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  1. Looking for: Endtroducing... (Deluxe Edition) if you have it let me know.
  2. Alec Empire - Les Etoiles Des Filles Mortes [ LP ]
  3. Or you could try the ProMD route, albeit not 1GB. Features: • Block error rates 10 times lower than consumer media • Lubricating agent gives optimum contact with recording head • Durable shell and foil shutter assembly • Secure archival life in excess of 50 years
  4. Thanks for the update, I'd been running the old 5.111?!
  5. Jean-Michel Jarre - Les Concerts En Chine [ 2xLP ]
  6. Amazing! This is what I've been waiting for. Now all I need is support for SP uploading.
  7. eBay strikes again,.. just got a 360PRO locally, luckily I know the cashier personally. Their total shipment was only 4 systems!
  8. Sorry, didn't catch your Germ-English the first time. View above, (GtR) no simultaneous Record & Tuner function
  9. Check the Equipment Browser for MD Devices MZ-NF520, NF610, NF810, G755, G750 or Hi-MD MZ-NHF800
  10. oh, - back on topic. Maybe have a look at the Service Manual for the G750. Possibly some relevant info. Diagrams / Exploded Views start in Section 6. & 7. respectively
  11. Which Aiwa model is it? .. apparently not an AMD-100 (MZ-1) eh?
  12. Old style 'High Capacity Media' or New 'SA Coating Advance'?
  13. you beat me to it ..Well forsant9, This may be quite difficult; you will have to mod your Nano case -- now, somehow you have to stuff a MZ-NF520, MZ-NF610 or MZ-NF810/CK into the iPOD. Be carefull not to damage your Nano!!
  14. Seb, Just talked to a rep at this SS Store,. He didn't know what "Hi-MD" was at first. Then he tells me, "We sell UMD for PSP" .. finally I explain 'minidisc' to him, "Oh let me go check, can you hold" So, they're in stock, $6.99 + Tax, hope she is still in Tampa?!
  15. Yeh, that's seems pretty ridiculous. $300 ~ $230 in 2004 $19 in 2006
  16. "RCA's new "SelectaVision" VideoDisc player employs a diamond stylus which tracks a recorded signal that moves at a 450 rpm turntable speed." Picture quality is 'Crystal Clear' All transport functions without distortion or frame loss.. Most titles are in Mono, but a decent library of discs in Stereo is also available,. which the SKT-400 supports, I highly recommend it! Actually IIRC this format introduced OSD which is quite amazing for a machine of such vintage. A Universal Product Code is being recorded on the blank copper master. This code will match up with the UPC symbol that appears on the back of the disc caddy.
  17. AFX - Hangable Auto Bulb [ 256kbps ] Compilation of tracks from the Hangable Auto Bulb vinyl-only EP's (WAP67 and WAP69), originally released in autumn 1995. Design by The Designers Republic Comes housed in a digipak. Track title anagrams: LAUGHABLE BUTANE BOB = ANALOGUE BUBBLEBATH = HANGABLE AUTO BULB (+EB) ARCHED MAID VIA RDJ = RICHARD DAVID JAME(S)
  18. Just started a new project working with NEC to install and configure their new GT6000 / GT5000 / MT1075 Series projectors for a large theatre chain here in CA,. Probably seen about 10 different movies today (8pm~5am) from behind the projector windows
  19. Seems like most of these units are in the UK, but I was able to find one from a guy in Idaho.. It's great to have a 3+1 changer that fits in a small Single DIN, but I'm still looking for a decent head unit, (anybody have a spare Kenwood cassette deck?) to go with this thing!! So it might be a while before I install this and get it working.\?!
  20. I've had to do the same thing, got a large library (100s) of CED titles and my SKT-400 with nowhere to go. Had to move everything to a friends house, of course, they're much bulkier than CDs.
  21. Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy [ 2xLP ]
  22. KI, Where did you get this from? ..I've been looking for a reasonably (cheap) priced Make Progress CD+DVD
  23. Might not be a reasonable price. But it's probably local?! International Plaza and Bay Street NOW OPEN West Shore & Boy Scout Blvd. 2223 N. West Shore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33607 813-874-6458
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