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  1. I honestly tried both control A1 1 and A1 II and I get the error still.
  2. I just don't understand how public domain wav files would ever have protection for cd-text data, when they were not even encoded with cd-text data to begin with. I think my issue has more to do with my 400-disc changer,since I never had this issue with the same discs on my 5-disc changer.
  3. Sfbp, I tried Imgburn and Nero separately. I don't know what you mean by bad characters. As a text, I burned public domain WAV files and named each TEST1, and TEST2. The disc is named TEST. Still get the error no matter what I try. CDs that worked just fine with the Sony 5-disc changer do not transfer CD-TEXT to MD with my CD 400-disc changer.
  4. I don't think it is a copy protection issue, since I burned some public domain WAV files with Imgburn AND Nero, and I still get the textprotect error. This didn't happen with my broken Sony 5-disc changer. The JB930 manual makes no mention of the textprotect error either.
  5. OK just as a test, I downloaded some public domain WAV files, inserted my own CD-TEXT info, burned a CD, and guess what - I STILL get the textprotect error. So this is not some sort of copy protection issue, and I am just out of answers...
  6. punkrockaddict, I wouldn't say it is as if the cable is not connected, my JB930 properly inserts track markers from the CD and everything else EXCEPT transfer CD-TEXT data. And I do have control A1 enabled on my CD changer. Perhaps it is a copy protection issue. I burn my FLACs to CD with Imgburn, and when I do, I have Imgburn pull CD-TEXT data from the FLAC Tags. I tried inserting CD-TEXT data with my own custom names, but I still get the error.
  7. On my MD deck or the CD changer?
  8. Sfbp, I am just trying to figure out why my JB930 is displaying that error, since this never happened with my dead 5-disc CD changer. As of now, I burn my FLAC collection with ImgBurn to CD, and then I dub from CD to MD.
  9. I have an MDS-JB930 MD recorder, and I am doing a CD synchro recording from my Sony CDP-CX455 400-disc CD changer through Control A1II. For whatever reason, CD-TEXT info cannot be transfered from my CD changer to my MD recorder, and my MD recorder says, "TEXTPROTECT", and won't transfer CD-TEXT data from CDs to MD. My older 5-Disc Sony CD changer did not have this issue with the same CDs I tried (that player sadly died recently). I already tried the suggestion here with no luck: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MXD-D3.html Any ideas? The MDS-JB930 makes no mention of the TEXTPROTECT error
  10. And eBay/PayPal will rape you with fees...which is why I never sell there any more, but that is just me.
  11. I sent a PM yesterday and even offered more than one blank...
  12. Ok it seems that even though I had everything all set up, only some tracks would actually be split, while others were not. Even though on the the disc you can clearly hear a gap in between tracks, for whatever reason, it doesn't split all of them. For example, I have a list of 22 tracks in foobar2000. The first 4 tracks (around 3 - 4 minutes long each) splut fine, but then the next few are 10-23 minutes lon each. Is there some setting on my MD deck to ensure the tracks split? I really don't want to go back to burning albums on CD-R, since my CD player doesn't seem to consistently read CD-R's without skipping (even when burned at 4X).
  13. Thanks guys. Pressing the Music Sync button on my remote (In addition to foobar2000's 2 post track silence plugin set to 2500ms) did the trick (enables Sync recording mode). I am really glad to have a real remote controller
  14. How would I do that? Sorry, I am not a techie. ..
  15. I have a JB930 deck, and trying to record from my PC via coax through foobar2000. I have the 2 second gap plugin for foobar2000 enabled to have the JB930 creat separate tracks on my MDs, but the 2 second gap on foobar2000 doesn't happen, and tracks on my MDs are just one long track. Why is this? I even manually just stopped playback on foobar2000, but my JB930 just keeps recording even when there is dead silence. What can I do to correct this? I am running XP SP3.
  16. I wonder if foobar 2000 provides as good or better quality FLAC to MD vs my current setup of CD to MD...My CD player (Sony CDP-CE525) is often picky with CD-R's resulting in my MD's with skipping, so I want a skip-free, best quality solution...
  17. Does it properly insert 2 second gaps? Does it play FLAC (I prefer FLAC over mp3 any day). I am assuming this method is not possible for tracks that have no gap in between them? What would I do in that case? Besides the Kernel Streaming foobar plugin, does the Asio4all plugin reqlly do anything? Are there other worthwhile plugins? Does using foobar2000 provide better quality than dubbing CD to MD ( I have a Sony CE 525 CD player, and a Sony JB930 MD deck, and I use an optical cable for audio, as well Control A1-II for syncing with Song/album title transfer).
  18. I have this along with charger, remote, AA battery attachment, and extra battery. What's it worth?
  19. Why doesn't the MZ-M100 sell for those kind of prices? The two aren't that dissimilar. I have one I wanna sell...
  20. For me it isn't a matter of tech specs. I actyally want the all black TDK MD-XRG since I like the look, and I am a collector of obscure MD's.
  21. I was thinking more of this disc: https://imageshack.us/a/img705/3369/tdkmdrxg.jpg
  22. Please let me know if anyone has any of these blanks.
  23. Anyone know when the Sony PIT-IN (USB HiMD/MD data drive) will be available?
  24. This is a download only unit.
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