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  1. for a while i did remember some sonystyle stores carrying the battery. not sure about now though. i doubt B&H will have it, but just check online first.
  2. AMPlitude


    i like it. i would prefer to keep the screen that size. or maybe just a wee bit bigger. a screen that's excessively large wont bode well for the battery life of the unit. here's to hoping that sony sees this thread.
  3. any pictures? im very interested. and price range?
  4. i must try this sometime this weekend.
  5. i miss when my r91 worked. then again it was free from my friend. gorgeous unit.
  6. sony ericsson W850i phone. slow music transfers...
  7. i like these subtle colors a lot. great pic like usual
  8. AMPlitude

    MD Pouch

    the pouches probably came with the japanese release ex71s
  9. Fuji S9000 Camera and Sandisk Ultra II 1 gig CF to go with it. wait and a 58mm UV filter
  10. quick question. from the pictures, i cant tell if the phones are short-plug/remote friendly or if they have a traditional layout. can you tell me which it is? thanks
  11. it seems like everyone (me included) despises the lack of the external dry battery case on the rh1 huh?
  12. go rh1 and if need be, go to the technical section and make your own AA add-on =]
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