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  1. I too had issues with 4.0 locking up if I tried transferring more than ~20 MP3's at once. I have loaded a few discs now with 4.2 and it does not seem to balk at huge transfers anymore. Good Luck!
  2. I use Itunes to download several podcasts and some of them are not 44.1 khz files. Can Sonicstage automatically convert a 48 khz or 22.5 khz mp3 without having to take the extra step of manually locating the non 44.1 khz file and converting it. Sonicstage pops up a message saying it will transfer the non 44.1 khz files but that they may not play correctly. Of course they do not and yes they will not play because they are not supported. Even if I convert them to ATRAC files beforehand SS will default to the non supported MP3 and transfer it unless I delete the MP3 first Can I configure SS to automatically convert them on the fly during transfer?
  3. There are still active links to this trojan floating around in the forums from people quoting the e-mail they received. The forum administrators need to edit or delete these posts!!! Guy
  4. I like the location of the display on top side of unit. You can just look down the top of your pocket to see line level adjustments. I might consider this an advantage even over a larger display. I hope it has a battery case that mounts opposite end of the display. One gripe about the RH-910 I have is the location of the sidecar battery case.
  5. guyj1

    New Hi MD Model?

    Only if you consider yourself premium
  6. Here is the current price page for MD/DAT gear at Fry's. Looks like you may be able to get it a little cheaper at home than at Fry's. It's a place worth checking out though... There are some great places to eat around there too. I work right around the corner. Go to Fry's around lunch or dinner and try the Pappasito's Mexican Cantina or the Pappadeaux Cajun Seafood just a mile further down the freeway. Drink a margarita for me! http://shop2.outpost.com/search?cat=-41870&pType=pDisplay
  7. Man I'll do you one better. My dr-480H got lifted from my car by a mechanic. I have all the stuff for a 480 I will sell to you if you make me a reasonable offer. I want to sell the whole package and not split it up. Remote control, 4 pole ear buds, 4 pole clip on head phones, 4 pole to 3 pole adapter, recharging station, power supply, Purple soft drawstring bag for carrying your unit, optical cable, Factory Manual and the factory box. The power supply has a japanese style plug but it came with an adapter fr U.S. sockets. It will work in the U.S. If you are interested I'll email you some pictures. Just contact me offline.
  8. I bought my RH-910 recorder for $199.99 at Fry's Electronics in Houston. ~$216.49 after tax. They are located at 11565 Southwest Freeway (Highway 59). This is not far from the Galleria area down close to Sugarland area. Take Highway 59 south and exit Wilcrest/Murphy road. Go left at the light and make a U-turn under the freeway at Murphy road. The Fry's will be on the Northbound service road as soon as you turn under the freeway. Fry's is a huge electronics superstore with some very reasonable prices. Definitely check out Fry's if you have never seen one. It just opened for us here last year and I have spent a good chunk of money there. It's a dangerous place to take your credit card into! MD blanks are about $6.99 US there also. $7.57 after taxes. I didn't know about the Sony Style store at the Galleria, I'll have to check that out. Check your prices there first because I'm pretty sure the price I gave you from Fry's is probably pretty close to what I gave you. I was there recently and it was the same. I forget how much the RH-10 was but they have them too as well as the MD player. Also several Network Walkmans, Ipods etc... Enjoy Houston, we are having outstanding weather right now, 70-80 degrees farenheit (20-26 C) in the days and 55-65 degrees at night. If you are looking for nightlife try and find a paper called the Houston Press in the restaraunts and Convenience stores. It is a free paper and can be found all over, it will feature the best places to eat, music, clubs, cinemas etc...
  9. Try taking a blank disc (or any disc you don't mind losing the content of) and recording analog through your line in or mic in. See if that will play back. If it still comes back and says Blank Disc then you have probably suffered from a broken ribbon cable that goes to the recording head. I have a R909 that does the same thing, everything looks normal through the recording process but when you play it the unit gives a Blank Disc error although the unit will still play older recordings. There is a thread in the MDLP forum about how to attempt a repair of the unit if you have some confidence in your repair skills. If you can succesfully record analog but not through USB then probably it is a SS issue.
  10. Sounds like you may have been bitten by the large batch transfer bug. Large batch transfers lock up the software after the transfer begins. Can you transfer a few files at a time? I cannot upload more than about 25 files at a time without locking it up. All transfers are ok if the batches are small though. Even SS3.4, ya know the one that recently debuted with stunning new functionality, still suffers from this bug.
  11. I've tried clicking on it with my RH-910 connected but nothing happens. No window pops up to allow me to import any files nor does anything begin transferring if I have anything in the library hilighted. Under what circumstances does one use the button? Perhaps it is only for HDD players? Has anyone used it with Hi-MD?
  12. Does anyone know what the bottom button w/arrow pointing to right is used for on the transfer mode screen of SS. Mouseover this button and it says "Transfer without conversion". I have never been able to get this button to do anything. Besides you can set this up as an option in the settings and achieve conversions on the fly with the uppermost red button. I have tried to attach a pic if you need to see what I am talking about. [attachmentid=1457]
  13. Nope, I already figured that one out last week with a .M3U playlist I was trying to import. Kept crashing OMG with no explanation until I read the error report and discovered the reason. This problem results from SS (on our systems) not liking to import large batches of files. If you break the transfers down into smaller batches the transfer is succesfull.
  14. I tried the priming the pump method. I start by uploading 1 album, while that has started I add a few more. I find that if I load more than about 20 tracks at a time it will lock up. It doesn't matter if I have already loaded 100 songs, if I try to add 50 songs on the next batch it will freeze. About 20 at a time is what has worked best for me.
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