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  1. I can't wait What do you think the updates?
  2. I normally rip my CD to MP3 at 192. This is base on my test. It's hard to tell the difference compare to CD. Someone out there might disagree with me but after all it is me who will listen and enjoy my music .
  3. Welcome to forums! Perhaps check the "Refresh screen rate" of your monitor choice lower value.
  4. Great shots, just wondering what is the finish at the back
  5. When you drag n drop your MP3s to the playlist only the first song will be added however the rest of the MP3 are added to your library. So what I do I drop one at a time to my playlist.
  6. Well I think if most of your music are in MP3 in 128-196 kpbs then atrac 132 kbps is the best choice
  7. 132 kbps for my MD. I don't store my music in atrac format so my library is empty. I deleted after uploading to MD. Strange huh but I still undecided to convert my music library (45+ GB MP3/WMA) to SS.
  8. No problem. Yesterday I ripped hitmusicstation.net radio at 192 kbps and today I just ripped smoothjazz.com radio at 128 kbps. Great software!
  9. I'm lucky I have a friend from Australia and ordered my MZ-NHF800 and was delivered overnight. Wow excelent service! My friend said he might get the 10% GST refunded at the airport. Can't wait my new collection. BTW I ordered MZ-NH700 cause I don't listen much radio, but minidisc aust. said no stock until next week. Long live MD!
  10. Album for this week "The very best of America" I haven't played this album for perhaps 10 years.
  11. I just bought MZ-NHF800 just added to my MD collections
  12. It is possible to record or rip music from Winamp Shoutcast Radio then upload to your MD. Here are the steps: 1. You must have Winamp 5.xx (version 5.11 latest version) 2. Download and install the free program StreamRipper. Read the help file. 3. Open the winamp, click "View" then "Media Library" 4. Select your desired station from SHOUTcast Radio. You must have a highspeed internet con. at least 2MBps to rip 128-190 Kbps. 5. Click "start" to start the ripping. It will copy the MP3 to your desktop by default. You will amaze how the program will download the songs and title then in separate MP3 files. 6. Bingo! now you have MP3 files you know what to do Good Luck and Enjoy!
  13. most stereo receivers has rca line input, so make sure to get a cable male stero miniplug in one end and male rca on the other end
  14. Looking forward for this movie, Great story dex Otaku!
  15. Wow 1993! I can't believe that my R700 is still new.
  16. The report is quite confusing. I think the Samsung is talking about 32 GBytes here, I have 4GB CF which I bought 9 months ago
  17. This must be in the hall of fame! Great photos BTW what year this model released?
  18. good story! I think the rep has more incentives with HD5 than RH10
  19. Is the NHF800 remote has a backlight? It didn't mentioned in the user manual and hard to tell from the photos.
  20. these are cool looking models and light weight... however I don't think looks can compete other models and mp3 players. Sony we need features!
  21. Live recording (line-in) - 0.5/7 Listening - 6.5/7 You probably wonder what are those numbers well I use my MD for live recording half day every week and the rest of the week is listening
  22. ynos

    MP3 to MD

    Welcome to forum Narr! your unit can not transfer and play MP3 however Sonicstage can convert the MP3 to atrac before transfering. Please search the forum for help.
  23. Sefu, when do you think your supply last? I am interested to buy MZ-NH700.
  24. SQ go for MD! at 256 kbps some good ears can tell the difference. BTW do you own a HDD mp3 player?
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