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  1. It's not a glitch, it's just a Sony product. I've learnt from that and stopped to buy Sony.
  2. Well, if it has been formatted from Sonicstage you can't reformat without it. The disk is protected.
  3. Just want to add my 0.50 $.... People, try to contact various Sony departements in Japan, writing in japanese, if you have a japanese friend that can write and translate. You probably will get more detailed answers for this matter in a more caring form. Another advice...why rely on a crappy usb transfer that can make your life a burden ? Go digital or even analog (i.e. realtime recording) through a soundcard first ! Better so than nothing right ?
  4. SHion

    Red MZ-RH1

    I'd prefer the old model's shell with the new technology inside !
  5. Alright OK, peace. Nevertheless ! I'm still hoping to reach that somebody that knows whether sony recognized this issue, or not, thus continuing to produce other defective units. Even later on HiMD units they pursued the same flaw with the buttons if not with the OS. Something so elementary how is that possible ? By the way is MDF known from some sony engineer ?
  6. jaylen you should just read more carefully if you want to state a judgement. 1. I'm living with a N505 with same buttons problems. 2. The NH900 was BRAND NEW ! I even included my own wall charger for my country, as the one included was from UK.
  7. So, just get the bottom line that I'm trying to bring forth. That sony is giving hard times on every flavours to many of us. Or, are you pleased to blindly be satisfied with unfinished products ? This thread has been started from one of unsatisfied sony buyers that want to get rid of a unit giving disappointement. Sad enough. Pity that his problem with EQ can't be solved, as the same EQ is present on all the other HiMD models. The dumb cause is, that where the 10kHz band acts as a shelf, the 100Hz band acts as a bell type and that's certainly stupid for a music player resulting on the popular "bass syndrome". I wonder who can understand sony.... There is nothing to understand.
  8. Don't worry, I'm back to honesty as originally. It was an eye for an eye. So is this world. If I have been punished for my fatal crave of new technology, now I'm paid back 100 times going back to the old technology with a fantastic DS55 for just about 120$ ordered directly from Japan. Happy end nr.1 Thanks to me somebody got the best Hi-MD (NH900) new for a very good price. Happy end nr.2
  9. I agree on some points of your view Volta. The fact to buy on ebay should make everybody suspecting. Even from 100% feedback sellers like in my case. And if you don't want to trust the seller with a new gear, you can at least trust the manufacturer. I turned out to cheat because I've been cheated. My seller seems to have "ignored" the problem and refuses to be honest or offering a refund. Ok, it's not his fault, then it's Sony's fault. But I'm not jesus to bring back harmony or cure diseases. And when I will get negative feedback, I will give the same to the UK seller thus we will both say goodbye to 100% rate. Anyway for the price I sold it, is still even a good deal having a minor bug like that. If you can't enter the menu at the first try you can on the fifth try and peace. Not everybody is like me that need to change the EQ every minute... It was not a broken unit afterall. I almost wanted to keep it, but when I started to read about corrupted recording on this forum....no man please spare me that. However I can understand everybody seeing me like But I can assure you, if the buyer will really be pissed and doesn't want it anymore in spite of the good price, I will take it back and keep it. I will let you know.
  10. Let me add that I'm relieved to have sold it before I would have discovered the countless issues of the Hi-MD format. Lost recordings, corrupted disks, unformattable disks etc. These problems implied in the format reside mainly on the units. We do have to live with them don't we ? No me thanx, I stick with MD format and go with real time recording, retaining the nostalgia.
  11. Well Volta, later I discovered that the quick mode was effectless. It's a serious bug then, and I assume many customers have been deceived. If sony did know too late, it's an unacceptable mistake because it'a common bad habit to release stuff in the wild without caring if the product works. It's not me who is going to stop this spreading disease of buggy technology. It was a new machine and if has issues, well IMO it's part of the machine. It's an assumption as a consequence of today's technology. Look my buggy samsung mobile phone that I'm using since 4 years. My friend had the same model with another kind of bug, he had it "replaced", same as before. Sold in second hand. What should he do ? Other people had the same bug like me and samsung never released a firmware update. How many people must bear defective products ? When you buy them they are not labeled "buggy" although it seems 30% of electronic products return because of being faulty. I tell you why my grudge is very up to present, not from the past (that has gone today) : -bought another used sony CD player (ne300) is volume capped and I can't enjoy it. I will sell it, should I mention "Warning, the volume is too low" because other brands are not volume capped ? -the other day new discovery, I took out my old camera without battery already dead from a while and extremely expensive for max. 45min operation, I plug the original power adapter to watch a video... after 5 sec. "Use with only original infolithium battery" came up oh, great that's great I can't use my camera anymore unless I buy a new battery now.... well done sony, so clever this hidden special timer inside the camera. Expired. This trick to give you 100hz bass enough works well, but it lowers the volume so much that is sad. I prefer rechargeable batteries of 2000mAh or alkaline instead of a weak 700mAh gumstick with ext. pack. That's my small opinion.
  12. rayzray you say such really weird stuff ! That hat of the rabbit, is that a japanese dorayaki ? Yummi !
  13. Beside having lot of collections on many old MD's, I still have a N505 type R with messy button operation and a R700 that still works wonderfully (the normal battery compartement frees you from weak gumsticks on first place!) Speaking of that, the DS55 comes with a 1400mAh gumstick ! Concerning the sound quality of the Sharp, it's so good that reveals the weak points of the atrac codec. I will buy a Sharp recorder one day (if they won't produce Hi-MD) also to try Sharp's encoder to see if it surpasses the type R man. Rayzray, in the middle of EU I think Sharp doesn't exist anymore, but I would consider their weak support as a consequence of being more Japan oriented company. Look their MDs of the past. They give you more, for less money. i.e. I remember sony's remotes without button for megabass to spare money, whereas sharp remotes (and interface) ruled. Instead, I had many many problems with sony products, countless crappy CD players, camcorders, MDs and I will never never trust them anymore !
  14. Just bought a Sharp MD-DS55 after sold a NH900 ! I found what I was dreaming of since long time ! Only SP, doesn't matter, the EQ is a EQ that works ! The bass boost it's good enough, it enhances also treble and the dolby is cool. The interface is wonderful, wow I'm free from stupid hold button 2 sec to enter menu ! Liberation !! Yeaahh !! Ah, forgot to mention save mode off for quick skip and search ! Awesome ! Luckily there are japanese manufacturers that can give japanese quality and feeling on their products !
  15. You won't create more bass than what the unit delivers, buying pro-headphones. Sony's EQ is far to deliver enough bass IMO. Also when comparing to the old "Digital Megabass" from old sony units that enhances not only the bass but also the treble. The old X-bass from Sharp is wonderful.
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