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  1. Wow ! If it's the last Hi-MD consumer product from Sony, I'll buy it whatever the price. I will be in Japan for a year from April on so I may not have a hard time finding one. Yay !! Plus it looks damn sexy and at least as functional for live recordings as my RH-10 (and my old MZ-R70 too ) Erm, on another note, I don't really understand how a selling price of 349 euro can result in 275-325 USD prices. Are Hi-MD devices much cheaper in the US ?
  2. Still most HP laptops have Harman&Kardon "JBL pro" speakers, which are incidentally the worst speakers I've ever heard on a laptop.
  3. At this time, +1 +1 0 -1 +1 0 on my new MDR-Q66(LW), but I didn't have time to tune it much.
  4. I'd rather get a car stereo with a line-in, allowing me to use whatever input device I want. I've seen it so I know it exists, must be expensive though.
  5. As far as I've tried, SS3.2 has ALWAYS crashed on me during mass conversion. It just sucks.
  6. Is this a Japanese model ? Because I don't see the font difference on my European -> Tourist'd model. Indeed. A major gripe. Not that I know of. Oh, that answers my first question. I can be of no help then.
  7. wow it's much cheaper than here in France. Bet I'm going to buy these online from now on...
  8. Are they exactly the same price as the old ones ?
  9. Same here. I really don't see the point of single CDs : when you discover an interesting artist through one of their songs, the most dumb thing to do is to buy the single just to listen the same song over and over. But no, I'm under the impression that people think "After all, that's the song I heard, and that's the song I liked. If this is the single, it means it's the best song of the album, so there is no point in buying it." Still, I'm not THAT concerned because it seems to me that most albums getting single releases aren't worth a buy anyway. Maybe they are worth an illegal download, and if they prove valuable, a buy (of the CD of course, as I'll never never buy an album over the net. I think that there is too much sentimental value when you own and can touch an album you like).
  10. Personally, I use a custom script under Linux (hence the "WMA, WTF ?" ). If I had to do it under windows though, I'd probably stick with whatever does this smoothly and easily Depends. I'd think VBR MP3 >~ CBR OGG if both are centered on the same bitrate.
  11. Again, I think that's exactly what SimpleBurner does, in a simplified way. So I'm not too afraid of the time it will take compared to ripping a CD with Simple Burner. Ah. I'll see, and post some comments when I'm done, in a few weeks Yup, that's what I'm doing. But it's maybe not the most efficient way. I'd like to know what other people think of this. And yes, you have to be quite patient No it doesn't modify them. I believe .
  12. I want to be able to listen to all my music from a small set of DVDs rather than always searching for my CDs or browsing my hard drive. Regarding MDs, all FLAC and OGG files on the DVDs will be converted to .wav then fed to the MDs via sonicstage Hi-SP. I plan on buying enough Hi-MDs to store most of my audio, so this operation will only be done once. Also, the only step where audio data may be lost due to the compression is the PCM -> ATRAC3+ conversion in SonicStage. I do all this to have some sort of standardized way of storing audio in my library. Furthermore, I didn't want to directly upload MP3 to the MD, as I don't trust sony and their MP3 decoder. For me, that's a real gripe regarding buying online music. It is most of the time MP3 or WMA at low bitrates, which is totally idiotic. I think so. I assume that all sonicstage does during the MP3 -> ATRAC process is in fact MP3 -> PCM (.wav) -> ATRAC. So finally, whatever format you choose for your audio, there will always be a moment where you have to convert to PCM uncompressed audio because the ATRAC encoder only works with this. The difference is that with WMA and MP3, SonicStage does it for you; with any other format, you have to do it manually, which is not really complicated nor time-consuming. The only thing that I fear is the PCM -> ATRAC conversion by SonicStage, which I've not really benchmarked at this time.
  13. <trolling>WMA ? What's this thing ?</trolling> I'm currently converting my whole mp3 / ogg / musepack (lossy) library to ogg and my whole bunch of CD-DAs to FLAC, with burning on DVD then converting through PCM to ATRAC for my Hi-MD in mind. I really hope the PCM to ATRAC conversion does not take very long, because we're talking about weeks of music...
  14. faelnor

    Mzm100 Or Rh10

    thank you for the explanation. I link to HiMD discussion so I never know what's going on on the whole board.
  15. faelnor

    Mzm100 Or Rh10

    Strange, I remember having posted here. And the thread had more replies : did some posts get deleted on purpose and why ?
  16. I also confirm that. By only sweeping the surface with a paper towel, my RH-10 got his first scratches. Hell ! Even the pouch itself made many scratches... So, yes it's very scratchable... the ransom of beauty ?
  17. And which is then irrelevant (at least to the whole thread), because it - was it made on purpose or is it a bug - doesn't change anything to the fact that the RH10 MP3 playback is buggy. (And frankly, a "nice", full effect low-pass filter like the one we see clearly applied to the signal could hardly be a firmware bug.) Sony audio MD products are made for "enlightened music users", that ranges from casual amateurs recorders with a good walkman to journalists and sound engineers in need of an easy recording solution. On such almost semi-professionnal hardware, a major flaw such as this one must be corrected.
  18. UberKlavierMeister, a charging stand would anyway be useless, as the US/EU models don't have a connector to plug it in.
  19. Thank you. The workaround you pointed to will only work on Windows XP/2003, but anyway I managed to understand how SS works with the languages. When I need it, I'll simply install a Japanese version of Windows.
  20. Thanks for the reply ! Actually, japanese & chinese characters work very well on my windows, that's what makes it strange. So I was thinking it could be SS-specific... I'll try downloading an asian version of SS and post my results here. EDIT : whoops, wrong forum..
  21. Hello everybody. I just got my MZ-NH10, and I use it with SonicStage 3.1 downloaded in the "Downloads" section right here on Minidisc.org. Until now, I have not succeeded in uploading songs with Japanese characters in their info. Neither SonicStage or Simple Burner worked. My system is a french W2000 with support for Japanese language (of course), and my MD unit has been "tourist'ed" successfully. I did a search on it but came with nothing... So, basically, do I need a Japanese version of SonicStage to upload songs with Japanese characters ?
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