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  1. Rechargeable Sony LIP-4WM Battery # Size: Approximately width 23.1× height 63.3× depth 3.6mm # Capacity: 370mAh # Mass: Approximately 10g # Voltage: 3.7V # for the Sony MZ-NH1, Sony MZ-NH3D, Sony MZ-RH1, Sony MZ-EH1, Sony MZ-DH10 Sony MZ-DH10P $22 shipped from NY, first class mail USPS PayPal, MO or check (about 10 to 12 days for check)
  2. great to deal with, explained what he wanted, asked for clairification on questionable aspects for a no suprises transaction, worked with theblueraja after the sale to correct my oversight of sending the incorrect remote, all went well. Recommended trader, seller, buyer 5 stars, hope to deal again soon. -DrMD
  3. how about for the mj55 -DrMD file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/R10/My%20Documents/Picasa%20HTML%20Exports/mj55/index.html
  4. file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/R10/My%20Documents/Picasa%20HTML%20Exports/88/index.html
  5. I Have the SONY MDCASE4 not the color collection but SONY and Green, 2 out of three ain't bad (Meatloaf) and a pretty well made MD Protector $7, delivered in US.
  6. eBay Item number: 230181136928 I hear a lot of frustrated MDers wishing they could upgrade to HiMD just to get their illegal bootlegs onto the PC, I mean favorite live recordings, sorry. Did you ever hear of this? M-Audio Transit, an optical line to your PC and Groove lab will help you do something with it when it gets there. In the 90s when Napster was uncluttered the Xitel MD-Port I/O was the one that everybody used but when they pulled the plug I/Os became expensive, always there but a little out of reach of the common MDer. The Transit has been stuck at around $80 for a while and I was suprised to see it packaged w/Groove Lab and a mic-headset for $50 or best offer, eeeeehah! Before you drop $300 on that RH and file your MZ-R90 next to your R35 in the portable cassette player graveyard, check out this auction on eBay, do a google search and talk to a musician. Search by the title of this topic or the eBay item #. - DrMD
  7. I think pookie is gone (?) I made an offer, he accepted, I requested COD because he has no feedback, no PayPal and no history in the MDCF. I recommended posting the sale on the forum so if I didn't follow through it would at least alert the community. I offered to show my credentials of two 200+ 100% feedback accounts on eBay, one on Amazon and one in the Pricegrabber Storefronts. But no reply.
  8. I have the 88 but it has some miles on it. I have a real nice MJ55 that is the best MJ ever made, MDLP, Speaker Dock, backlit remote. complete. I can send pictures but can't upload to the forum, I will need your email address. -DrMD
  9. Hi POE, I PM'd you about the extension, did you see that?
  10. If you are limping around with the 'battery trick' or home made external battery pack for your AM-F70 or F65, fear not, their are at least 2 good batteries left in this universe. I think the Parts Store sells these for $58, I bought a couple for my AIWA and then it took an 18" tumble from the arm of a chair and no longer records. If anyone fixes old/broken MDs I have the AIWA AM-F70, JVC XM-R70 and a real nice looking (not working) XM-R700 (MDLP) with battery extension, will sell the extension seperately. The batteries are JVC but will fit/work in the AIWA and are guaranteed to hold a charge for the suggested manufacturer BL of 4 hours (amazin'). For sale $25 each, 2 available.
  11. Just for diehards, a pretty nice R50 in blue, lost its recording capabilities but still plays great. I think I have a new battery and all the stuff for a car kit for it. It would look great on the dash of your 63 XKE , or you might have to get one (its that cool), pics by request. Dr
  12. Lets take a survey, I have had more consistent luck with more N707s than any other MD, whats the consenses?
  13. I have the Blue MJ55 w/dock for $75, that's a hot-rod MJ50, if you have ever seen one, give me your email and I can send a pic, if you like. (I have prob uploading here)
  14. I have the the dock, like new, the player with battery extension (8:10, the screw that connects to the MJ is a little loose) and the remote and the box w/instructions. No adapter/charger and battery is probably shot. $40 I also have a SJ-MJ88 (non-MDLP) blue and green, just a grunt (6:10) and a complete MJ55 in blue, boxed, no charger, battery(?) almost as new for $75 and a SJ-MR220 Hello Kitty (??) mic-in, opt-in with just the remote and bag and a SONY BC-7DC (stand alone charger) for $130. -DrMD
  15. A froogle search for MDs shows this store Shentech as a place to find all sorts of last gen MD stuff at really good prices. Maybe too good? No affiliation with any safe online acreditation, kind of scary. I would like to hear some MDCF feedback before I drop $140 on an MZ-DH710 that may or may not be a real deal.
  16. I guessed at the weight and looks like about $35 to ship. USPS Priority, 6-10 days (must be low priority=) I am curious as to what else you have, everything is getting hard to find. Thanks for your offer for the tour but I forsee this problem with dropping a grand after I walk through Akihabara. I really need a third job to help pay for all this stuff. Also I would like to have this before my friends next tour.
  17. I might be going to Japan around the holidays but it probably won't do this deal much good. Can you ship? I bought my MZ-R30 from Japan and shipping wasn't too much.
  18. I have an offer for you. Pete R10renault@ yahoo.com
  19. I have a like new MDM-X4, SONY 4 Track MD, Bought for a dear friend (a virtuoso that was looking for something more simple) and was never used, only a few times at home (to realize that it was too much to deal with during a performance). Will consider partial/full trades, like MZ-B10/100 or MZ-N707 (no HiMD) or can list on eBay (+300 feedback). $350 or best offer/highest bid.
  20. Is the MDX-C7900 the same vintage as the Sharp? How much are you thinking, for all this?
  21. MDS-JE480s are $122 shipped on Amazon, and after going through a handfull of used/junk, I recommend new, if you can live without optical line out. <warranty
  22. Email me at R10renault@yahoo.com. Yes just the MD and its original accessories. thanks Peter
  23. How about $140 + shipping . My zip is 13417. If OK give me your PayPal email and I'll pay now. thanks, Peter
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