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  1. Sonic stage does list the tracks of the disc. Sometimes it will play the problematic track, sometimes not. I did do a couple of records in Hi-SP and they weren't a problem. But I like the higher quality of PCM.
  2. Hi, this week I've begun recording vinyl to himd in pcm mode and very often when I attempt to upload the track to my computer I get a "failed to read the data" message. It happens whether or not I edit the tracks or leave them as one long track. I hope it's just a defective disc. Any suggestions or commentary? Thanks.
  3. Here's the address to the interview and picture if anyone wants it: http://www.sony.jp/topics/walkman/himd_dev...interview2.html
  4. Tracks that I recorded in hi-sp and uploaded won't convert. I get message saying 'cannot convert to wav'. I can burn to actrac cd but not audio cd. What gives? Thanks.
  5. SS is crap. I lost three rare tracks that I'll probably never be able to find again with their damn uploading scheme. I won't let SS near unique tracks again, I'll rerecord it in real time.
  6. I'm surprised Sony's SoundForge program doesn't allow you to save in .oma format. I looked at their specs online and there's no mention of it saving to their own proprietary format! I thought I read somewhere that it did. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
  7. I'm curious, have you tried this procedure with tracks not inside a folder?
  8. Here's a chinese website that has pictures of a similar procedure. here AND here.
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