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  1. The great thing would be new software for the actual rh1.
  2. Sorry if my question is outdated. I've been out of the forum for long and don't know if this question has been asked yet. I've read that sony is about to abandon sonicstage (if not done yet). My question is, What's going to happen to all of us who own a rh-1?. I must admit, ipod is my player since a year or so , but keep using my rh-1. Sonicstage was responsible for that to happen On one side I'm happy that Sony at last realizes and go the correct way. On the other side, would the new "copy and paste" work with rh-1? regards
  3. Is there anywhere the standalone version of the CP 4.2?. I've got a friend whose internet connection is very slow and asked me about that. I know there is for the 4.0 but don't know for 4.2 thanks
  4. Are you sure?. Ask apple and then tell me what they told you . Publically admitted by them. Sure they might last more than 2 years but that has nothing to do with the fact of this statement made by apple. regards
  5. And what about the fact that i-pods only last for two years?
  6. I wish it was that way, LOW! but I'm afraid not. I don't think the machine has any failure. I will try again tonight uploading only 10 songs to the rh-1 and listening to them randomly. If what you say is true, I should listen to the 10 songs without any repetition, shouldn't I?. I will try this several times and will tell you the results. Let's imagine the rh-1 plays the songs this way: 1,9,8,7,2,4,5,3,6,10 for instance. I agree only on the fact that, after playing the 10th, the cycle will start again because it doesn't stop on finishing the random play, true?). Now obviousy, there will be repetition because the 10 songs start again; but it should only be in this case, when all the songs have been played. I wish you were right; that would be gorgeous but I'm not very positive about that . Regards By the way, this is another negative thing about SONICSTAGE. It should ask you if you want to put it on twice or not?. It should recognize the song is already into the minidisc cheers
  7. Is it available for the RH-1 too?. I see no mention among all the models cheers
  8. 1. How many Minidisc players/recorders have a HD DIGITAL AMP? 2. Are all the same quality or, for instance, the rh-1 one sounds better than another models with this amp? I'm seriously planning to change my RH-1 for another which has the shuffle mode to set it to "repeat once". Some would say is nonsense, but for me, this way of listening is ESSENTIAL in a portable player. As I told you once, I was very much disappointed on knowing this machine lacks of it regards
  9. What about a new SONICSTAGE version and a firmware update... INCLUDING A NON REPEAT SHUFFLE MODE Sorry if I shout but sometimes works... a few but some.
  10. Yes, I own a RH-1, but maybe I'm the lucky one who owns the only RH-1 that repeats the same track on shuffle mode LOL. GRRRRRRRRRR !!!!
  11. Maybe your rh-1 is different from mine. I've been listening to 60 tracks this morning and, to my unpleasant surprise, I listened to the same song "3 times in 10 minutes". Why on earth sony has left out the possiblitiy of listening ramdom songs once. SONY LET US UPDATE THE FIRMWARE AND FIX THIS AWFUL FUNCTION !!! regards
  12. dogville

    RH-1 Battery

    SONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! When are you going to release a more powerful battery for the RH-1? The actual is really weak
  13. Hi Is there anything new on the SIMPLE BURNER, any new update?. For me is an awful tool because it always crashes on uploding to the RH-1. I wish sony had released a tool to upload directly from CD to HI-MD without passing through Sonicstage. In my case it would be gorgeous because SB works very very bad on my computer. cheeres
  14. Unfortunately, the RH-1 doesn't distinguish between "normal" shuffle mode or any other; It's only "shuffle" The question is not whether I can advance to the next song or not with the proper button. The question is that I can't understand why sony has left out the several "shuffle modes" other minidiscs players have. When I am listening to 200 songs, it doesn't annoy me too much, but when you are listening to 20 songs, that's different. It's a nuisance (for me) to be listening to the song number 2 and when it finishes, listen to it again. cheers
  15. Shuffle mode is one of the worst things of my RH-1. Some people told me that songs didn't repeat on this mode. I'm sorry to contradict this statement but, THE RH-1 REPEATS SONGS IN SHUFFLE MODE. . I was really disappointed when I realized of this fact. I bought it for two reasons 1/ The sound quality 2/ The shuffle mode (after being told that the machine did'n repeat the songs by some of you) I don't regret to have purchased it, but I would have thought it over if I had known I wouldn't have a "complete" shuffle mode. cheers
  16. And I wonder why it doesn't work the same way when playing. I'm sure that if the button were flat, we wouldn't be chatting about this topic.
  17. Thanks raintheory. Finally, I've realized that the sonicstage has its own function to back up the library and re-import it.
  18. Hi I would like to know what's the way to restore all the music I have ripped with sonicstage in case I had to format my hard disc?. Where's "My library" folder inside the sonicstate? Do I have to put them on that folder to restore the music? Please, somebody be so kind to explain that to me thanks in advance
  19. You could have said louder but not better. Completely agree with you. It's sad seeing that, for a lot of people, those tiny awful mp3 players are more than enough. They don't mind wether a record sounds like a tin or in real hi-fi I have sacd and dvd-a and the sound, most of the times, is gorgeous (depending on the recording). Even the multichannel experience is great and if not, listen Grover Washington Junior's "Winelight" dvd-a and you'll see . But this is another topic
  20. That's true. I would love to listen to all my music in high fidelity, OF COURSE. I do it at home with my gear. When I'm out, I take my RH-1 and not other because, as far as I know, theres's no portable gear playing in hi-fi. I wish there was but unfortunately we have to use what it is on the market. I usually compress the songs for the rh-1 because otherwise, I would only be able to carry a few songs in WAV in my 1gb cassette. As there's no hi-fi mode on a portable player , I hardly notice any difference, in quality sound, between my 256 atrac compression and a wav file. Be sure that if instead of being 1gb, the media supported 10 gb, I would use wav though. Regards
  21. Thanks for your answers. I tried today again, but this time in a money pouch with a belt surrounding my waist, and no skipping. It's a relief to know it is not faulty
  22. On the contrary, it would be great if the rh-1 won't open accidentally due to that possible damage . The problem of this MD is exactly that; it's quite easy, not just to open but starting the playback from the beginning due to this awfully built button on pressing a bit. regards Totally agree with you. After some months of use, I must say that there are one very positve thing about this machine: IT SOUNDS GREAT. Unfortunately, the construction is really very very very disapointing as far as operation is concerned. Two main facts make me think this way: 1/ The awful eject button 2/ Everything must be done through the remote. Although it seems I'm totally disapointed with the purchase, it's not so much, believe me. May be in spite of the good sound I should have thought it over before buying it. The fact of not being able to set the rh-1 in shuffle mode, for instance, but only using the remote, is very uncomfortable for me. I knew all this before I bought it, but it's when you handle with it when you really realize if it was suitable for you. This is only a criticism and I repeat, it's a wonderful machine as for sound quality.
  23. May be I'm wrong but, I guess somebody said that the rh-1 couldn't be opened accidentally while playing?. Is it true?
  24. I will try taking care the unit not to hit my leg Thanks to all
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