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  1. Well nothing new is happening with MD lately. And how and why are people offended by the discussion of homosexuality. One of the most modern aspects of homosexuality is that they now have the right to be "married". Anyways I am going to kick the discussion all off. My best mate at uni is gay, and he and his boyfriend make a lovely couple. I think it is really sweet when they are together cause you can really see the love. And cause its uni (the university of Glasgow non-the-less) no one really gives them any griefe. Do you think the youth of today really care if men love each other? I think its the older generation that have a problem because they were never really exposed to it.
  2. It's amazing that in 2006 we can't discuss a movie that shows two men kissing each other. I'm sorry if I offended anyone: all I wanted to say was I enjoyed the movie- and if anyone else did. I did also ask if anyone here was actually gay- I can understand why no one responded. Well Can I ask if we are able to have a conversation about homosexuality? Or is that playing with matches in a fuel station (; thats a "gas station" to you americans - joke) I don't think anyone could say anything we haven't heard before- and we are not going to take everything here THAT seriously.
  3. I put "sin" in commas because it is a view that I personaly don't share
  4. Just back from seeing this- it was so moving and emotive. I sometimes think humanity should be ashamed of itself; the movie is about the taboo surrounding two men just because they love each other... It also led me to think if any of the regulars here commited in the "sin" of homosexuality? I am quite liberal myself. I think people should be allowed to love who they like; it's not like they are hurting me. Has anyone else seen this movie and what did they think?
  5. You can also use 292 and 146 ATRAC
  6. I think you can get clamps to remove the buzzing. I am really thick- and I managed to hack the RH10 fine and now its a much better player
  7. It used to be the case that 64 was WAY better. however now i am not so sure. Upgrades in SS mean they are about the same: possible with 64 still having the edge because files are smaller
  8. The best thing I ever done for the RH10 was unlock its equlizers and full power. Its very neet!
  9. Alexx

    CD drive help

    My System restore disk is on CD Its still playing DVDs I tried to burn a CD, but no luck- infact now the Kate Bush CD won't play. I am really worried that EMI are doing this somehow?? It's not fair. Sonic Stage copying is legal right?
  10. Alexx

    CD drive help

    OK this just got a LOT more bizzar. The last CD i had in the drive was the second Kate Bush CD from the Album Aerial. I used Simple Burner to copy the CD to a MD. My computer actually recognises that one CD. It recognises no other CD (including the first CD in Aerial) Her record label is EMI: Is it something to do with EMI punishing me for copying music?
  11. What sounds "worse" The lower quality headphones or the lower bite-rates? What music do you listen to
  12. I think it will be as soon as I figure out what the diagram means to change it. I got it in silver- it looks very classy
  13. Alexx

    CD drive help

    Hi there- I seem to be having problems with my CD drive, its reading all CDs apart from audio CDs. Infact it says "insert CD in drive" Does anyone know why it would not read any audio CDs and it will read data CDs? How do I fix it? Has this ever happened to anyone else
  14. Volta wouldn't it be better to get low quality headphones and use them with LP4 (or HI-LP) Or is that wrong
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