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  1. I have no probs with ads, I block them anyway. =)
  2. The cable is made of strong rubber, you will have no probs. As for the sound I have nothing but praise for the price range of these phones. I do believe that these are OEM clones from Korea/China/Taiwan, but I didn't take the chance that the drivers could be different and managed to get a pair for £25, I am more than happy with them, even 6 months after buying em.
  3. cthulu

    710 vs. 910 ?

    Hi, I was actually replying to the original starter of the topic. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  4. cthulu

    710 vs. 910 ?

    710 vs 910 ?? Why don't you consider the NH900, it is only a 1st gen unit, but it has a mic-in and line-in, uses a NiMH gumstick battery and has a AA battery pack that can clip on for extended battery life. It can also record in PCM. If MP3 playback isn't important to you (and from what I've read it isn't that great on the 710) then maybe you should consider the NH900, there are usually a couple on ebay.co.uk for under £100 brand new, there is a black one HERE . Also one last point the NH900 has better sound quality than the 710, with its HD Digital amp.
  5. I finally got my CX300s and I have to say I am most impressed for the money I spent on them. I would say that the sound quality is good/excellent and the isolation is brilliant, even at low volumes on my NH900 I can't hear any external noises. They are a little bassy but not muddy and the mid range and treble are good as well. They are comfy to wear, just don't push them in too far!, . I have heard complaints about the thin wires, but in my experience these wires are thick enough and because they are quite rubbery they take alot of punishment. The CX300s have saved my NH900, everything sounds better!
  6. CS 1.6 NON-Steam, what an excellent game this is! I play all the time on Ukranian/Russian servers, as there seems to be more of them and they are close to the UK, which means good latency, for me at least. The only reason I'm not playing Source is because of my inferior FX5200 Graphics cards, it hates any types of particles.
  7. Listening to: Blue Jam - Chris Morris (a mix of comedy and music) You should all watch BrassEye, very very funny!
  8. cthulu

    Windows Warning

    Use Firefox and goto http://www.windizupdate.com/ rather than use IE and WindowsUpdate, then you can pick the updates you want to install and skip the bloatware updates.
  9. After just ordering and doing even more research on the Sennheiser CX300s it seems that they are just rebranded Sharp MD33 and are the same as the Creative EP630s. So if I were you I wouldn't make the same mistake I did and I would buy the Creatives as they are only £20 from Amazon.co.uk I came to this conclusion after reading 4 or 5 articles. If anyone knows differently please let me know and you will maybe make me feel better. Edit: After reading some more, people seem to be undecided whether these earphones have the same drivers as the EP630/MD33 (sennheiser claim that they don't), but who knows!
  10. I have bit the bullet and ordered a set of Sennheiser CX300s for £32(inc P&P), I haveno doubt from reviews and suggestions that this will end my problem with the NH900s volume limitations, I may even be able to revert to the UK destination code so I don't have to max out the EQ (which sometimes gives me a sore head).
  11. I have both and the only difference is the NH-14WM(A) is rated at 1350mAh and the NH-14WM is rated at 1400mAh.
  12. I agree that the sound quality is amazing on the NH900, I have had mine for a few days now and even listening to some songs at ATRAC3plus 64KBs seems more than adequate. I love the menu system, it is so easy and comprehensive, navigation is a breeze thanks to the jog dial. I have the euro-capped model and even though it is hacked I tend to set the EQ to max rather than use the surround mode, although I must admit the surround mode gives a very warm and deep sound. I had been out of the MD game for a couple of years before my NH900 and I must admit I am once again a devotee of the format.
  13. I got confused because the "00" code wan't listed as one of the nh700's codes in the earlier posts in this thread. I have applied hack and max'd the EQ, it is definetly much louder, I just wanted to make sure that the 00 code wasn't for a total unlock(if you know what I mean, I just didn't want to try it out with making sure first) it is a total travesty that the MAX volume without the hack and EQ is so quiet (anyway I am sure hundreds before me have made a comment like that). Thanks for the clarification. The volume also seems to depend on the song that is played as well (maybe due to original encoding of the MP3 sources that I am using). I have yet to try it out on a CD source (as most of my CDs are already encoded in MP3 onto my hard drive because I purchased an additional 160GB drive). With my pair of MDR-XD200s the volume at 19/30 is loud enough, but with my cheapo sennheiser earphones 25+/30 seems loud enough without lots of ambient noise. I will invest in a good set of canalphones when my budget allows.
  14. BTW, when you say "set it to 00" what do you mean, I hacked my nh900 113 code to the US code 113:xxx21, what is the 00 for? Thanks for any help.
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