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  1. Edgart: Do you have a model number of the case you have, or a picture? Thanks,
  2. I use the TFB-2 which I believe are 7 db more sensitive than your BMC-2. With the 900s biasing and using the low sensitivity setting and 10/30, the mics will clip just below 0 db. If I were to turn up the sensitivity above 10, I will only be reducing the overall dynamic range. (The noise floor goes up consistantly as you turn up sensitivity.) I think the controls are about 2 db per step, so with the BMC-2, you should be good up to about 13. While setting a level higher than 10/30 results in louder recordings, it is at the risk of earlier clipping. I prefer not to risk it. If the recording is too quiet, raise the volume in post processing;.
  3. Just to get back to the original question, with your mics, any setting above 10/30, will reduce the headroom. I agree, that the level ends up being quieter than most normal recordings, but that is because the recording chain is preserving that headroom that isn't being used. After recording, the track can be normalized using an editing program. It seems a safer way to go, since the one time I set a recording to 20/30, is the one time I'm sure I'll get a bunch of loud impacts, and clip.
  4. You could also remove the track marks before uploading.
  5. Here are some graphs of the audio performance of my 900. MZNH900: Recorded through line in, analyzed using SS>WaveConverter (shows Input circuitry performance) ATRAC+256: Transferred test tones using SS (had to convert since I couldn't transfer a WAV file to MD) Graph shows performance measured through LINE IN using a SBLive card. (Measures output circuitry of 900, and maybe some ATRAC artifacts.) WMD6: My standby, shown as reference - sent signal into LINE IN of WMD6, recorded back into SB card. MZNH900.zip
  6. I use a setting of 10/30 with my hi sensitivity SP mics. At this setting the mics will clip at about 1 db down from full scale. So a setting of 11 or greater will tend to clip the signal, a setting of 9 or less will just make the signal quieter.
  7. Anybody get a case for their 900 yet? Sony's MDCASE4 looks well made and reasonably priced, but I'm not sure how usable it is? Any comments from someone who has one? Will cables plug in easily? Is the jog wheel easily operated? Doesn't look like it was designed for use with the battery pack connected. Anybody use something else that works well?
  8. I hadn't noticed either. I wonder if the theory is that below 13 is used primarily for "fade out", above 13 used for more sensitivity. (You wouldn't want to remember if the last setting was fading out. A whole recording set at 0 would be boring.)
  9. I also have a MZNH900 and Hi sensitivity SP binaurals. With no battery box, I have found through testing, that at a setting of 10/30, the microphones clip about 1 db below the 0db level. (Actually, it is not the microphones, but the wimpy supply voltage of the 900.) So, a setting of 12 would make the overall recording louder, but at the expense of some head room. Other than fading out, there would appear to be no reason to use a setting less than 10. (All it would do is reduce the overall range.)
  10. I just got my 900 and had similar complaints until I read the owners manual. :ohmy: I hadn't switched to line out, so it was reduced and EQ'd. Once I switched to line out, all was well.
  11. aamd

    NH900 vs NH1

    About a year ago, I decided to give up on Sony allowing uploading, so I bought the iRiver HD120. I experimented with the recording levels (no meters) and finally managed to make a decent sounding recording. Alas, while editing it, I noticed the signal dropping out on a repeating basis, clearly some kind of software bug. As it was brand new, I called iRiver, and confronted with the evidence, they admitted they knew about this. They had no plans on making any fixes and claimed that the recording feature was meant for "casual" usage, not "serious" recording. Fortunately, I was able to return it to my retailer for a full refund. I waited patiently for the 900 to become available and I bought it. (From the same place that offered me the refund.)
  12. How much disc noise is normal for a 900? Mine sounds like a floppy drive. Is this normal? If it is, I guess I'll have to muffle it so it doesn't get picked up while recording.bv
  13. I've read a few posts talking about backing up your tracks before transferring them in SonicStage. Is this simply a matter of transferring all the files from my 900 to a directory on my PC? If something were to go awry, would I simply transfer them back to my MD and then try to upload them back thru SS? I managed to successfully transfer my son's concert using total recorder, but would love to just drop and drag. Thanks,
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