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  1. Got my hands on a little piece of gold and boy is it good. 1. Turning on the screw 2. Sick, Sick, Sick 3. I'm Designer 4. Into the hollow 5. Misfit Love 6. Battery Acid 7. Make it wit chu 8. 3's and 7's 9. Suture up your future 10. River in the road 11. Run pig run 12. Running joke
  2. dyonisus

    I'm back at it

    I have the Shure E3c's and love them. Along with my koss porta pros. I am waiting on my AKG k26p's. Which I eagerly await.
  3. Yes I remember this now but I don't have this god awful movie....which is Jean Claude-Van Damme's "Time Cop".
  4. 1. Red Flags And Long Nights 2. These Things 3. I Don't Want To Fall In Love 4. Out Of Control 5. Monologue 6. Broken Promises For Broken Hearts 7. Sister 8. Disconnect 9. Us 10. Someone Must Get Hurt 11. Tear You Apart 12. She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
  5. 1. Deus Ibi Est 2. Black Mountain 3. False Husband, The 4. Ballad Of The Broken Seas 5. Revolver 6. Ramblin' Man 7. Come Walk With Me?, (Do You Wanna) 8. Saturday's Gone 9. It's Hard To Kill A Bad Thing 10. Honey Child What Can I Do? 11. Dusty Wreath 12. Circus Is Leaving Town, The
  6. Not to sure if this is what you re looking for but here is a short list of Panasonics. This here will help you out. Then here is where you can get the skinny on a good player/recoder. Good luck Mr. Soul
  7. I found this from Neato and it works just fine. Does almost any media. The labels are disco but I'll just cut them out. MediaFace
  8. Ahhhh! Thanks totally forgot about the G-protection. Played it again with several discs and it seems fine now. Thanks my friend.
  9. Ok I've had my MZ-RH10 for hmm....5 or 6 months now. Just now I did the weirdest thing ever. Not sure if anyone here has had this happen to them if so then just move on. I was playing a mix md for lets say 2 hours. I then went back to the first track which I didn't hear because I first hit play in the middle of the folders. No problem yet, so I her the first track which is about 28 mins long since I don't have the tracks split up. It's a live recording with about eight songs. I then press stop towards the sixth song. I come back 3 hours later and decide to change the disc and go to the other room. I eject the disc and put in a mix of my cd collection. I let it sit for about 15 mins then press play. Put my head phones on and there to my ears is playing the live concert recording. For a second there I think nothing of it. But after hearing the sixth song finish and go into the next. I open my md case and check the menu. Yup the other mix md titles are there. After that the sound clips out and the next song seems to be going in fast forward. I can't hear it just the lcd shows the seconds speed off into nowhere. I press stop eject and replace the original disc again the same titles appear. I replace the disc again and then everything seems fine. I'm not sure if this a known glitch just wondered if anyone is acquainted with it.
  10. Great deal congrats! The only thing wrong is this statement. * HD Digital Amplifier built in. Other than that nice win.
  11. You can't go wrong with Koss porta pros2 these are the best for the price. I just got a second pair cuz' I miss placed my other pair. The bass is full and beafy not to mention the overall goodness of the mids and high's. My first pair cost me about $20-$30. The pair I just bought was less than $10. I believe the are out of stock so pick them up if you can find them. About your volume issue if you have a Euro Hi-MD then you can hack the volume limit. It's on this forum somewhere.
  12. 1.Go with the Flow 2.Regular John 3.Monsters in the Parasol 4.Tangled Up in Plaid 5.Little Sister 6.You Can't Quit Me, Baby 7.I Wanna Make It Wit Chu 8.Leg of Lamb 9.I Think I Lost My Headache 10.Mexicola 11.Burn the Witch 12.Song for the Deaf 13.No One Knows 14.Long Slow Goodbye
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