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  1. Thank you, Stuge. On startup I had this error: Repairing Database message. -everytime I started my NW-HD5- Sometimes? followed by "No Database Found" But I'm alright, Initialized the device and transferred all my tracks again using mp3fm. Took some time, but It's working fine.
  2. I have the same problem as scooooter. " Each time I click save, I get the little window asking me where to save to, but the inside of the window is blank (no windows floder tree). " I have Dx9.0c installed. My .NET Framework might be 2.0, where can I see this and how can I install an older version?
  3. Had this problem as well, I was transferring too many albums at the same time. 5 at a time works fine for me.
  4. @iyareu mp3filemanager (mp3fm) is a piece of software that allows drag & drop transfer to Sony Atrac Devices. Can be downloaded easily, there's plenty of information about it on this forum. The mp3 addition to SS is something else and has nothing to do with mp3fm. @lindijones Nope, that's not possible. mp3fm seems to sort by date, I discovered this when I copied my complete collection from pc to pc using an ftp server running on one of these pcs... All the dates are changed and mp3fm transfers in the correct order. Lovely!
  5. Rudolf


    I too own a NW-HD5 and mp3fm is working fine for me.
  6. This is not true! My mp3fm is transferring my tracks in the correct order, and I don't have numbers in my ID3 Title. Seems to have something to do with the date..
  7. My player won't play any of my files... SS, mp3fm and GYM have no problems seeing and playing the tracks, but the device does. wtf..
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