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  1. So far the system is recognizing the Mz-M200 for the second day in a row. So what ever happened that first day I updated the driver (hopefully) was some kind of a glitch.
  2. I figured it out. I was using the older version of HIMDrendender. Using the 1.00 Beta 4 gives the option of naming by title.
  3. I am uploading songs to SonicStage from my MZ-M200 and the ATRAC files created have a three digit number prefix to each file (song) title. I'm also using HIMDrenderer to convert the ATRAC file to MP3's. So far I have been editing each MP3 file to get rid of the number prefix. This is getting old and I think I remember using HIMDrenderer years ago in a way that eliminates the number prefix. But I can't figure out how to do it now. Any body know how to get rid of the numbers? Example : 001-songname
  4. Yeah I have installed the 64bit driver more times than I want to think about. On at least 5 different computers. I know about the Driver Signature Enforcement get around. Usually after installing the driver it works until a W10 update. But this time I installed the driver and it worked like normal but after putting the computer to sleep the driver disappeared (from the device manager) and plugging in the MD had no effect. Like it was not connected at all. I rebooted multiple times with no change then gave up for the day. Today I tried again and the MD was recognized? I used the MZ-M200 many times today plugging & unplugging into the USB port and it worked without fail, so I doubt the USB cable is the problem. I moved the MZ-M200 & USB cable a lot all day so if it was a bad connection it has not happened again. I have many more cassettes to convert to MP3's via MiniDisc ---> SonicStage -----> HiMDrenderer. It's going to take me a few days. So I'll see if it happens again.
  5. I would have reinstalled the driver but it was not showing up in the Device Manager. Today it is working again? At least until I shut the computer? Maybe a bad USB cable? But I have been plugging & unplugging the cable all day with not a glitch. I'll have to get another cable to know for sure. I'll know better after I shut down the computer again. Before that I'm trying to copy as many cassette tapes to MD then to SS then MP3.
  6. I seem to have to reinstall the NetMD USB-Driver for W7 every time W10 gets a update. I can live with that but this time after installing the driver & downloading stuff to SonicStage for a few hours I let the laptop sleep while having lunch, after restarting, the MZ-M200 was not recognized in the USB port I had just used before lunch. I tried another USB port and the MZ-M200 was recognized again (but not in the original USB port). A few hours later I put the laptop to sleep again and now after restarting the MZ-M200 is not recognized in any USB port! I've rebooted and nothing. I went into the device manager to reinstall the 64 bit driver and the NETMD has disappeared. How do I get the MZ-M200 recognized again?
  7. My minidisc deck MDS-JB940 quit ejecting discs a couple years ago. Turns out a small rubber belt got old and stretched out and was failing to turn the small ejection pulley. A new belt is hard to find and is expensive. In desperation I took a rubber band from a bag of rubber bands I bought from the dollar store and used it as a replacement belt. Yesterday my other minidisc deck (MDS JE470) failed to eject. Once again because the ejection belt was old and stretched out. A rubber band fixed it. So instead of searching for a “official” belt just use a rubber band. What do you have to loose? It worked for me, twice.
  8. Just picked up a MZ-NF810 that seems to work fine after I cleaned the corroded positive battery contact. I started editing a recorded disc erasing tracks, creating groups then deleting them, renaming tracks, moving tracks etc, things I have done with other minidisc's for years. This minidisc seems to work fine as long as I have a good battery in it. But twice now when the battery gets low and I get the "Low Batt" msg, when I put a fresh battery in I get a "Blank Disk" on the disc I was working on. Anyone have this happen to them? Any suggestions? Settings?
  9. FYI- I replaced the band in my MDS-JB940 over a year ago (actually closer to two years ago) with a actual "Rubber Band" that I got from a bag of rubber bands I bought at the dollar store. I use the deck every week to record a radio show and it is working fine. You don't have to worry about replacement sources just grab a rubber band.
  10. I have found a way to "restore" the gumstick batteries I had given up on and threw into a box one of my minidisk's came in. I made a slot in a piece of wood and connected two wires with clips to the ends of the battery. I then connected the clips to my LaCrosse BC900 battery charger and put the charger into renew mode. The charger will charge then discharge the battery over and over improving the capacity until the maximum capacity is reached. I had to cut a piece of a old ink pin to the size of a AA battery to attach the positive wire. Some of these batteries now hold a charge almost like they when new (2+ hrs) and others less with the least lasting 40 minutes of play time.
  11. Thanks for the info about WinFF. I was able to convert 12 years of oma files to mp3. I lost the ability to play or convert these files when I moved to my new laptop. I want to add that I found that Potplayer will play oma files without license restrictions. It does not list oma files unless you select "All Files".
  12. When I installed W10 on my computer I started up SonicStage and everything seemed fine. A week later I connected my MZ-M200 and I thought that it was dead. Thankfully I visited this forum and discovered that I needed to install a 64bit NetMD USB-Driver. Now almost a year later I upgraded to the W10 anniversary and I got that same sickly feeling again when I tried to upload to my computer from my MZ-M200 again. Then I remembered what I went through the first time I installed W10. When I updated the driver the first time I made myself some notes that made updating the driver much easier the second time. I thought that I should post those notes here and maybe they will make life simpler for someone else. Download the NetMD USB-Driver for Windows 7 (64 bit) from the download section here. ************ Windows 10 enforces driver signatures by default. This can be disabled to install drivers that are not digitally signed. Use the following steps to disable driver signature enforcement. Click the Start Start menu and select Settings. Click Update and Security. Click on Recovery. Click Restart now under Advanced Startup. Click Troubleshoot. Click Advanced options. Click Startup Settings. Click on Restart. On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement. Your computer will restart and you will be able to install non- digitally signed drivers. If you restart your computer again the driver signature enforcement will be re-enabled.
  13. Nothing better than MD for editing and a RH1 makes SonicStage quite handy.
  14. I have HI-MD (M200 & NH900) and ATRAC Type S (N910, NF810, N510) and N1, R900 and others. The HI-MD units do record best but I do most of my listening on the ATRAC Type S units because the difference is not that great and most of my recording is done on a JB940 deck. Plus I find the controls of the NF810 units the best, probably because I the NF810 the most. The biggest difference I find in sound is the earbuds used. I primarily listen to classical, bluegrass and jazz and use Etymotic ER4P's to get clarity and precision, especially with classical. With rock the Etymotic can sound dull and use earbuds with more coloration.
  15. I have another deck that the belt went bad on, but when the belt failed (stretched out and not turning the pulley) the disc would not eject at all. I replaced that belt with a rubber band and it works fine. At least for now. If the rubber band get old and fails its easy to get another and not hard to replace. I had a hard time finding a replacement belt. I only found one for >$20 but for now I'm going to see how long the rubber band will work.
  16. Solved! One speaker wire (+) on a surround speaker became disconnected. Of course one of the last things I checked. The deck works properly now. Thanks for the tips guys.
  17. Yes it's the same with the remote or power button on receiver. . But there is something I neglected to tell. If I power up the receiver after it sits for a couple hours the disc will eject, but if I power down then power back up within minutes the disc does not eject. This has been very frustrating. Time & again I think I found the problem only to power it up a few hours later to have the disc eject again.
  18. I have a problem that so far has defied logic. I have a had a MDS-JE940 connected to a switched power plug on a Pioneer VSX5300 receiver. I have a used a remote control with a time event macro to record a radio show without incident for years. The remote powers on the Pioneer VSX5300 receiver which provides AC power to the MDS-JE940. When this happens the MDS-JE940 has started to eject the disc. This has never happened before and causes the deck not to record because the disc is ejected. I also have a MDS-JE440 connected to a Yamaha RX-V3900 receiver that does not eject when the receiver powers up. I switched the minidisc decks and now the MDS-JE940 when connected to the Yamaha RX-V3900 does not eject on power up. Now the MDS-JE440 ejects when the Pioneer VSX5300 receiver powers up. I decided that the Pioneer VSX5300 receiver must be causing some type of power spike when powering up causing the minidisc decks to eject so I replaced the Pioneer VSX5300 with another Yamaha receiver a RX-V4600. Now the MDS-JE440 still ejects when the Yamaha RX-V4600 powers up. A different minidisc deck connected to a different receiver still ejects on power up? The only thing the same is the speakers. Any suggestions?
  19. I have used a MZ-NF810 to listen to recordings made by my deck for years. This is my favorite portable Minidisk because of the Divide Rehearsal feature and the button layout. One day the unit just quit. No power from the gumstick battery, AC power supply or AA battery pack. I have a spare MZ-NF810 that I started using for another couple years but yesterday it died just like the the first one. Does anyone know of a some weak part of the circuitry or how to fix a powerless minidisk? The batteries & AC power supply work on my other minidisk's.
  20. I second the praise of the "Powerstream" batteries. Label shows "API Batteries" search of the API battery site does not show these gumstick batteries. Maybe the seller on Ebay had a special run of these gumstick batteries made? I bought two of these and was so impressed I ordered five more. These hold a charge like the original Sony gumstick. Watch Ebay if you find them get them.
  21. I have a bunch of old gumstick batteries I acquired when buying my MD collection. Most are Sony NH-14WM's, a few NH-10WM's and a couple Panasonic RP-BP61's. Age had caused most of these to hold a limited charge or nothing at all. I first cleaned the ends of these batteries (where the MD contacts the battery) and most accepted a charge better and a few worked almost like new for a year or so but finally started to get weaker. I thought I would have to give up using the gumstick batteries and have use the AA battery sidecar holder, a thought that depressed me. I started to look for a different recorder but as of yet have not found anything worthy to replace my precious MiniDisc recorders. Then I had a idea. I made a battery holder out of wood screws and wire to hold the gumstick battery and the wires went from the gumstick holder to a wooden dowel the size of a AA battery with the negative and positive wire attached at opposite ends of the dowel. This dowel I inserted into a LaCrosse BC900 NIMH charger I use for my NIMH AA & AAA batteries. Using this makeshift gumstick/AA adapter I ran each gumstick battery through the Refresh cycle of the BC900. The LaCrosse BC900 will discharge then charge the battery multiple times until it has reached the batteries peak holding state. This brought back a couple batteries to allow me to record for at least a hour. Other gumsticks have come back to 45-90 minute play times. This has "Refreshed" these gumsticks to a much better state than they where before. I have been using these refreshed gumsticks for awhile. Just recently I bought a Powerstream gumstick made by API Batteries and found this battery to be as strong or maybe stronger than the original Sony NH-14WM. I have since bought five of these Powerstream gumsticks and can now use my MiniDisc without carrying a couple spare gumstick's with me. Hope this helps.
  22. I have a couple that recorders have have problems trying to read disks. Sometimes just opening & closing the recorder improves the disk reads. I would like to try adjusting is there any info on how?
  23. Check to see if there isn't something in the slot for the disk. I had the same trouble because one of the kids dropped a puzzle piece in there and the disk would eject. It worked fine after I removed it.
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