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  1. Welcome to forum, I think you have a good ear since you can hear the difference of LP4 and LP2. I suggest try for yourself and see what you get. General rule, higher bitrate higher quality.
  2. What about recording in power adapter is it also stop?
  3. Can you please post some photos I quite interested, thanks
  4. I used my HiMD most on live recording once I have "pain" using SS but now not anymore after I upgraded to SS3.2
  5. Can you elaborate more your problem? What HiMD modle are you using? Do you have the same gap/click problem everytime you have live recording? Anyway to answer your question Yes, it is possible to have a gapless playback on HiMD.
  6. I've got a remote RM-MC33EL that came with my rh910 and also works with my R700 so I think RM-MC11EL will work as well.
  7. ynos

    MD in my car

    Anybody can compare the sound quality between TuneCast II and iRiver AFT 100?
  8. What I do I import the music files that I want to upload to MD then delete afterwards.
  9. I've got RH910 but didn't comes with batt attachment and planning to buy rh10 soon. thanks
  10. is your battery attachement came with your unit? what model?
  11. ynos

    MD in my car

    always good reviews I guess this is right for me. thanks
  12. ynos

    MD in my car

    Do you have problem sometime of lost transmission (hizz...)?
  13. ynos

    What's next?

    Welcome to MDCF and enjoy your rh910!
  14. If for recording and playing go for HiMD otherwise buy something else
  15. I'm sorry about your case, I had the same problem using ss3.0 a day after I bought my rh910. I upgraded to ss3.2 and until now so far no problem.
  16. Can you post some photos also with LCD remote? Just curious how it look like.
  17. Me too! been waiting for a while
  18. I've got rh910 that comes with backlight remote and good enough for me whereas rh10 with OLED cool...however I seems the remote has no backlight.
  19. Welcome to forum Kalina!
  20. When you click the "Transfer" button and didn't see your MD is definitely SS didn't detect your MD only your OS detected it. Try closing your windows explorer when you open your ss. What is the model of your MD?
  21. though, good to hear that works for you as well. rbolante try this link http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/SonicStage/SS32.asp?l=en this is online installer thoug
  22. I bought my MZ-R700 nearly 4 years ago and I hacked only til I've got my new RH910. As long I don't NEED the additional function after hack I better leave it. Just a matter of peace of my mind buddy . After I hacked my r700 it seems the sound a bit thinner.
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