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  1. Well it's been a year and the time display problem for long mp3's on my mz-rh910 is still there, and I haven't heard or seen anyone with the same problem. Am I the only one that wants to put long podcasts on their HIMD. Or is it just my unit that is faulty Can anyone give me some advice. This problem has existed with every version of SS, including 4.2. I have tried every Bitrate as well.
  2. Thanks. What is the purpose of the auto transfer option??
  3. Have been searching for days without success. Is there any way(or program) that will encode mp3's to Atrac, preferably through the command line. I do not want to use SS as this will need to be automated. The auto transfer function does not seem to work for my mznh600d Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. They couldn't fix mine. After 5 weeks I got a call saying they would send me an RH910.since they had no 900's in stock.
  5. convert them first and then transfer.
  6. I have been using another program!. But I want to use SS exclusivly. To me SS 3.4 is perfect except for this feature. Is there anyway to do this???
  7. I am having a problem importing my cd's with the proper file name. I searched the forums without success(if there is one, a link would be appreciated) My problem is...I want the file name to be Artist - title.mp3 When I rip using ss 3.4 I get the file name as "Track Number - artist.mp3" ie I want "Kiss - Beth.mp3" and I get "09-beth.mp3" I have looked through all the settings and cannot find the solution. Any help would be appreciated
  8. I have a few minor issues with my rh910 that have been bugging me for a while. First of all I use it mainly for long radio recordings. Mostly 3 to 5 hour mp3 files. During playback it seems the time does not correspond with the actual time of the recording. ie I listen for an hour and they time played on the unit might say 2 hours or 5 minutes. I have recorded the mp3's in various bit rates with the same unpredicable results. I do not have time to split the files as I record overnight and quicky load them before work. My other issue, is , using SS3.3, I can only drag about 50 or so small mp3 files at once, if I try to drag more SS will hang. Not a big deal as I just do 50 at a time, but annoying none the less. Should I consider reinstalling SS.
  9. You can choose which frequency you want. Although, I have found that it will ovverride an existing signal anyways.
  10. Jenna

    NH900 vs RH910

    I have had both units and I have decided I like the 910 a little more. Mainly because of the better display(A lot better), better search functions and the mp3 playback. (You can search through the track, albums or groups by initial) The 910 has more of a scroll wheel that rolls up and down, and works just fine... It is also the play button. I missed the large jog dial of the 900 for a while, but like anything, I just got used to the smaller one on the 910. I find it a lot easier to use with just one hand if it is my pocket. Although If you have really fat fingers, it must be hard to use. beware though, the 910 does not come with a remote control. When my 900 broke they sent me a 910 but I kept all the accessories. The case on the 900 is also much better. Another thing I have noticed is that the battery life seems to be better on the 910. Using the same battery gives me about 10 hours instead of the 8 or 9 on the 900. You will not be dissappointed in either unit. Good Luck
  11. I got a new mz nh600d the other day...(i wasnt' planning on it but I i was in a source store and saw they were $149. I asked if I could get a further discount cause it was a display model. After a few minutes the manager came our and said I could have it for $100. I probably would have paid 140 for it. Never hurts to ask I guess.) I have a mzrh910 as well and every day, I transfer about 15 hours of radio shows as mp3 files using just the file system and not SS. When I get to work, I just plug the usb cord in to the pc and listen away. Now that I have 2 himd units I just want to carry the disks and not the units to and from work. I would like to know what is harder on the unit. Transfering 1/2 GB of data through usb or listening through usb for 8 hours. Battery life and unit features are not an issue. I would like to save the 910 for field recordings on the weekends and would like to put as litte stress on it otherwise.
  12. Has anyone tried using radiotime. I had gotten hooked on podcasts but I found that the radio programs I wanted were not available. This radiotime product is incredible. They have taken every radio station(and I mean every,) and their daily schedule and put in in their database. It has TV Guide like grid that you can customize. You just go to the program you want click it and it will be recorded. Or you just listen to it,with the ability to pause and rewind ANY live feed. You can also record 2 streams at once, while listening to a third. Recording can be done in many different bitrates. It allows you to schedule recordings from any PC. You get a 7 day free trial of the recording feature then it is 39 bucks a year. But you can use the guide and listen without any charges. It is really amazing for me since I love radio and most of the shows I like are on late at night. I just wake up and transfer them to my mz rh910 and I have hours of radio for work the next day.
  13. You just have to get a usb power adaptor to plug into your car lighter. You can get one for 10-20 bucks. The Nexxtech FM transmitter has a separate USB part that you just remove and plug in to the adaptor. You then just plug it in to your audio device. Trust me this is the best solution for car audio. You will NEVER lose the signal, you don't have to worry about batteries. I have tried just about all the other transmitters and this one is hands down the best. I dont' know how no one here has tried one before.
  14. The Nexxtech USB model available at circuit sity. I have tried probably 6 of these things and they never seemed to work. This unit locks into a station and never fades..it has a little distortion at low volume, but in a car, who really listens at low volume. I also listen to a lot of radio off my PC at home, and this works for that as well. It says it has a 10M distance but it is more like 50-70. I can drive down the street and still listen. I just plug it in to my pc and it sends the signal to every radio in the house. You can also buy a usb travel adaptor and plug it in to your lighter, so you will never have to worry about your batteries dying while driving around. It is also a lot cheaper than all the other models. 29 Canadian vs 49/59 for the other half decent models.
  15. I had this problem with the Jim Rome podcast. I did find a solution though. First import the mp3 into SS. Then convert the file to Atrac66kbps. Then delete the mp3 file through SS. You can then transfer it and play it. I haven't tried it at different bitrates, but for talk radio atrac66kbps it is fine. You could probably just move the mp3 file to a different folder if you want to keep it, but I haven't tried that either.
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