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  1. Having a look around it appears Mr Hoggarth is quite the go to guy for MiniDisc! I wonder if he'd have a rubber foot for an MZ-RH1...?
  2. Another question I'm afraid. But I think I know the answer to this one. I came across some old MDs and they have various compilation albums on them. Other than the limited amount of info I get from my in line remote is there any way of viewing what the album title and track listing is? I believe they may have been recorded/transferred using my previous NetMD but if not at the very least they were transferred over using an older install of SS and on an older PC. My current SS install doesn't even show the MD in the player and I'm resorting to Googling the first couple of tracks to find out what the album is! Ta!
  3. I realised I was asking more than one question in my "What's it worth?" thread. Does anyone have any idea why my DVD drive should disappear after installing SonicStage? I installed, re-booted and the drive had gone. It's viewable in Device Manager but not Explorer. Running W7. Anyone?
  4. I was joking about the DRM thing but as soon as I'd installed SS and rebooted the drive disappeared. Google turns up one other instance of this but the advice given doesn't help me unfortunately.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've charged it up and had a play with it. As on previous occasions, I don't think I can get rid of it. It's just such a lovely little thing! As far as condition and accessories are concerned, it's in good order. The battery still seems to hold a charge, the display is bright and clear and there aren't any faults. It appears one of the rubber feet is missing but I'm keeping my eye out for a replacement. There isn't any damage or scratches. I used to mainly use it as an in-car player and it sat on a shelf in the glovebox so I didn't expect signs of wear. All that said, I can't find the box, literature, cloth bag or original 'phones but they're no loss to me. I've also come across rather a lot of blank, unused MiniDiscs. I have 6 x 'Color' MDW80CRL/G/Y/B and 10 x 'Premium' MDW74. I may let these go as I really can't see myself using them. Offers? Or I'll pop over to 'Classifieds'. The other 'Color' discs and the HiMDs I'll keep. Anyway, I've loaded up the evil SonicStage and had a mess around with some files. I've also listened to some stuff in the car that I haven't heard for a long time. It's all good On past form the MZ-RH1 should be back in a drawer by the end of the weekend. We'll see. One more thing, since installing SS my optical drive has disappeared. It's still in Device Manager but not Explorer. Some guff about missing drivers or they've changed location. Is this some sort of extreme SonicStage anti-piracy DRM? Delete the disc drive altogether to stop illegal copies? Any ideas?
  6. Hi guys. I wasn't sure if this should go in Classifieds or here. Someone move if I chose incorrectly! I've dug out my MZ-RH1 again. I do this periodically. I marvel at what a lovely bit of kit it is, have a little play with it, convince myself Minidisc is the future, get pissed off with SonicStage and then put it back in a drawer. This really is a waste when true enthusiasts could get much more use out of it. So if I was to sell it on here what is it worth? It's in generally good condition and works perfectly. I'm missing the 'phones but do have the in-line remote. I have no idea where the box is either I could obviously post up pictures if that helps. Anyhoo, if anyone reads this I'd appreciate any advice you can give.
  7. All I can say is 'wow!' to that. 38 years and I've still never seen a comet.
  8. I hate to say it (and no offence intended) but this is probably 'user error'. For a start, when you first install SS don't let it search for music and don't let it be the default player for everything. Secondly, when you choose 'Music Source' >> 'Import Folder' make sure your 'C' drive is unchecked and navigate to the specific folder you want to import tunes from. Also make sure it's only searching for the type of file you know is there ie in 'My Music' >> 'Julie Andrews' >> 'Sound of Music Soundtrack MP3' it should only be looking for MP3s. The above is based on SS 4.2 and again, I wasn't having a go And the 'Sound of Music' was the first thing that popped into my head HTH
  9. Cable something like this? http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk/39121-CAB.html That was just from a quick Google and I wouldn't think they'd be too hard to come by even on the High Street. Battery here? http://www.av-land.co.uk/sony/nh14wm/index.htm
  10. A440, You forgot to mention they're really cool too.
  11. Me? I just think they're just a really nice bit of kit
  12. Just to let you know... Import duty and VAT @ 17.5% is making this prohibitively expensive.
  13. Line Out method in the car and at home for me. My home CD is borked anyway so really that's my only option.
  14. Well here's another article that you guys might like http://crave.cnet.co.uk/digitalmusic/0,390...49259042,00.htm From March 06 but I thought it would make you smile. I especially liked his final thoughts.
  15. Gotan Project - La Revancha Del Tango 1. Qeremos Paz 2. Epoca 3. Chunga's Revenge 4. Triptico 5. Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) 6. Una Musica Brutal 7. El Capitalismo Foraneo 8. Last Tango In Paris 9. La Del Ruso 10. Vuelvo Al Sur Rather chilled listening
  16. Congratulations! Nice bit of kit isn't it?
  17. Hi noki55, This isn't directly related to your original query but you made find this link useful. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...mp;#entry108902 And to my shame I've realised I never did as Ishiyoshi asked
  18. Tee hee! Already got one (sort of) To be fair, adapters already exist for factory fit head units. For example http://www.dension.com/main.htm
  19. Good post King Ghidora. You summed up my thoughts exactly.
  20. Thanks for moving to the correct section richyhu. After I posted I found your pics and review via Google of all places. Must have missed it on here. Nice pics btw To be honest I don't think 300 quid is out of all reason for a decent system. The only thing that does concern me is the possibility of some sort of import tax on top. I've never imported before, I'll have to look into it. Obviously I didn't mention the other attraction of getting the Onkyo system. Same as with the RH-1, no one else has got one
  21. I know the Onkyo products have been discussed on here many times but I wanted to run this by you guys. If anyone can give me advice it will be you lot. My aged Aiwa CD/Cassette(!)/Tuner system has finally given up the ghost and I'm looking for something similar. Before anyone mentions it, a separates system really is out of the question. We just don't have the room and all-in-one systems fit the bill perfectly. I'd like separates but no can do. Since I've been bowled over by the H-MD format the X-B8 seems to be the perfect solution - Hi-MD, CD and tuner. So, questions... I was considering spending around £250 to £300 on a decent bit of kit and the X-B8 can be had off PriceJapan for £305. Is it 'worth' this money? Obviously there is shipping in with that price but how does it compare with other units available in the UK? What I mean is, is it a £150 system? A £200 system? A £250 system? Is Onkyo quality kit? Do you know what I mean? I understand from reading on here that tuners in Japan have a different FM frequency range than the UK. Audiocubes list the X-B8's as 76.0MHz - 108.00MHz. This is the same as the UK surely? Does anyone know if the X-B8 supports mp3 on the Hi-MDs? Err... That's it for now. Oh, and I understand that I need a 100v to 240v transformer too.
  22. Not sure about where you are but in the UK Sony did offer this service themselves. There was a small charge IIRC but it brought the HD1 up to a similar spec as the HD3. Might be worth contacting Sony direct. Edit - Oops. Just read mmp64's post.
  23. d_luxe, Have a read here http://www.dti.gov.uk/consumers/fact-sheets/page24700.html In fact, all the UK based members have a read there.
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