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  1. Hi! I successfully entered service mode, but if i haven't pressed PAUSE button to confirm all the changes where lost? I mean i do not want to hack my unit by now. I pressed several times CANCEL instead of PAUSE. Did i do any changes?
  2. Hi! I use MZ-NH1 for 3 years. Under Windows XP i did't have any problems with SS, but after installing Vista Ultimate X64 i've met some problems. Actually SS 4.3 works with my OS. But when playing audio (neither converted to ATRAC3Plus or not) there's terrible growling sound. It's impossible to listen that. Other players like WMP 11, WinAMP 5.35 etc works properly with all the audio formats. After tranfering tracks to NH1 device through this SS 4.3 -->> same effect! Terribly growling and frying! What can i do?
  3. Hi to ALL! Who is able to hack that NH1 unit? It's obviously nice device but it volume is rather low. Help me please to enter service mode
  4. LOL! You have to buy more MZ-NH900 as a backup. Some 20 of them will be enough i think.
  5. That's true! This is the only way to adjust the sound!
  6. I have 3 years warranty fot my NH1 bought in UK lalomania, you definetely have to send them that unit. And pray for they woudn't told you that it was your fault
  7. How could i enter this mode on MZ-NH1?
  8. No i didn't. So what doest it mean now? My music collection became a rubbish? Or there is something i can do?
  9. After i reinstalled my Windows OS i can't playback OMA files. Who can tell me what is the point of that? Previously i used SonicStage 2.3 and now i have 3.3. Please mail me if you're able to help me nickel@astra.lviv.ua Tnx
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