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  1. Here is what Sony had to say... "Thank you for contacting Sony Online Support. We understand that you would like to know if there would be any harm to your unit (MZ-RH1)if connected to the computer permanently. We would like to inform you that if the unit is permanently connected to the computer it may harm your unit . The life of your unit may be affected. There might be problems in its functionality. Regarding your second query, we would like to inform you that the life of the Li-Ion batteries will decrease if overcharging is done . Due to excessive overheating it may affect the batteries. We hope this information is helpful to you. However, if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us again. We would be glad to assist you further. Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance. Your Sony Email Response Team"
  2. Hello all, Is there any reason why I should not leave my RH1 or any MD unit permanently attached to the computer via the USB port? Can the lithium battery be left in the unit? Is there any danger of an electrical spike from a thunderstorm etc. travelling up the USB cable? Thanks, ET.
  3. USB Car Power Adapter Hello all, Does anyone know if you can use one of these to power an RH1 or NH600D in the car? Thanks, ET.
  4. I have also used the Nextech and am very happy with the results. The USB model that I have comes with a AAA battery module with a USB port. The device ONLY GETS POWER from the USB, it does not get an audio signal from the usb. The audio signal comes through a mini stereo plug attached to the xmitter with a 6" cable. You can also plug in an AC adapter or car adapter into the battery module so you don't have to worry about batteries. When the xmitter is plugged into a computer, it takes power (AND ONLY POWER) through the USB connector. You would plug the mini stereo jack into your computer's audio card output. IN the car you would use the battery module with a car adapter and plug the mini stereo jack into your MD. Hope this clarifies it.
  5. Units: NF520D, NF610, NH600D, RH910, RC40ELK, Reactive Delta Stereo mic, SP-TFB-2 In-Ear mics Daily Usage: Listening to CDs on the go (NF520D in LP2). At work I use the FM radio to fake wireless headphone from computer. Listening to audio books (NH600D in 48k). Favorite usage: Recording DAB from TV set-top box (NF610 in LP2) Professional Usage: Recording live concerts, worship, practices, original music and anything else I can record live (RH910 in PCM and Hi-SP). Alternatives: Portable audio – cassette, CD. Digital recording: Fostex HD recorders, Sony CD Recorder, nothing portable. Wish list: Continue HiMD production with professional deck that can record Standard and HiMD formats, digital optical line in/out. Portable recorder that records in HiMD, plays Standard and HiMD, digital optical line in/out, mic in.
  6. I own both the nf 610 and the NF520. The RCs are interchangeable but only the 610's RC (37) supports AM. AM using the 37 works on the 520. The RC that came with my 520 is the 34 model and does not support AM on either unit. Hope this helps.
  7. I have had great results recording my church's worship team using the Reactive "Delta" with their mini tri-pod. Both are lightweight and quite small but the mic yields excellent recordings. I have a small recording studio in my basement and I am blind so I have very demanding ears. The Delta can sound as good as most low to mid range pro mics.
  8. I am wondering if he couldn't use SS or even better, HIMDRenderer (sp?) to convert his original recording to WAV? At least then he would have a playable file to use. Anyone?
  9. I own an RH910. I had the same concerns regarding the charging of the battery when connected via USB so I have gotten into the habit of popping the battery out before connecting the USB.
  10. If you were a little closer to home, I would invite you down to my basement recording studio to do this right. However, failing that, I heighly recomend getting a hold of a decent mixer and some pro quality mics (Shure SM57, SM58, etc). Perhaps you know someone in a band who might have the equipment for road shows, or you could talk to some local churches or religious institutions who might be willing to set you up for an afternoon with a sound man and their worship equipment. The advantage to using a mixer is that you can equalize the volume of each instrument going into the recorder and avoid an "unbalanced" recording (one instrument drowning out the others), and of course you have all that control over EQ, SPL, etc. Good luck with your endeavor.
  11. In my NF520D and NF610 I am listening to one each of my 15 X 80min discs which I am circulating through my collection of 6000 tracks ripped from my CD collection. These are a collection of mostly Christian Rock, Worship, Jazz, Classical, Blues, and a lot of 70s and 80s Rock. Transferred from MP3 (196) to LP2. On my NH600D I am currently listening to "The Lord Of The Ring" trilogy audio book ripped on to a 1Gb HDMD @ 48 bits. On my RH910 I have some HI SP recordings taken from a digital audio tv station (Contemporary Christian Rock), some from a Christian Internet Radio broadcast, and MY FAVORITE recording of my (and my wife's) unborn child's heartbeat, through a Doppler examination an into my Reactive Delta mic.
  12. Hi all, I own the North American (Canadian)versions of the NH600D and the RH910 which do not come with remotes. I am blind so I cannot tell if there is a socket for a remote or not. It "feels" like there is a socket for a "headphone remote" similar to the sockets on my NF520D and NF610. Can I use a remote (do not require AM/FM) with these NA units and if so, where in Canada could I purchase them? Thanks, ET.
  13. Considering the email below, I was wondering if any of the "sighted" users of Sony products would utilize a "Voiced Menu" function in MD Recorders and other products. For example: for "eyes-free" opperation while driving, biking, blading, etc. or for "in the dark" use. What do you think? Quote: RE: ACCESSIBILITY "Feedback" <Feedback@sony.ca> 07/26/2005 11:57 AM RE: ACCESSIBILITY Thank you for your recent email to Sony of Canada. We have forwarded your email on to our product manager of Personal Audio products for his review, and for relay to the Sony Research & Development division of Sony in Japan. Sincerely, Corporate Communications Sony of Canada Ltd. From: Customer Support [mailto:customersupport@sonystyle.ca] Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 1:21 PM To: Feedback Subject: FW: ACCESSIBILITY From: ET Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 10:49 AM To: Customer Support Subject: ACCESSIBILITY Please pass this email on to R&D, Software Development etc. Hello, I am a blind user of several Sony audio products. I enjoy these products but do not get the full use of all the features due to a lack of accessibility inherent in the design of the products and accompanying software. Specifically, could you please incorporate Microsoft's new Open standards for accessible graphic user interfaces in the next release of SonicStage? Could you include a voice chip or firmware subset to read menus and control presses through the headphones or audio outputs on the audio products (MD Recorders, DVD/CD players et al)? This feature would be especially useful on portable audio products like the MD Recorders/players. Thank you for your consideration, ET. NOTE: Portions of this email have been removed prior to posting. ET.
  14. In addition to the many other great suggestions, I would like to add the following: For the hardware: add a voice chip to read the display, control presses, and menu items etc. for those of us who are blind or visually impaired so we can enjoy the complete functionality of HD-MD. An optical digital out would be useful in the studio. For the software: please use Microsoft's new open standards for creating universal accessible GUI's for persons with visual impairments. I am tired of having to use RealPlayer in MDLP mode to transfer my MP3s to MD. ... or am I the only blind guy using this stuff? ET.
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