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  1. Nice one spiff. Did you mention it just looks cool too?
  2. Just a little word of warning. If you're thinking of installing IE7 make sure your RH1 (or whatever) isn't connected to your PC at the same time. Mine happened to be charging with a disc inserted when I was installing IE7 and now I can't access any of the tracks that were on the disc in My Library on SS. The tracks are still on the disc but I get 'The music file for the track was not found. Specify the music file to restore track playback.' whenever I try to play via SS. I know this sounds dumb but installing IE7 is the only thing I've done on my PC since last night and during the install my PC was accessing the player ie all the clicky, whirry noises that are associated with transferring tracks.
  3. There is nothing better No problems there. The RH1 supports MP3. No converting to ATRAC. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to enlighten us re: AAC. Ditto. Go for it. You know you want to...
  4. lol! You know you want to. Welcome to the darkside...
  5. Hey Josh! Nice to see you. Welcome to the forum. I did wonder if you'd been giving the MZ-RH1 some thought. lol! Be strong Josh. And btw, when are you planning on doing all this...'I'm going to put together a few test tracks that I know well (in WAV format) and I plan on listening to the tracks back to back on each device using the super-fi's and then also using the line out on both devices, plugged in to my Meier Audio Corda HA-1 MKII headphone amplifier and my Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro's.' ??
  6. No. The disc can still be ejected while it is playing.
  7. My friend with the solid gold earphones was very impressed. Now he wants a 'sound off' with his iPod. Any thoughts guys
  8. I'd hope so for that price! Anyway, pics. Sorry but photography really is not my strong point.
  9. Well Mrs.rich1068 obviously took the hint and I got my new uber gadget on Monday Lovely piece of kit (the player ) and it's now all hooked up in the car. I've only had chance to do 1 disc so far (impressed with the transfer time in SS btw) and even though they're 192 kbps mp3 files I'm very impressed. A mate's coming round tonight with his Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro (whatever they are) and I'll be interested to see what he thinks too. I'll post up some pics of it in the car when I get chance.
  10. Just to revive this one as no actual costs were mentioned... I'd noticed this thread but not read it. As tomorrow is MZ-RH1 day I popped over to Amazon to order some blanks. I put 6 blank discs in my shopping basket and noticed the total cost was £29.94. That's £27.00 delivery ladies and gentlemen. It doesn't mention whether the parcel is wrapped in gold thread or that they are delivered by swans but I'm guessing not. It's an attention grabbing con IMO. Look at the prices on Discount Discs own site and you'll see what I mean.
  11. Listenging to some excellent house/trance/electronic stuff I found purely by accident here http://spencergordon.podomatic.com/
  12. Damn that's clever. Good find.
  13. Just a heads up to everyone. I'm posting this on all the forums I visit. Only relevant to UK members obviously. I've been getting missed calls from numbers that begin 07099, the other six digits being different each time. Two today and seven others over the last few days. Do not return these calls, it is a premium rate number scam costing (me) £0.23 each time I call back and are put through to what purports to be an Orange answer service. You incur the charge whether you leave a message or not. This has been confirmed by my online bill at Vodafone.co.uk and by Vodafone CS who say they have received quite a few calls regarding this. Cheers guys.
  14. I occasionally check to see if Amazon is stocking the MZ-RH1 and I notice that over the last few days this has popped up http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B...p;condition=new £206.99 plus delivery.
  15. I thought so too. Oddly I think even my NW-HD3 sounds better with this kit than it did using my previous adaptor. I used to have to set the NW-HD3 to 'Line Out' but with the Connects2 unit that option disappears from the menu, as it did on your MZ-RH1. Doesn't make any sense but hey ho... Anyhoo, roll on October 2nd. I'll find out then whether my wife is getting me the MZ-RH1 for my birthday (I've dropped enough hints for god's sake!) or I have to go and get one myself. Is it just me or does anyone else think Mrs.rich1068 is missing the point when she says 'But you don't need one'.
  16. For functionality through the head unit then I would say that yes, your radio must have the option to add a CD changer. A head unit and CD changer have to be able to talk to each other, these adapters just fool your head unit into thinking a changer has been connected. And I found this regarding delivery http://www.incar-support.com/esupport/inde...ation%3C%2Fa%3E Now then. On to other matters. Can I just say thank you very much to Orion for inviting me up to Leeds to try his MZ-RH1 with my new car audio set up. (Sorry for leaving sweaty finger marks all over your new toy btw ) I can confirm that the unit does indeed work and it seemed to offer the same functionality as I get using my NW-HD3. Yay! Care to add anything Orion?
  17. Is your vehicle and head unit not listed on the Connects2 or CarAudioPlus websites? Edit: Actually I've just seen that the CarAudioPlus site does mention MD Walkmans Supported Sony HD and MD models: Sony NW-HD1 Sony NW-HD3 Sony NW-HD5 Sony MD WALKMAN
  18. That's very kind of you. Thank you very much (Actually it's not kind of you at all, if it works I have a feeling I'll be 200+ notes lighter after a little trip to Vicar Lane ) There's no danger of the unit being damaged. Basically if the headphone/remote connection on your MZ-RH1 is the same as on my MZ-N710 and NW-HD3 (which I guess it will be) then it's just a case of whether my head unit and your player will 'talk' to each other. Basic functionality is all I'm after ie backwards and forwards through tracks or albums and the unit powering down when I turn off my ignition. Again, thank you and I'll be in touch.
  19. There's a bit more info here of the whole saga. http://www.tyresmoke.net/ubbthreads/showfl...0/page/0#828805 And a heads up on another forum I visit http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=28124 I'm fairly sure you don't need to be a member to view these.
  20. Oh right. Sorry, that would have been helpful wouldn't it? The adapter is available here http://www.caraudioplus.co.uk/iPod_%26_Por...Network_Walkman The manufacturers website is here http://www.connects2.co.uk/c2search.aspx?catID=15 but it's commercial sales only. They may or may not respond to queries from members of the public. To explain a little further, I already had an adapter fitted to my Audi but had no functionality through the head unit due to it connecting just to the 3.5mm headphone socket on my NW-HD3. If I'd bought a bloody iPod I'd be OK with eg one of Dension's products but support for Sony as you know is poor. This adapter has the same connector as the remotes hence the ability to control via the head unit.
  21. I've recently found that 'Holy Grail' of car head unit adaptors that allows me to not only play tracks that are on my Sony NW-HD3 but also have functionality through the OEM head unit. And guess what? It also works with my MZ-N710. I can navigate through tracks and albums via the h/u plus the MD player powers up and down as required. No fishing about in the glovebox or where ever. So my request is this. Are there any MZ-RH1 owners in the Yorkshire area that would let me pop round and see if their new toy works with my new gizmo? Cheers all
  22. Excellent post McCol! Rambling is good!
  23. rich1068

    I can dream

    If they're anything like Sony's HD players then no, SS has to be used.
  24. Cheers guys. I knew a rephrasing would do the trick
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