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  1. -- Well, it's a quality remote; looks to be worth 'round the ~$19 range -> 5858291132
  2. 50mph winds today, out of nowhere! Been dodging palm fronds and felled trees on the roads! First encountered this tree headed N/B, was blocking both lanes. Apparently made its way to the median when I headed back S/B thru Pasadena. Was able to snap a quick pic from my car. Hi-MD PHOTO
  3. dj745, here is a quick excerpt from A Guide To Hi-MD Uploading " Limitations: * Uploading is applicable ONLY to tracks recorded on Hi-MD via Mic-In, Line-in, or optical in to Hi-MD formats: PCM, Hi-SP or Hi-LP * Hence, if you have MD / MDLP / NetMD recordings (SP, LP2, LP4), they can not be uploaded, even if you have a Hi-MD player * SonicStage is a Windows-only program -- no Mac, Linux, etc. - though newer pro models such as the MZ-M100 [a slightly modified and renamed RH-10] can upload PCM tracks to Macintosh computers using dedicated Mac software. * Wave Converter will only export tracks that are from an analogue source. If you record on your HiMD using the optical input, you can upload the tracks but not convert them to WAV with Sony's Utility. HiMDRenderer works perfectly for this, however. "
  4. Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians [ VBR ]
  5. Finally starting to get a bit cold out. Lows: 48F° ~7C°? ( Downtown LA / Koraku 90012 ) Hi-MD PHOTO
  6. hey, it's not the worst one I've heard today. of course it's 4:00AM! Alec Empire - Generation Star Wars [ 2xLP ]
  7. GM, i've recently spotted these as well, sez: "Compatible with Hi-MD Recorder"
  8. Blood stained and HiFi! Sony SVO-9500MD Hi-Fi VTR -> 5855869212
  9. Newest addition -- KMD-D400 " 11 Band Spectrum Analyzer 3 MD Changer + 1 Player " Hi-MD PHOTO
  10. Nobukazu Takemura - Scope [ 292162.5bps ]
  11. Quick transit via Royal Mail par avion. Almost hit the ceiling the first time I picked it up, weighs only 70g.. New in box incl. "Dockin' Style MD" as endorsed by Ayumi Matsushita SJ-MJ50 Hi-MD PHOTO
  12. [pls. change vote accordingly] Ok, 6-8 is over! Time for a new club, now enter " -- more (please specify) " + SJ-MJ50 ( Arrived JAN.17 ) 9 total ::: edit ::: + KMD-D400 ( Arrived JAN.18 ) 10 total
  13. Give it a try! Only $399.00 HHB Portable MiniDisc Recorder
  14. m.o.v.e - BOULDER [ 320kbps ] [イニシャル]D 4th StageOPテーマ他収録!
  15. Yep, ordered one as well, JAN.08th (not yet arrived) the seller charged me £7.00 w/insurance to the US, not too bad. Hopefully it will get here soon!
  16. I've seen them around, have yet to patronize one "Longs Drugs Stores is one of the top 10 drug store chains in the United States"
  17. Ishi, great sig.. just had to throw this on my SL-1200Mk2 Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu [ LP ]
  18. Ok. MZ-DH10P (in its element) on top of Ms.PAC cocktail, at the local pub. V3 PHOTO
  19. Here's one,.. various screws and a driver included.
  20. yeah, it's proven quite versatile, but the camera function & LCD really kills the Li-ion ( Downtown Los Angeles / Little Toyko District ) Hi-MD PHOTO
  21. Yes, it's excellent. I use Hi-MD for data everyday Re: thread http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=13505
  22. ( Los Angeles, CA 90007 ) x2 Hi-MD PHOTO
  23. Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. II [ 3xLP ]
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