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  1. As an MD owner, can I get upgrades of SS through the internet? Or is an additional payment involved?
  2. Any idea why this restriction exists in the first place? Is it a technology thing? Or a DRM thing?
  3. Wow! Way cool. I wish there was an English version of the site though... I can't read any German. Congratulations GM, on going e-tail
  4. I have a MZ-RH710, and I plan to use it to record both speech (one-on-one interviews) and live performance music. 1) For recording speech, should I go for a vocal mic like the Shure SM-57, considering quality of output and ruggedness? 2) For live music, what kind of mic will I need? 3) I live in India, which is wet, humid, and hot. Is it recommended to use an electret mic in this climate? What are my alternatives? 4) Can I use a normal condenser mic with a Mic > Battery Module > Line-in configuration? If not, what are the possibilities of using a normal condenser mic with my MD Recorder?
  5. LOL! You read my mind. I just got back from that topic, and I was thinking, "Ok, I could get the pre-amp for the interviews, and then build a battery box for live music recordings..." Thanks a ton, you've really cleared up my head, which has been tortured for the past couple of weeks. I have some more questions regarding microphones, and I think I'm sort of hijacking geestring's thread. Should I start a new thread to ask them?
  6. Thanks greenmachine and A440. Let me explain my problem at length, maybe you can give me some ideas. I wanted to use my MD Recorder for multiple purposes, to record speech (one-on-one interviews mostly) and to record live performance music. Unfortunately for us in India, Sony does not sell MDs in the Indian market. So, I asked my cousin to pick one up for me from London. Now, this cousin of mine bought the MZ-RH710 which has only line-in input. I have two choices: 1) I can dump my present MD Recorder, and buy a new one with mic-in and line-in, and then buy a battery box, and then start recording, which will take me between 3 and 5 months I think. 2) I can try to make this one work, by putting some kind of pre-amp between the mic and the lin-in input. What do you suggest I do?
  7. Hey, thanks for the tip. Will do as you advise...
  8. On my MZ-RH710, I can't import tracks stored in Hi-MD format from my MD-Player to my PC more than once. Why is this restriction in place? Is it a technological restriction, that is, something happens to the data after it's transferred once, and the PC can't read it after this? This seems very unlikely. Or, is it some restriction that's supposed to work against privacy? This seems more likely, and I just want to know if I should be genuinely angry with Sony.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. However, that brings up some more questions for me: 1) In the absence of a battery module, no matter how loud the music is, Mic > Line-in cannot produce a recording. Correct? 2) THe pre-amp, used in the Mic > Pre-amp > Line-in configuration, also performs the function of providing power for the microphone? 3) If 2 is true, then one can use the pre-amp as just a battery module by using low gain setting on the pre-amp?
  10. I'm a bit confused by the bit about the battery module. I thought the point of the line-in input is that it does not contain a pre-amp, and so, you need an additional pre-amp between the mic and the line-in input. Does this mean that the battery module that you linked to also functions as a pre-amp?
  11. First up, a lot of what you say is fantastic. I am very much in awe of your knowledge. It's nice to know that people take the trouble to know their stuff. Now, on to my questions: Preamp: Will a tube pre-amp do? I live in India, and we are not exactly the best market for medium-high-end gear. We do get Behringer products easily. I was wondering if the Behrginger TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC100 (http://www.behringer.com/MIC100/index.cfm?lang=ENG) would be a good choice to have in between the microphone and the line-in of the MD Recorder (MZ-RH710). Microphone: What is the general guideline on which mic to use with the MD Recorder to record live music and speech? Is something like the Shure SM 57 (which, I've been told, is very versatile) a good bet? Or are there some kinds of microphones that work better than generic mics like the SM57? What characteristics should one look for? (I'm sorry if all this info already exists on another thread. PLease point me to that thread if this is the case.)
  12. Hi, bit of a newbie to these forums, so bear with me while I ask: "Is this program made by Sony or one of the MiniDisc manufacturing companies? If yes, how are you able to offer it on these forums for free download? Doesn't that violate the ubiquitous EULAs? Just curious."
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