powered, analog, pretty blue watch. Never have to wind it, never have to set it, never have to change a battery, don't have to look like a technogeek boy while wearing it. Hooray!
  18. I talked to Japan Direct about getting a red one, but they wanted an extra $100 over what I'd pay for the silver at Circuit City, so I got the silver one. (So did my husband.) I'm likin' it a lot! One feature I found really nice is that the player has a little hole in it to slip a strap. I usually wear shirts or pants that have no pockets, so I had noplace to put the player while listening. Audiocubes has the Sony MDR-NQ1 headphones with neckstrap. The headphones are attached to a neck strap, and the neck strap has the little cord to slip through the player loops and then the headphone plug is right at the bottom of the neck strap. It makes it all very convenient. Now it just dangles from the neck strap and when I'm worried about it bashing into things I just tuck the whole ensemble inside my shirt. Looks a bit lumpy, but it works! As to player functionality, I like it, can't complain; liking the sleekness, the audio quality, and the FM capability. Everything's great. I have nearly the entire R.E.M. catalogue on it (well, pre-1992 anyway), plus loads of other stuff, all transferred at 66kbps and sounding fine. The open-air quality of the MDR-NQ1 means I don't get that good "deep in the ear" sound that I get with noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds, but when I do switch to my big Sennheisers it's beautiful sound. I'm recommending this to my other 2 MD-loving friends as a handy alternative to dragging around our MZ-N707 and a bunch of loose disks. Also, after I'd used my E507 for a few days I realized Audiocubes is selling the color E407 for the same price as the 507 at Circuit City ($199). If you like the colors and don't need the FM capability I'd go visit Audiocubes.
  19. dvallere

    Sony NW-E507

    You know, I can go years without thinking of changing my format (well, face it, I've been MD-only since '97), and then I see some sleek thing in an ad and I have to get it! However, this is not to replace my beloved MDs. No, I was thinking of getting one of the NW-E507 models for traveling. It *is* quite a faff to take along the MD player, several discs (I've got an MDLP, so I can probably go transatlantic with only 2-3 discs), and my big Sennheisers. This little Sony gizmo would be way easier to deal with, and it's got enough memory to last me across the Atlantic and back without repeats. Plus it's got such a cool gadget look to it. Anybody have one? I read the reviews on Amazon but many of the negatives were from people unfamiliar to Sonic Stage and Connect, reporting about the learning curve for that. Won't be a problem for me. Might be traveling later in July and would love to hear input on this! Thanks.
  20. I should be working on the web design for our new fibercrafts store which is due to launch 8/1, but I'm too tired so I poke around here.
  21. Disc inside, attached to the PC, is my new miscellaneous rock mix where I download stuff I liked when I was a kid. Def Leppard, Bowie, Petty, Pretenders, some more modern stuff I can't think of. Oh, Semisonic, stuff like that. Disc in the car, the miscellaneous rock mix made in 1998, which strangely contains a lot of '60s and '70s hits. In my car CD drive I have the sountrack to the Sonic Heroes videogame and that really rocks. We listen to it at least once a week.
  22. I haven't had any problems. I record almost all my music in LP4. Mostly I listen to it in the car, so there's a lot of ambient noise, but sometimes I use my good Sennheiser headphones and everything still sounds fine. For example, I used to own some of REM's old stuff on vinyl - and then on CD - and now I have it on LP4 - and with the Senns I can't hear any difference from the CD or record (except lack of record pops, etc.)
  23. Thanks, all. I figured it out by seeing the cable sticking out of my sound card and deducing how to do it. Windows Sound Recorder is perfectly adequate for my needs. I wrote up the directions and put it in my blog so I have a reference for the future in case this board goes bust. D.
  24. I have one of these listed for sale in the classifieds, but it's probably 2 months since it was posted, and it may have been shuffled to the end of the list. I think I was asking $275 with shipping in the lower 48 included. I'll check the classifieds to verify what I said, but in any case, I got it at Crutchfield, used it for a year, and took it out when I got my Clarion 2-DIN this year. [Edit] Yeah, look here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...441entry46441 Only $250 plus shipping... Donna
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