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  1. Are there any plans for a HI-MD deck, boombox, or bookshelf stereo in the works (USA units) ?
  2. I have done what this guy has said before. But if you were to get say, a CTD-8000 (I have a black one in a black external SCSI case to match my black system), you need to make sure that the drive is flashed with the correct firmware for reading/writing audio DAT material to the tape. Also, use data DAT tapes, as they are supposed to be better than audio DAT tapes (and work just the same). Finally, a program called VDAT (which is a windows program for those that aren't too DOS/command-line savvy) is very good for this purpose, but the author wants $100 USD (well worth it though) for a full version of the program. He has a trial but it is limited. This method is cheaper, and much more user friendly than getting a DAT deck (personally, I rather see what's going on with my PC screen than some 2 or 3 line LED display and a bunch of cryptic buttons on a DAT deck. Plus shipping of a DAT deck isn't cheap compared to a DAT drive. Good luck
  3. I have my good old NH600 (1st gen, entry level HiMD). I have no reason to upgrade to a gen 2, as my PC transcodes MP3 to HiMD quick and results are (to me at least) excellent. That aside, I wanna know if there is any way to edit tracks on my unit via Sonic Stage? Editing such as combining tracks, omitting parts of tracks, splitting tracks are the things I need the most. Thank you .
  4. Would be nice to have Hi-MD transparent discs...
  5. Depends on whether compressed or uncompressed, and if compressed, what compression algorithm it uses. MP3 is digital but it's compressed. CD is digital but uncompressed. Minidisc uses compression but sounds much better than CD.
  6. I wonder if the DS-HDM1 will support uploading from minidisc (1st gen SP recordings, LP recordings, HiMD recordings) to a computer? Probably not given Sony's track record...
  7. Is it possible to use Simple Burner to write LP2 on a Hi-MD ?
  8. I have the Sony RM-MC33EL attatched to my Sony MZ-NH600D and it works BEAUTIFULLY! Every function I could want on a remote so I don't have to use the player. I can even turn the unit on and off with the remote. If I get another Hi-MD player/recorder (keeping a close eye on the supposed MP3 native playback enabled units), the RM-MC33EL may just have to migrate to the new unit
  9. Minidisc is perfect for me because I don't need to record and I just wanna play. I have had everything from a solid state player, and Ipod (which sucks in every way and never worked properly), a Creative Zen (sound was much better than ipod and cheaper), my treo 600, zodiac, etc. Minidisc is a format that is much more robust and has always been much more reliable. I have transcoded alot of 128kbps/192kbps MP3's to LP2 and they sound REALLY good.
  10. According to minidisc.org, the Sony MZ-RH10, MZ-RH910 and MZ-RH710 Hi-MD portables will playback MP3 DIRECTLY! this is really good news and they look like they might have boosted the transfer speed. Move over IPOD!
  11. I just got the Sony RM-MZ4R remote and I connected it to my Sony MZ-NH600D. But, I can't get the remote to play a track, nor pause. Is something wrong with my remote or what? Does this remote just not support play/pause features?
  12. Hey all, I have some albums (trance) that shouldn't have gaps in between tracks, but when I record them to Hi-MD (using LP2, 132kbps), there are gaps in between the tracks. How do I record tracks to Hi-MD with SonicStage ( I have the latest version) without gaps in between them, so that each track seamlessly flows into the next ? Is there a setting that allows for this? Thanx! Oh, by the way, I am transfering MP3's to HiMD if that helps.
  13. I know the RM-MZ4R works with the MZ-NH600D, but do other remotes work with it? If so, which ones? Thanx
  14. arb226

    Why So Cheap?

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above. I am just a regular Joe that wants to listen to music. I don't feel the need to have a remote with LCD, optical in, this that and the other thing. So I got the Sony MZ-NH600D off ebay for 80. Never been happier. I transcode MP3's to 132kbps LP2 and they sound very good. I just recently ordered a Sony RM-MZ4R remote off ebay for $15 shipped so that takes care of a remote. So I don't need a 300 dollar HiMD portable. Being that I have owned everything from a Sharp 722 (first portable MD), Net MD portable, then a Zen Nomad hard drive player, then an Ipod, then using my Treo 600 as an MP3 player (with 1gb SD card and Pocket Tunes), then a Tapwave Zodiac (with 1gb SD card and Pocket Tunes), I have gotten a wide perspective on all the kinds of units out there, and now I have FINALLY gone back to minidisc. Minidisc for me is a very underrated format. I had a ipod 2 times (2nd, 3rd generation), and the thing would never work consistently. MiniDisc just blows it away as far as battery life, and features. I never liked how MP3 players work (no editability, pause between tracks, terrible battery life, etc) out. And because hard drives are doomed to fail from the start, players like ipod are very unappealing (I had an ipod's hard drive just up and die on me spontaneously).
  15. I beg to differ. I have a bunch of Radiohead songs in MP3 format at 128kbps and I converted them to ATRAC3 132kbps LP2 and I can't even tell the difference really. They sound really good. I tried converting those same MP3's to 64kbps Hi-LP and while they sound really good at that setting, they sound much better with 132lbps LP2. You just have to decide for yourself if you wanna sacrafice quality for space and even though I am by no means an audiophile, I would rather have quality over space. And I don't mind having 16.5 hours of LP2 music per HiMD disc rather than 34hrs of Hi-LP music, especially since I just got a 5 pack of HiMD's from minidisco.com
  16. Any way to get mp3 titling/ID3 tags to work with Nero/Simple Burner?
  17. Hi, I just got my HiMD portable recorder. Now, I have a ton of MP3's that I wanna convert to HiMD. My question is, does there exist a method of transcoding my MP3's to HiMD but still retain the ID3 tag/track title name ? I currently use Nero to make an image of an MP3 comilation, and then Alcohol 120% to mount the image, and transfer to HiMD with Simple Burner. But for obvious reasons, Simple Burner won't find my compilation's track naming info via CDDB, nor do I think you can enter it in manually. Thanks!
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