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  1. Wow, I just looked through the Equipment Browser section, and other than the NH900, no other decent Hi-MD device has a line-out. Why would they not put a line-out on a RH10?! I hope the RH1 has a line-out (and a line in and a mic in).
  2. Right, got it. So, then, how does a 5V supply make 30V of DC voltage available anywhere in teh circuit? Isn't this impossible? I mean, in a DC circuit, every resistance will show a voltage across it, and the sum of all voltages dropped across resistances should add up to the supply, right? So, how can a 5V supply make 30V available at any point?
  3. Ok, another silly question. Is phantom power DC or AC?
  4. Hey Robin, from reading your review(s) on your blog, I must say that in your own words, the MicroTrack is only as good as the HiMD Recorders. Are you saying that the alleged v2 MicroTrack will kick the alleged Gen3 HiMD recorder's butt? I don't understand. Can you clarify? PS: This is hilarious!
  5. I was reading a comparative review of the M-Audio MicroTrack compared to 2nd Gen HiMD Recorders (here) and it says: Now, I thought that the phantom power a condensor mic needed was somewhere around 48 V. How can a battery-operated device (running on 5V DC input) provide this sort of phantom power to a condensor mic? Or am I just missing a trick, as usual?
  6. Thanks for the info. This model (ST-9000) is not listed on the eBay page that is linked out of your signature/footer right? Could you give me an idea of how much this preamp will cost me? And also, do you ship to India, because I live in Bangalore, INdia? Would you prefer I PMed you? Thanks again.
  7. So, is omnidirectional the same as binaural? Because, AFAIK, Greenmachine's site offers the binaural stealth microphones, correct? So, is this some off-the-catalogue, 'special' item?
  8. Dex, I just saw your post (and I'm sure a few other MDCF members pitched in earlier, couldn't recognise them though) on engadget. Good one. Some much-needed sanity in a thread designed to bash the MiniDisc.
  9. Thanks Dex and Low Volta. I had posted this question earlier, and since then I've read up a lot more about electret mics and preamps. I have a much better understanding now. Thanks for the detailed reply nonetheless. Just one more q: Could you point me to a few good multi-purpose mics? Dynamics and otherwise? THanks.
  10. Right, I kinda figured that out, because the unit would have a fixed impedance/resistance, and supplied with a fixed voltage, would draw as much current as needed. Right? I just wanted reaffirmation I guess. Thanks.
  11. Brilliant, thanks! That just about explained every thing I was confused about. Thanks again.
  12. Well, I read up about the NiMH batteries, I still can't understand why the NiMH battery is so disliked. Any explanation?
  13. I have a Sony MZ-RH710, but when it was bought, it didn't come with the AC to DC (3 Volt) adapter. I checked at the electronics store locally, and they have 3V DC adapters with 200 mA current rating and 500 mA current rating. Does it matter which one I choose for my RH710? If it does, which one should i get? THanks in advance.
  14. Could you explain this a little more? About the NiMH battery? Why do you not like them so much? I've used only one unit, and it runs off AA batteries. I tried reading up on this site, and elsewhere. But, not much luck.
  15. Like someone said before, this topic IS attracting a lot of users, registered and unregistered. The MD still does have quite a few fans!
  16. Wow, you can do that?! How? Please, do tell.
  17. Yes, I understand your pain. I don't understand why Sony has not released the MDs officially in India. They should atleast offer to import one for you on request. But the Sony World showroom has 145 Walkmans stocked, and atleast 14 pieces of the same goddamn 500 Billion Watts television sets. I had to get mine from the UK. I will have to scout for people travelling between the US and India to get one through them. Or, we'll have to order through minidisco.com I suppose. But this time, I'm going to research my purchase a lot more Where in Dilli are you? And what do you use your MD for? Recording? or as a portable music player?
  18. *fingers crossed* It looks really nice. Does this also mean that older units like the MZ-RH910 will become cheaper if and when this one hits the market?
  19. I'm a bit of a newbie, so, I need to ask: When does Sony do their official announcement? A couple of people have said April. But April when? April 1? Or April 30? And, when the announcements happen, there will be hue and cry here right?
  20. Are the two equally durable? Or is one supposed to be more rugged and long-lasting than the other?
  21. I decided to start a new thread. It's here.
  22. Woohoo, SS 3.4 up and running. From the downloadable link, but I have saved this full installer just for archival sake Thanks Kurisu. May your camels travel swiftly from oasis to oasis!
  23. I knew it. So, what's the logic according to Sony? Why the one-time-only allowance? Can't you just hook up the MD to the computer with an audio (aka mini-to-mini aka 1/8th inch-to-1/8th inch) cable, and control the MD Recorder with the Recorder's on board buttons, and record using a recording software like Voice Recorder (Windows) or SoundForge?
  24. How do the various regional versions of SS 3.4 differ? Since I live in India, but bought my recorder in the UK, should I download the Asia-pacific version (where it will be used) or should I download the UK version (where the player is from)?
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