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  1. Hi everyone, Would just like to know if anyone knows what fonts was used on the old blue and red Hi-MD disc. I can't seem to find the fonts for the words "INSERT THIS END" and also for the Hi-MD logo. The reason why I need those fonts was because I bored the other day and created a replica of the disc on photoshop. Without the fonts it wouldn't be complete, so any help on the fonts would be definitely appreciated! Regards, Surov
  2. At least in Singapore, it's already out. Went to a Sony Gallery and inquired for a Hi MD unit and the salesperson remarked, "I don't think we carry that tape player" and when I pointed at the Hi-MD units, he remarked, "Oh those..." In Singapore, creative, apple and i-river have totally erased traces of Hi-MD here.
  3. In my opinion, if you listen to it long enough, you'll get used to the kind of sound that comes out of the RH10. I guess it just boils down to whether you like what you hear. If you can get a demo unit somewhere and listen to the sound quality then perhaps you can make a better decision.
  4. Well, I don't exactly want the RIAA to come knocking on my door after I post an example of my mp3 What I can say is that prior to going switching to RH10, I was using my Dell X30 to listen to my music and compared to that, the sound was alot more indinstinct. X30 sounded alot purer. Perhaps, I was too used to the sound on that device... As AMPlitude has pointed out, this has been said topic on mp3 playback has been discussed before in more detail here http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...hl=mp3+playback
  5. MP3 playback from my RH10 seems alot more "muddy" than compared to playback on my PC and my pocket PC. For example, the drumbeats from a pop song would sound less distinct on my RH10. The problem would seem to be worse if your music is encoded at a lower bit rate. However, if your music collection are high bitrate MP3's, this "muddiness" should reduce significantly. The equalizer on the RH10 would not totally solve the "muddy" playback for me, however, as I listen to MP3's using the RH10, I got used to the sound, so to me it's not a big problem. Sorry if my reply does not seem to be too technical, but this is what I feel as an average layman listener.
  6. The new blue ones may be nice, however the old design with it's cassette tape looking box is kind of retro looking, in my opinion. Reminds me of the time when I got my first portable tape player....
  7. Hi Kurisu, Just discovered the Hi-MD forum and I decided to post here, never expected an reply so quickly... I've never tried trading abroad before(most of my trading is done informally among friends), however I am willing to try new things. Let me know what you have and we'll see if a trade is possibe. Regards
  8. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade Hi-MD's of various movie soundtracks. My collections include: Hans Zimmer: The Rock, Pirates of the Carribean, The Peacemaker, Black Hawk Down. Jerry Goldsmith: The 13th warrior, Air Force One Carter Burwell: A knight's Tale John Powell: Evolution Michael Kamen: Don Juan Demarco I've quite a bit of soundtrack CD's chucked somewhere in my cupboard, but these are what I can remember off the hat. I'd be happy to trade them for soundtracks that I don't have. I will also trade for baroque or classical music. The twist is that I reside in Singapore, so if anyone lives in Singapore and want to trade soundtrack Hi-MD's, you can PM me. Regards
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