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  1. In your opinions which sounds better? Specifically comparing the following match ups 1) MDLP2 (132kbps) vs HILP (64kbps) 2) MDLP4(66kbps) vs HILP (64kbps) 3) MDSP (200-something) vs HISP (256kbps)
  2. speaking of which what happened to zip drives? lol and does anyone know how they compared to HiMD? anyways i'll post back on here but I think i found something that might interest some of you regarding other uses for HiMD.
  3. well it does force me to lol it pops up a message box saying "Detected previous version of Open MG and Simple Burner. In order to continue previous versions must be uninstalled. Do you wish to uninstall OK/Cancel" not much of a choice there but I guess ill be upgrading soon then Also i had a quick question I just thought up. When you import music from your HDD (like say an MP3 file) it creates a new OMG file on your computer as well (thus preserving it if u delete the MP3). wut restrictions if any do you recieve trying to copy a track from a CD or an MP3 from a CD for that matter? Does it also make a copy or is it straight transfer? EDIT: Just installed SS2.2 for advanced users that have changed things, what settings should I be adjusting for best performance?
  4. here's a question for you and i bet your answer will be a screaming NO! but i must ask it all the same. I currently own the old-school N505 MDLP recorder with OMG and Simple Burner 1.0? In preparation for my forethcoming HiMD should I install SonicStage and SB2? My only reason for asking is because Sony refuses to let you install it unless you uninstall previous software versions completely. I havnt really done anything that I'm going to lose or w/e but I want to know wut u guys/gals think. Thanx in advance
  5. technically you can but it requires a transfer memory card to do it (which kind of defeats the purpose). I believe it was action replay or some other type MC which allowed you to store your game saves on your PC and free up memory card saves. You could then theoretically transfer them to MD (why you'd want to Im not sure). Although Im sure someone with enough skill can hack something out in Linux to allow straight plug-and-play save to MD.
  6. lol that'd be crazy if it works. Someone try this! lol anyone else have any ideas?
  7. Hi-MD disks can store approx. 55,000 letters in titles. the artist's names and group names are also included in this count


    not currently owning a Hi-MD player im not sure if it would allow you to copy the OMG music files (as that would be indentical to the evil pirate ways) it'll probably only make a copy of the data files and *maybe* the track listings.
  9. That's pretty ingenious. A waste of space but another cool addition to your phone book is that you use 5-15sec clips of a song that reminds you of that person instead of a blank file. Anyone else
  10. well both PS2 and Xbox use USB prots for controller connections and both have been hacked to run linux so there is a real possibility of that being done
  11. I was just reading on another forum a thread about other uses for MD (reformatted) and HiMD now that they can be used as storage devices. Like we're talking about thinking outside of the box here. One example: Using Hi-MD as a bootdisc for your PC (and PC repairs) I think the best one I read though was using it to store DivX movies and a DivX Application/Player. Because the MD player has to be able to read in a PCM bitrate (1.44Mbps). Even with the maximum quoted 11~9.8 Mbps of throughput of USB1.1, which is at the theroretical limit, so say even taking half of that, 5.5~4.9Mbps is still fast enough to stream the movie data through the USB connection to the PC for playback of the movie. A new movie storage format is born lol. I want to know what weird and crazy things you have done or can come up with for other uses for the HiMD.
  12. lol thanx ya i wrote that with very little sleep :wacky:
  13. ok so one last clarification (for now at least) The old MD modes can still be transfered to HiMD as long as I format them on my PC before hand, and then transfer them to HiMD? That way I can still get the inbetween (and great sounding) MD-SP(wrong name i know: ATRAC3 132kbps) instead of going for the 'better sounding' but much higher bit rate of Hi-SP (256kbps)? Correct?
  14. alright cool. btw now that sony is embracing the MP3 standard... finally... does anyone, u guys would know more than anyone, if there are any future generations of Hi-MD machines coming within the next year or so? If so will these support the MP3 format as well? Beyond that I have one more real question: is the player firmware upgradeable/updateable? If so has there been any releases and what have they changed? Not the bring the black sheep iPod into this but it has had numerous firmware upgrades and can even add new codecs? Wouldnt it be possible for sony to upgrade the firmware to allow for MP3 codec and thus playback on existing players? On the old Net-MD i know theres a way to 'hack' into the debug portion of the firmware and alter things and even 'unlock' certain modes on lower end models. Has anyone had any success with this on the new Hi-MD? Oh and one more quick questions: which has higher audio quality in your opinion (i think its obvious but for some reason if its not im just curious): Which is better quality: ATRAC3/132kbps (MD-SP) or ATRAC3plus/256kbps (HiMD-SP?)
  15. cool. so is it possible to buy a remote that works with this model? also does anyone know if the conversion times for Atract3 are comparable (faster/slower) than the older Atract2 conversion? Oh and to that point can a disc formatted in Hi-MD mode playback in MDLP modes? or is it strictly Hi-MD?
  16. awesome! could u please try the 100MB file copy to and from the disc. This is probably the largest size file i would be storing in Data mode on the disc. Also if someone does get around to testing this could you please also post your Computers hardware stats.
  17. ok cool so aside from the fact that i cant record out of home is the NHD600D still a good buy?
  18. I've narrowed it down to either the $299.99 CND MZ-NH700 or the $249.99 CND NHD600D model. I was wondering what your thoughts on the two were as the only real difference i can tell (besides the looks obviously) is that the NH700 has a built in radio tuner, which i more than likely wouldn't use. Also coming off of my NetMD MZ-N505 player, which i was very pleased with aside from the constant battle with waiting for it to convert songs to Atrac, is there anything I should know before jumping in? Finally I was wondering if someone with an actual Hi-MD player could answer this question, or point me to the place where I can find an answer: how long does it take for the Hi-MD player to: A) Copy a 100MB file onto the disc Copy a 100MB file from the disc C) Transfer an average Hi-SP song file (not including time taken to compress) D) Is the compression length any different from the Hi-standards then it was from the old MD-LP standards? Like does it take longer, shorter, not difference to convert a song to Hi-SP then it did to convert it to MD-SP? Any other information or input would also be greatly appreciated.
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